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Luxury Liner Row, New York, October 1939.

Seen here (L-R) are the SS Normandie, now a war refugee, the RMS Queen Mary, in troopship colors, and WWI veteran RMS Aquitania, also ready for action. The following Spring, QM’s sister ship Queen Elizabeth joined in, and for two weeks, the three largest liners in the world were moored side by side.

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Bungee jumping feels like "youth" after a long time / Hanako No. 1101 / December 2015

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Bungee jumping feels like “youth” after a long time.

The new song, “I NEED U (Japanese ver)” is about the end of love happening before one’s eyes and singing it with the feeling of a young man’s struggling in agony, so how was singing it?

SUGA: The lyrics is almost the same with the Korean version, so it was very easy to sing. Recording went well too, so we finished very early (laughs).

RAPMONSTER: The word “Jjeoreo” (Yabai in Japanese) in the original of the coupling song* “DOPE-Chou Yabe-!” appears many times, so in the Japanese lyrics, it became “Chou Yabe-”, “Samposedae” became “Satorisedai.” It’s marvellous that there are many similar words.

Since the music’s theme is “youth’s heart/mind”, when did you recently feel being youthful [or the youth]? 

V: All members did bungee jumping when we had filming for work recently, that time I felt “youth” [or youthful] after a long time!

JUNGKOOK: But it was evening when we jumped, so it was dark (laughs). It was such a pity that I didn’t see anything in the neighborhood’s scenery~.

SUGA: I think we can jump because of our age now. It’s absolutely impossible if we’ve grown older (laughs).

RAPMONSTER: That’s right. I jumped while thinking “A~, can jump too” [saying this in his mind], but honestly I don’t want to do it again (laughs).

JIN: I felt it [youth] when I did skateboarding with Jimin in Han River. We saw the sun as it was just rising.

JIMIN: “Ah, that was the bloom of youth”, you said and you were touched, right? But as for me, somehow I feel it when JHOPE-san massages me (laughs). He also did it when we had the break awhile ago, actually, I’m deeply touched each time.

J-HOPE: I see. I~~see. (pretends to massage Jimin?)

This is the first part and the hardest to translate out of the 3 parts. I hope you understand the notes I put to explain. I don’t omit anything from the original text nor simplify it because I want it as much as possible to be complete as it is.

T/N: 青春 = youth, youthful, bloom of youth (the best time of youth)

青春の心 = youth’s heart or youth’s mind

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Jesse Williams Pivotal Speech Took The Night #BETAwards

We’ve made it to the halfway point of 2016, which has been a tumultuous, sad, strange and wild year, thus far. When looking at our every-changing world especially our current political climate, a voice of reason, truth and consciousness like actor and activist Jesse Williams is one of necessity in our often-troubling times. Tonight on the BET Awards, Jesse’s voice was a refreshing and poignant major moment that could’ve happen at more perfect time. 

Williams who’s been an advocate and magnetic voice for the Black community at-large since, before the slaying of Michael Brown; accepted the BET award for the Humanitarian of the Year this evening and gave a eloquent, thought provoking, movement invoking, righteous acceptance speech, that will echo forever. He said, everything we needed to hear, even if you’re someone who didn’t think you needed to hear it. Read his full acceptance speech below, it’s perfect, dynamic and powerful.  We thank you Jesse Williams; we will follow you wherever you take us. 

“This award is not for me,” he continued. “This is for the real organizers all over the country, the activist, the civil rights attorneys, the struggling parents, the families, the teachers, the students that are realizing that a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do. It’s kinda basic mathematics: the more we learn about who we are and how we got here the more we will mobilize.

“This award is also for the black women in particular who have spent their lives nurturing everyone before themselves – we can and will do better for you.

 “Now, what we’ve been doing is looking at the data and we know that police somehow manage to de-escalate, disarm and not kill white people every day. So what’s going to happen is we’re going to have equal rights and justice in our own country or we will restructure their function and ours. [Standing ovation.]

 “I got more, y’all. Yesterday would have been young Tamir Rice’s 14th birthday so I don’t want to hear any more about how far we’ve come when paid public servants can pull a drive-by on a 12-year-old playing alone in a park in broad daylight, killing him on television, and then going home to make a sandwich. “Tell Rekia Boyd how it’s so much better to live in 2012 than 1612 or 1712. Tell that to Eric Garner, Sandra Bland. 

“The thing is though, all of us here are getting money, that alone isn’t going to stop this. Dedicating our lives to getting money just to give it right back to put someone’s brand on our body – when we spent centuries praying with brands on our bodies, and now we pray to get paid for brands on our bodies? 

“There has been no war that we have not fought and died on the front lines of. There is no job we haven’t done, there is no tax they haven’t levied against us, and we have paid all of them. 

“But freedom is always conditional here. ‘You’re free!’ they keeping telling us. ‘But she would be alive if she hadn’t acted so… free.’ Now, freedom is always coming in the hereafter, but the hereafter is a hustle: We want it now. 

“Let’s get a couple of things straight. The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander – that’s not our job so let’s stop with all that. If you have a critique for our resistance then you’d better have an established record, a critique of our oppression. 

“If you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do: sit down. 

“We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, and we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil – black gold! – ghettoizing and demeaning our creations and stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit. 

“Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real. Thank you.” 

Watch his acceptance below: