rm's anniversary


radmarket_official: parka L size black. (front/back)
it’s super comfortable to wear!
#radmarket #blackmoral #thegazette
radmarket_official: parka L size white. (front/back)
it’s the first time we have a white parka, but I gotta say, personally I recommend it ! !
#radmarket #blackmoral #thegazette
Aoi: good morning. 
thanks to me the weather is nice. wuooh, the tension is insaaaane! 
Ruki: morning. it’s sunny, huh! 
I don’t have anything but the L size parkas at hand but here are some pictures of me wearing them. I do recommend🤓!


the host was announcing like “those who has bdays pls stand up!” and then when it was time for those who are on their wedding anniversaries were asked to stand up: 

RM: *stands up*
JH: Who should stand up now?
RM: Wedding Anniversary.
JN: *stands up too* 

 YAH, this trip is for namjin’s wedding anniversary we had no idea!! :))) SO CUTE!!

”’I have lived with you for forty years,’ Ida said to her husband. ‘I have loved you, and I would rather die with you than live without you.’ He had always been sure of her love, but never more than at that moment.”

-A Titanic Love Story by June Hall McCash

It’s a day late, but here is my drawing tribute to commemorate and remember the lives that were lost on the RMS TITANIC 104 years ago. I just finished reading a book about Ida and Isidor Straus and was not only was I captivated of their love story but their entire life. So I felt it was appropriate to draw their last moments together for this day. 

For those who are wondering if I’m going to start on my animated shorts about the people on board the Titanic, the answer is yes! With moving to a new city and starting a job in my field this past year, my personal project took a back seat for a while. But I’m determined to start and create some animation that will honor and reflect on the different accounts from the passengers and crew who were aboard that fateful liner.


Sunday April 15th 1912, dawn breaks and the water begins to get choppy in the distance the survivors can see a ship, the Carpathia has finally arrived near the site of the sinking only to find 20 small life boats. When the Carpathia’s Captain Arthur Rostron learned of the distress signals he immediately set a course at maximum speed (17 kn(20 mph) to Titanic’s last known position, approximately 58 mi away. Rostron ordered the ship’s heating and hot water cut off in order to make as much steam as possible available for the engines. At full speed it took the Carpathia four hours to reach Titanic, Carpathia arrived At 4:00 am, after working her way through dangerous ice fields, and took on the 705 survivors all that was left from a ship that carried around 2,200 people.