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Black butterfly is available everywhere! Only etsy books come signed. The link is on my bio.

Got the new @agencyarms drop-in trigger in my CCW Glock 19. Going to be running some tests tomorrow morning. Like how many rounds I can get off within 1.5 seconds from concealment, and what some average split times are. So far really liking the flat-face. But please don’t me ask any questions about it until I have actually done 2,000+ rounds trigger pressing. ;) @agency_joe @agencyarms #agencyarms #dropintrigger #glock #glock19 #trijicon #trijiconrmr #edc #ccw #rm06 #s3fbarrel #doyouevenglockbro #agencyarmstrigger


excuse me but precious baby Jimin is not allowed to say “fuck”


Game of Thrones-Western cover

swuisi submitted: I need ur help a little while ago he did that scope with the sports!!! shirt on and he was talking about how he helped these old ladies fix a tire once and he said “and they gave each of us a meatball as payment” in a weird voice and he made this face. If you post the clip of when he said that I will give you my soul. Please. I need help I’m Suffering

omg i m sorry friend i can’t even remember what happens in scopes and when they happen like five minutes after they end