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adik ni dah berjaya.. kawan kawan bila lagi? jom le join.. RM55 je.. dah boleh start kerja sendiri.. buat duit!

minat nak join tapi tak tahu cara?
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*Preorder* 1:30:00 'Curse' T-Shirt

RM55 – Free Postage to Peninsular Malaysia ONLY


The long-awaited 1:30:00 ‘curse’ has been 'merchandise-d’ into T-Shirts, by the demand of fans! >///<

We’re at MilkMelon Inc. proudly present this special merchandise (aside from our hot-selling Touranbu fanbook) exclusively to the fans! ^ ^


Do check out the details below:-
Preorder begins today 29/6/2015.
☆ Preorder ends on 31/7/2015.


☆ Material: Cotton
☆ Color: Black ONLY
☆ Type: Standard Tee - Short and Long Sleeves
☆ Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL


☆ Short Sleeves = RM55 *Buy 2 for ONLY RM100*
☆ Long Sleeves = RM65 *Buy 2 for ONLY RM110*


☆ Peninsular Malaysia = FREE
☆ Sabah/Sarawak = +RM20

Design done by Momoka Moka . (she is working hard as she could to make it as close as the original UI in the game during smithing).

Postage is FREE to Peninsular Malaysia ONLY!!

Please include your address as we’ll ship this out around August 2015.

You can collect at #AMG 2015 held in Sunway Convention Centre or ##CF2015. ^ ^

How to Order?

Preorder Here☆ 


How to Pay?

☆ Payment method: Online Bank-in Transfer / Paypal
☆ Payment Period: Instant

Thank you for taking your time to read this post!

Note: Please (x3) read all the instructions and specs thoroughly.

This product is sold separately from our fanbook.

If you need any further assistance, do email us directly at our email address.
( ^ w ^ )


Our Other Links

☆ Fanpage: Touken Ranbu - Ken No Monogatari
☆ Tumblr: http://kennomonogatari.tumblr.com
☆ Tictail: http://touranbufanbook.tictail.com
☆ Email: touranbufanbook@gmail.com

📷 by @safraafina. All the way from
The Terracotta Army or the “Terracotta Warriors and Horses” is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.
Good news is, we have restocked this baby and other colors in all sizes. Grab now!

#PVMerchandise Price List

PVGoldSignature Cotton - All sizes available.

Shortsleeve : RM45
Longsleeve : RM55

Drifit colour available.

PVSignature Drifit : RM50
Black with Gold Logo
Black with Fuchsia (Pink) Logo
Sea Blue with White Logo
Yellow with Blue Logo

PVDive Drifit : RM55
Black with White PVDive Logo

#PVCarSticker : RM10

Open for purchase now.
Contact Aina 0 17 654 9543
*Delivery on every Wednesday morning
*Reservation upon full payment
*Limited stocks

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..begitu juga usaha. kenapa kita usaha hari hari.. tentu sebab kita nak capai atau dapatkan sesuatu yang nak dalam hidup kan? :)

wechat / twitter : imjustafiq

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Selamat berbuka semua muslimin dan muslimat

Stock update for telekung travel cotton

Stocks running low and selling fast!

Ramadhan Promo
1. Free postage nationwide
2. Free mini tasbih (while stocks last)

Diperbuat dari 100% cotton, lightweight, breathable, labuh dan tidak jarang. Sesuai utk ketinggian sehingga 170cm. Size telekung siap dilipat disimpan dalam travel bag hanya bersize setengah A4 paper saja


Whatsapp +6012 6886 434


Mermaid on the loose!!
Hehe Thank you @fithrimarshall !!

Come grab your #PVSignature Drifit and Cotton!!

Grab it while stock last!

4 colours available. With very limited stocks and size.

#PVMerchandise Price List

PVGoldSignature Cotton - All sizes available.

Shortsleeve : RM45
Longsleeve : RM55

Drifit colour available.

PVSignature Drifit : RM50
Black with Gold Logo - M & L available
Black with Fuchsia (Pink) Logo - M& L available
Sea Blue with White Logo - L available
Yellow with Blue Logo - L available one piece only.

PVDive Drifit : RM55 - Sold Out
Black with White PVDive Logo

#PVCarSticker : RM10

Open for purchase now.
Contact Aina 0 17 654 9543

For #PVFamily :
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For #PVDivers
Achot : 017 737 1849

*Delivery on every Wednesday morning.
*Reservation upon full payment
*Limited stocks

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Sempat lagi uols !!
Kesa bole nampak seawal 5 hari hokay 😁
Xmo cube, tgk je la org lain cerah gebu masa raya 😝


#LaserSerumNina RM35 SEM RM40 SS
#IbuPutihNina 20g RM30 SEM RM35 SS
35g RM50 SEM RM55 SS
#Merlyna RM42 SEM RM47 SS


WA TO ORDER #0193984828
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Tadi berbuka puasa di @rasautara Times Square. Buffet kat sini RM55 seorang. Tadi kami je yang makan so rasa macam reserved satu kedai pulak. Hahaha. Best berbaloi berbuka puasa sini. (at Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur)

Sabah earthquake’s repair costs estimated over RM100mil

<p>RANAU: Repair costs for the earthquake and its aftermath damages involving all structures affected was estimated at over RM100 million, said Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof.</p>
<p>“This include repair costs for five critical buildings at Ranau - the district mosque, SMK Ranau, Sekolah Agama Mohamad Ali, the district hospital and the district police station - at RM55 million.</p>
<p>"Some 61 buildings as well as several road links, slopes and bridges have been affected by the disaster.</p>
<p>"As for the roll out of repairs allocation, we are only in charge of estimating the repair costs but each ministry involved will channel the funding.. As you can see some remedial works have already started at the Ranau Federal administration complex,” he said during his working visit to the disaster hit areas at the district.</p>
<p>Fadillah was given a briefing at the Federal administration complex before making a round at Ranau police station. </p>
<p>He would also stop by Kampung Mesilau in Kundasang to inspect the road and bridge situation there.</p>
<p>In relation to that, he said a study is being done by the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry involving local and international experts on the possibility of introducing guidelines for buildings constructed at earthquake risk areas in the future.</p>
<p>“We are looking at this as a national policy, so it does not only cover government buildings but also the private sector,” Fadillah added.</p>

Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack.

Lip tear gloss utk bibir comel seksi.

Available in 1 box is Sexy Red,Lovely Peach , Virgin Red,Pure Pink ,Bubble Pink & Vivid Scarlet.

3pcs for rm55
6pcs for rm90
Freepostage sm.