Allow me to introduce myself..

Many months ago, Paulina asked if I’d like to contribute my NY trip onto S&F but I didn’t feel right til I actually introduce myself, so here is my introduction.

I go by Ronald but my friends call me Ronn, I like long walks on the beach, picnics in the park & little puppy dogs..

I am actually a boring individual that photographs everything that tickles my fancy, I’d like to share to everyone how I see the world around me. I study business at an in-state college & spends a few hours every week at the numerous of thrift stores around the city sifting through people’s old clothes looking for “gems”.

This may seem odd to many (because of their insecurities), but I enjoy eating/drinking alone while out in public. I get to observe my current surroundings, its atmosphere, especially the people that occupy the same area as I. Figuring out why they chose this certain place, what kind of car they would drive, their occupation, & I just end up making short stories about each person/group of people I observe, also known as people-watching.

I enjoy traveling. On my bucket list, I would like to [re]travel to & document all the states (I have been to more than half of them already), as well as all seven continents & yes, including Antarctica. I actually have a travel expense jar. Whenever I get home & empty out my pockets, I throw in my spare change along with my $1/$5 bills into this jar, let it accumulate & never touch it until a few months before my expected trip. Next Spring I will be making my trip back to NY with a close friend of mine..shit is going to be G R A N D

Anyways, I will contributing to S&F as much as I can with my “oh so busy” schedule, but I will make it worth your while..

I’ll be covering dishes I like to cook & local restaurants/eateries+Happy Hours,

my recent purchases from my thrifting finds & things I like to collect,

outfits of the day,

the places I travel to,

all the pretty women I hang out with,

& everything else in between

Also, here are my social network handles:

Twitter/Tumblr/Photo Website & Instagram - @rmeriales

Btw, I will be posting up my NY photos soon enough..