Third training session of the week | April 1, 2015

Real Madrid completed their third training session of the week in preparation for Sunday’s game against Granada (12am CEST). Ancelotti welcomed back the majority of the players who had been on international duty with their countries. Casillas, Ramos, Isco, Coentrão, Cristiano, Kroos, Khedira and Lucas Silva joined back up with the rest of the group; as did Bale, who exercised in the indoor facilities on Monday and Tuesday.


I, as a part of RM Young Photography, am working on my next photo project, “Two Spirit” which aims to bring visibility and voice to queer indigenous and two spirit folks! I will be taking photos this weekend and next so if you’re available you’re more than welcome to participate!!

Bring and wear whatever you feel most represents yourself! Photo shoot will be outside. If you’re an painter, musician, performer etc. we can take a picture of you doing what you do best! There will also be a few questions to answer that will be included in the photo set.

Contact me if you are down to participate and you availability, or if you have any questions!!

** If you want to submit but aren’t in the area, submit a photo of yourself to my email rmyoung716@gmail.com Include “Two Spirit Project" in the subject. Include a few sentences talking about your identity, experiences or small stories about your identity and experiences as a queer, indigenous and/or two-spirit person**


Real Madrid National Team - Celebrations | March 2015 

- Varane vs Brazil - 21′ (March 26)
- Silva vs Paraguay - 15′ (March 27)
- Bale vs Israel - 50′, 77′ (March 28)
- Coentrão vs Serbia - 63′ (March 29)
- Chicharito vs Ecuador - 14′ (March 29) 

Notes from NT camp (cont.)
- Khedira: confirms he’ll be leaving at the end of the season
- Kroos: named German POTY; criticizes Spanish press
- Chicharito: unhappy with lack of opportunities at RM
- Coentrão: honored by Man Utd lin
- Ramos: in depth El Larguero interview (fan incident, contract)
- Bale: shrugs off critics


Real Madrid NT (International friendly: highlights) | 25 March - 1 April 2015

March 25, 2015: Germany 2-2 Australia [match report]
Kroos didn’t play but he received the 2014 German Player of the Year award before the kick off.
- Khedira captained the team.

March 26, 2015: France 1-3 Brazil [match report]
- Goal: Varane 21′

March 27, 2015: Brazil’s Olympic 4-1 Paraguay [highlights]
- Goal: Lucas Silva 15′ 

March 27, 2015: Costa Rica 0-0 Paraguay 
- Keylor Navas played 90 minutes and kept a clean sheet.

March 28, 2015: Mexico 1-0 Ecuador [match report]
- Goal: Javier Hernández 14’

March 28, 2015: France 2-0 Denmark [match report]
- Varane captained France and played two full games (vs Brazil and vs Denmark)

March 29, 2015: Brazil 1-0 Chile [match report]

- Marcelo played 75 minutes and picked up his second win out of two international friendly games that he played.

Next international matches: 
- 8-16 June, 2014

- Read more on how all players performed during the international week: +


Real Madrid National Team - Goals | March 2015 

- Varane vs Brazil - 21′ (March 26)
- Silva vs Paraguay - 15′ (March 27)
- Bale vs Israel - 50′, 77′ (March 28)
- Coentrão vs Serbia - 63′ (March 29)
- Chicharito vs Ecuador - 14′ (March 29) 

Injury update 
- Pepe: He had missed trainings with Portugal because he is still recovering from a bruised thigh, which was suffered against Barcelona. He spent Tuesday in the gym. Marca reports that he’ll undergo more tests today to determine the extent of his discomfort. 

Notes from NT camp
- Silva: would like to see out his contract at RM but is open to a loan at Porto
- Navas: wants to fight for the starting GK position
- Modrić: recovered from a fever, which he had in the clásico; feels settled at RM
- Benzema: clásico loss; Ballon d’Or 
- Varane:In tough times you learn the most”