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anonymous asked:

Hi so i'm new to this side of tumblr so i was wondering maybe you could give me links to some good football blogs you follow? Thanks

hi, welcome to the fandom! hope you’re ready for daily drama😅 so here are the blogs that i can think of:

the ‘must’- they will keep you updated with everything and they always make such nice edits too: @madridistaforever @informadrid @salehmadridista @kovacismo @onlykroos @guti

cr7 lovers-if you want to have a healty™ lifestyle: @cr7 @cristianodaily @theworldsmosthatedakacr7 @thecr7universe

people who liveblog/say their opinion- if you love a banter or two: @borjitamayoral @krooos @marcelitovieira @keynavas @willtherealmadridpleasestandup

just some other nice madridistas: @agatamorata @balesmanbun @sergioraaamos @markclattenburg @madridmivida @sergio-para-siempre @flashed-football-mind

teamnap  asked:

rm might make my cri every single mcfreaking day?? but at the end of the day i love rm and i love how much the players love rm, bUT the my fave thing? the thing that probably makes us play as well as do?? its the camaraderie and friendship that the players, past AND present, have and like :') idk ..

yeeeeeeeeeesssss omg i think once you play for real madrid nothing ever really compares and that’s why our past players still are ride or die for this club. and I think when you go through what these players go through together you form a pretty special unique bond. only they quite understand what it is like to be lose 1 nil to atleti in a ucl final and have your mate score an equalizer in the 92nd minute only for all of you to come together and score 3 more goals in extra time to give your team and aficion the trophy they had been desperately waiting for 12 years. these players have gone through so much. they’ve all seen the dirtiest grittiest ugliest sides of each other. they’ve also all witnessed each other’s work and greatness up close. but more than anything they were there for each other when stuff really got bad (like tonight. no one quite knows how the players were feeling like they do) and they were there for each other from start to finish. and all these super emotional moments this team always goes through is what turns them into such a united front. they all love each other soooo much. even improbable friendships make up for the most genuine moments. it warms my heart. i love them all so fucking much ❤️