“Lydia is such a crybaby now”

Yeah ‘cause Lydia has never cried on TW, EVER. RME.

You salty anti’s always get on Lydia’s case for being “heartless” and a “bitch”, and then you choose to ignore the fact that Lydia is uncomfortable talking about her feelings and that crying is the only way she knows how to release all those emotions she bottles up.

And now you’re saying that S6 has completely ruined her characterization because she’s shown crying once this season… Sweetheart, this has been Lydia’s characterization since the beginning. Lydia has always cried and there’s nothing wrong with that! “Look, you shouldn’t care if people see you cry, alright?” Who told Lydia that? Oh, right. Stiles did! 

Yes, she’s crying over Stiles and yes, she DOES care and love him! But of course their relationship development is something else you choose to ignore. You guys are all still stuck on S1 Lydia, because you’re stubborn. You want to act as though Lydia and Stiles are complete strangers, and not two people who have grown incredibly close who would do anything for each other. 

Lydia doesn’t know she has a wall put up that’s keeping her emotions for Stiles away from outwardly speaking them. She doesn’t remember their history, doesn’t remember how complicated their lives have been. The only thing she knows is that she feels strongly for a person that she doesn’t remember, so strongly that she identifies it as love, because it is love. Just imagine having so many emotions coursing through your mind and heart and not being able to place exactly where they’re coming from. She has every right to be emotional. 

Instead of the letter being written by Sakura as was seen in the novel, SP changed it so that Naruto writes it to Sasuke. It’s not even that serious of a scene, but they still felt the need to change it because Sakura should never have influence over Sasuke. rme

like ik it might not seem like a big deal to bi people but saying youre gay and conflating homosexuality with bisexuality creates problems for both of us. like it erases the actual meaning of gay and contributes to stereotypes that gay people arent really gay and just need to find the right person~ bc Everyone is fluid!! and it and contributes to stereotypes about bisexual people being confused/not real. like how are we (gay ppl) the bad biphobic~ people for pointing this out lol. sounds like biphobia to erase urself imo!!!

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why it's just so cringey? Now you can't make a gifset with them that the fandom calls you racist. Anything you do and don't have finn you are called rascist.

When I think something is racist I call it racist, so if I said “cringey” then I clearly don’t think gifsets of the four female leads are inherently racist? But the fact that they all (plus Emilia now) look alike IS cringey and speaks to an obvious problem with LF’s casting.

I wonder how I’ve made plenty of edits without Finn and yet have never been called racist. 🤔 🤔 🤔 Maybe Finn stans are smart enough to understand context and recognize when Finn is being excluded versus when he’s just not relevant to a post?

so this is what its like to. die

It’s so obvious they flattened Sakura’s chest on purpose; seriously, pierrots never ending quest to not only make her but Sasuke look perpetually 19 is immature af.


Real Madrid’s new signing: Lucas Silva (21, 16.02.93)
Cruzeiro EC (2007-2015)
Brazil NT U20

Brazil NT U21
2 Brazilian Championships (2013, 2014)
Toulon Tournament (2014)

muito obrigada e boa sorte, príncipe!

Gideon tweeted that about “dropping by” so either he literally did just drop by or hes trying to cover up that hes in 6b because he’s probably one of the “fan fave” (rme) characters j*ff has “coming back” (even though he already came back once and it was stupid.. That being said, j*ff would totally do it)


If all else perished, and HE remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger: I should not seem a part of it. [Wuthering Heights]

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Julie planned steroline from s2 and yet she said they'd have gone back to the triangle had Nina not left in S6? KW also said they'd have explored KC "relationship" had the spin off not happened. When do you think steroline would've happened then? S8? Or maybe after they died and went to vamp heaven? Steroline were planned from s1-2 but they conveniently forgot about each other. rme. Like, Is this selective amnesia or is common sense not so common in India? Namaste.

lmfaoooo heartsandribbons you’re so fucking racist good thing you obsessively sent me 5 anons so i can block you

kevin is a deranged fanboy who admitted to killing stefan bc he didn’t get his stelena endgame

i fully believe he would have made it endgame this season if he could but the season 6 thing is BULLSHIT. they always knew nina was here for 6 seasons and if they wanted to ~~~circle back~~~ to it they would have while elena hated damon and had no good memories of him??? they’re lying because they literally had the chance to do that and didn’t

stay pressed

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