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RM과 방시혁피디님이 작사작곡한 옴므 형들의 딜레마가 발매되었습니다! 이 계절과 잘 어울린다고 생각해요. 많이 들어주세요! https://t.co/BAX7sqj4AX

HOMME hyungs’ “Dilemma” which was composed and written by RM and Bang Sihyuk PD-nim has been released! I think it fits well with this season. Please listen to it lots!

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BTS Reaction To You Asking Them To Walk You Home At Night Because You Were Afriad


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Seokjin/Jin: He would have insisted on walking you home before you even had the chance to ask him. So when you told him that you were afraid, he would definitely walk you home.  

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Yoongi/Suga: He wouldn’t mind walking you home in the first place but when you told him that you were afraid to walk home alone Protective Yoongi™ was activated and he if you lived in an apartment he would even walk you to the door.

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Hoseok/J-Hope: Everyone makes Hoseok out to be happy all the time when you can tell that he has a very serious side and a very playful side. And when you told him that you were afraid to walk home alone at night, he’ll take this serious while trying to make you feel comfortable.  

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Namjoon/RM: Like Jin, he would already have insisted on walking you home in the first place but when you told him you were scared to walk alone he would try his best to make you feel comfortable by being the lovable dork he is. 

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Jimin: Sweet ole’ Jimin is going to act like such a gentleman and would have walked you home in the first place. He would hold your hand to make you feel comfortable and keep an eye out for anyone suspicious looking. 

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Taehyung/V: He’s not going to understand at first why you were scared to walk alone at night but once you explained yourself, he would become serious in making sure you were comfortable and making sure to protect you from any danger. 

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Jungkook: He would tease you for being afraid but once you explained why you were afraid he would apologize and make sure that you felt protected at all times but would make the trip to your home fun. 

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Hi! I've searching for a dupe for the glossier haloscope in quartz for a long time now since it's sold out on the official website and since we can't afford it anywhere else ... Do you know any creamy-like (not really into powder it won't fit my skin) highlighter(s) with not too much glitters but with a soft dewy effect just like haloscope that would suit a medium tan skin? ( the topaz shade seems too dark for me i think ) Thanks !

You can get a similar effect by mixing a tiiiiny bit of facial oil and cream highlighter together! Haloscope’s oil core gives it that dew while the shimmer surrounding the oil adds more of a sheen.  The oil in the center is almond oil, castor and coconut oil, all easily accessible oils to mix with your highlighters!

Haloscope is actually a great dupe for RMS Living Luminizer which is an Into The Gloss favorite. 

Boots No7 Instant Radiance Highlighters are also dupes for both Topaz and Quartz!

The Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Highlighter stick is a great stick highlighter as well!

I am so annoyed by these “Nalu and Jerza are next” posts. Natsu and Lucy are the main characters, Erza is a main and the most popular female and Jellal is based off of the guy Mashima regrets killing in RM. Also this is FT so the odds of those mentioned not returning are low even if Juvia stays dead.