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so this is what its like to. die

[FULL] Luhan's Reps Statement

On October 2014, Luhan filed for contract nullification through Korean law firm ‘Hankyul’ in Korean Court against SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as SM from this point on). After three sincere mediation sessions under supervision of the Korean Court, today we’ve made progress and we will be going into another mediation.

While both sides were in the process of preparing for settlement of this case with the “exclusive contract”, on February 5th SM suddenly released a statement claiming that “due to Luhan engaging in activities in China of his own accord, we are hereby filing a lawsuit against Luhan and the company that hired him for endorsement advertising, this case has been filed in Shanghai Court on February 4th, 2015” and related content. Here, in order to clarify the truth and protect Luhan’s reputation, we are releasing the follow statement:

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It’s so obvious they flattened Sakura’s chest on purpose; seriously, pierrots never ending quest to not only make her but Sasuke look perpetually 19 is immature af.


Fan throwing shoe at Zayn. Denmark, 16/06.