The pitch on the Sub 37 is so much more stable than the RME Voyager I got to try I had it running for like four hours of recording and I only had to adjust the fine tune once

Hinatards should honestly shut up, they have no room to bash female characters for (what they think is) being shitty to other people over a guy.

Call me back when your fav has sacrificed herself for someone other than her crush.
Call me back when your fav has even only tried to protect or save someone other than her crush.
Call me back when your fav has tried to sympathize or even understand others who aren’t called Naruto.
Call me back when your fav has actually some dialogue where she isn’t thinking or talking about or to Naruto more than twice.

And actually call me back when you have taken some time to read the manga correctly.

You hold Sakura and Ino’s friendship against Sakura? If you actually took the time to read their fight in the chunin exams you would know that Sakura DID NOT end their friendship only because of Sasuke. She did it because she didn’t want to stand in Ino’s shadow anymore.

You hold Sakura’s fake confession against Sakura because it ‘potentially could have’ hurt Hinata? I am sorry, but since when was this all about Hinata, and not the fact that according to Sai who guilt tripped Sakura in the first place, Naruto was hurting very badly due to the pain Sasuke and Sakura were causing him, also because Naruto very much liked Sakura and not your fav? Sakura’s plan was to go down with Sasuke together, as she confirmed in 693, so your whole rant about how Sakura would walk with Naruto in front of Hinata is pointless gibberish. How bitter are you folks? 

It makes me laugh, really. You talk about it as if Sakura would have stopped Naruto from being with Hinata who was also an option due to her own confession. Naruto has a mind of his own, by the way. A confession directed at him doesn’t obligate him to be with that person. The fact alone that you think after Sasuke’s death by Sakura’s hands, Naruto would just be with her and happily walk down Konoha’s streets as if nothing ever happened while poor sad Hinata is watching them, shows how little you understand the manga.

I don’t have time for this nonsense.


  • AT: Erbluhen. You should go rest.
  • EE: I am fine...
  • AT: You've been doing this for a long time. Please don't make me repeat myself. Go rest.
  • EE: But if I dont stay... who will heal you and Apostasia?
  • AT: I can manage without you.
  • EE: Haha... are you saying you don't need me anymore?
  • AT: You know that's not what I meant.
  • EE: I cant let you have all the fun by yourself.
  • AT: Erbluhen...
  • EE: No, I'm fine. Really. Please don't worry about me.
  • -EE collapses-
  • AT: ... Erbluhen! Damn it, Erbluhen, wake up!
  • EE: ... A...rme....
  • AT: I told you to rest!
  • EE: Im fine...
  • AT: This is fine to you? You've collapsed!
  • EE: Please, Arme... Stop overreacting... You dont look cool when you overreact like that...
  • AT: This is no time for joke.
  • EE: I just need...
  • AT: ...What? What do you need...?
  • EE: I need...
  • AT: Tell me.
  • EE: S...
  • AT: S...?
  • EE: Stamina pot......
  • AT: ....
  • -throws a stack of 100 stamina pots at EE's head-
  • EE: OW that hurt
  • AT: GET UP.
  • EE: But Im tired.
  • EE: I dun wanna-
more than just ‘heal and punch’

honestly, I don’t even want to ask where this came from, because I already know. it’s amusing yet also quite interesting how bitter individuals will come up with the dumbest statements and arguments just so they can feel better about themselves and their faves and delude themselves into believing the user or fandom the stupid question was thrown at won’t come up with a logical answer.

besides, we all know, whatever you may answer, those people will try to deny it and protect themselves from the blow by throwing another stupid argument at you that makes no sense whatsoever.

first off, this idiotic rethoric that is used to downplay Sakura’s talent and feats as if a ninja’s worth depends on how many different jutsus and what not they can use, can be thrown at every single character in the manga.

what can Lee do besides kick and punch?
what can Guy do besides kick and punch?
what can Ino do aside from basic ninja kicks and punches and her special jutsu?
what can Hinata do aside from using her byakugan and blocking chakra points?

but back to Sakura. Let’s pretend she just heals and punches, and doesn’t actually have more qualities like her genjutsu skills, her knowledge of poison, her evasion, Katsuyu and more.

your biggest failure as someone who tries to analyze a character’s battle skill is that you only look at /how many/ feats a character has. and not at /how good/ said character is at using those feats. which is a common mistake bitter folks make when they’re about to explode with anger.

yeah Sakura heals. She healed Kankuro, Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Karin, Sjikamaru, an army….
without that, Naruto would have died. at latest after his battle with Sasuke. Who would have died right after if it wasn’t for Sakura stopping the bleeding. you think someone else could have done that? the people stuck in tsukuyomi? sure.
Hinata would have died, too. If not after her ‘fight’ with Pain, then at least after she tried to save Naruto in the movie.

to keep this post from getting too long, point is, Sakura did amazing and very important things for the plot with those feats that you keep trying to downplay.

my question is, what did your fav do with their limited feats? did they save the main multiple times, thus saving the manga from ending? did they save an entire army, thus stopping the villain from winning the war? did they save a part of a ship, thus saving it from becoming non canon? did they save their family from getting killed by a fugly sharingan clone?

mhm, I don’t think so.

I Don’t Like Isolation

I am not an introvert because I desire social interactions above most things, but I am not an extrovert because 9 times out of 10 I would rather be alone. I lie somewhere in the middle and the only way I function is via the internet and it’s many, MANY, social media sites and methods of communicating with others easily. I spend hours up late at night checking all my social media to see if anyone liked my posts and or reached out to me because I honestly would rather do nothing else than talk with others. My friends are leading their own lives, while they talk to me often they are much busier with life than I am, it makes me wonder why I’m not so busy. It usually boils down to two different reasons, it’s either that I know who I am and what I want to be and achieve, or that I have nobody who cares about me. Because the universe doesn’t revolve around me. These thoughts of self reflection always come up at night time, when I’m trying to sleep and there is no sound. When there’s no sound I can hear my heartbeat. I don’t like hearing my own heartbeat, cause that means nothing is going on, and I can think. I hate thinking alone, most find it the best way of forming arguments and thought but I think worse when isolated. My mind gets warped and I hallucinate things. I then have to open my computer and play music, watch a video, and check my social media to drown out the sound of my heartbeat. After a while I just doze off amidst all the noise and wake up feeling like the worst person in the world. Noise keeps me busy, even if it’s a message I read I still hear a voice reading it to me because I desire that friend sitting beside me every night talking to me. But my friends are caught up in their own noise, and I’m just in the background now, casually slipping on my headphones every time I hear “See you later,” cause I know that they can’t hear me say goodbye to them, they’ve already tuned me out by that time. I guess I have been gone for three years, and I did just move back. I can’t just expect things to go back to how they use to, that would be stupid. Things change, people change, I change. It all depends on who we listen to, and when I’m alone I hear myself. The worst person I know is always with me. I want to believe I’m a great friend, but that’s narcissistic of me. I try to be a stereotype I see in movies, cartoons, stories, and anime, but I can never keep the facade up for too long. I always revert to me. I want to talk about heavy stuff with my friends, but when I’m more willing to tell the internet my struggle than my best friends… I can’t help but think if I would rather tune them out and listen to the internet instead. After all, if guys probably know me a lot better than my friends do, cause I talk to you almost every day. I secretly desire attention, but I don’t want my friends to know that. I want everyone to respect me and my ideas and my abilities, but that’s stupid to expect of people who hardly know me. I’ve already told myself that the universe doesn’t revolve around me but I want to believe it does. I aspire to have a fanbase who get inspired by every piece of art I make, but I’m scared that some day I will give up on my dream. Surrounding myself with people just makes me think that I was going crazy from the isolation of a few hours, but I don’t know sometimes. Thanks for reading all of this, I know I’ve been overdramatic recently, trying to act all positive and excited that I’m actually getting a following, but after I made my 31 followers post someone unfollowed me, and that really hurt. Made me realize that my post was really narcissistic of me, and I hope that they will comeback some day. Sorry for wanting something impossible from people who hardly even know me, I hope that will change in the future.

so this is what its like to. die

anonymous asked:

I'm hesitant to learn about other culture on Tumblr because it feels like a lot of people confuse their own personal experiences with their culture (I'm polynesian and always rme at people posting stuff about like personal thoughts on flip flops in their "how to write Hawaiian hunk" posts) neway if u want to share I'd be curious to hear whats something inherent to Cuban culture u wouldn't find anywhere else? Is there a prominent religion? Holidays?

There’s a ton of answers to these over at my @lanceiscuban sideblog~!! but I’ll take this opportunity to share this small but useful video~