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This time last year I set a goal for myself to read 30 books this year. And I did it!!!!!
So here is every book I read in 2016

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a REALLY sketchy comic(?) based on a post from @texts-from-asagao because I love nothing more than the idea of satch calming Jared down after he talks to his mom

do I ship this? I’ll never tell :^3c

No Longer Human & BSD Dazai (Translator’s Introduction)

I thought about giving No Longer Human (English translation) another read and comparing the protagonist (Oba Yozo) to BSD Dazai to explore his character (and/or make headcanons??) because Dazai is an enigma.

So it starts with the translator’s introduction about the Dazai (the author) and the book. He mentions Dostoyevsky briefly, and since we posted chapter 42 recently…why not?

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the meaning of the circles in wings

jungkook’s circle is a sparrow which is quite obvious given his shadow of wings in his short films. all of the circles come directly from the book demian. the sparrow is especially important so i’m just going to copy what sparknotes says about it

The sparrow hawk first appears when Demian mentions that he noticed it in the archway above the door to Demian’s house. That Demian takes note of it already sets it aside as significant. Further, it forms a connection between Demian and Sinclair. The meaning of the symbol is not fully realized until later in the work when it becomes a part of Sinclair’s dreams. The bird represents a desire to break free, to be independent. Symbolically, since the bird appears on Sinclair’s childhood house, it shows that this yearning has been with Sinclair from the very beginning. Later, the sparrow appears much brighter, illuminated. This indicates that Sinclair has reached within himself to activate the part of him that longs to be set free. 

note: jungkook’s short film is called BEGIN symbolizing the beginning of his longing to break free from his realm.

jimin’s circle is an apple, again obvious because apples were scattered through the entirety of his short film. in demian however the apple is extremely relevant.

in the first (? maybe 2nd) chapter of demian, the main character sinclair tells a neighborhood bully a white lie that he once stole apples from someone’s farm in order to fit in with the bullies and not be picked on. this backfires though and the bully, kromer, blackmails him and says he will tell the farmer that sinclair stole his apples unless sinclair pays kromer. sinclair doesn’t have much money and this causes him to become indebted to kromer and tell more lies and engage more and more in the activities of the “dark realm.”

note: jimin’s short film is titled LIE and he sings “caught in a lie” (trans of the rest of the lyrics)

this circle card is also shown during LIE and for now we don’t know whose it is. on the card “eva” is written multiple times. in demian frau eva is the character demian’s mother. taken from sparknotes:

Demian’s mother. An all-encompassing character, she has both male and female features, meant to symbolize her superiority and timelessness. She is not bound by the traditional societal idea of what a woman should be and for this reason she becomes Sinclair’s ideal woman. She is the woman who looks like the portraits Sinclair paints. She is Sinclair’s protector and, for him, the ultimate symbol of love, beauty, and perfection. Sinclair falls deeply in love with her, the combination of a romantic and a motherly figure, even before he meets her.

note: the painting jungkook had a breakdown in front of resembles both suga and jungkook, similarly to how sinclair’s paintings of a random woman named beatrice resembled himself and demian which foreshadowed sinclair meeting demian’s mother frau eva and falling in love with her. additionally jimin sings “save me who resembles you” (trans cr. @jeonsify).

*read more about the painting in my post here

sabraeal  asked:

[12] What is your favorite book?

12. What is your favourite book?
*sweats extremely nervously bc im not an avid reader like at all but tbh i sHOULD* i quite like The Great Gatsby a lot. like, i know it’s often overrated and not THE BEST NOVEL OF THE 20TH CENTURY but i do like the writing style that’s used and how the characters were written as imperfect and flawed human beings, which is something i’ve been trying to work on in my larger story ideas

The Outsiders is another one, i loved the family and friendship and like coming-of-age kind of themes in it which i would say are still my favourites

honestly nathan’s attempts at being hetero are really not working

ok i propose a new addition to the endless list of gay ships that are better than dr@rry: lee x either of the weasley twins


Today I woke up and I looked in the mirror and for the first time in a while, I felt really proud of how I looked. I mean, I can generally cover a lot of things up with clothes, but today I felt proud of how my body looked. I felt proud to be in my own body, because it’s my body.

I have dwarfism, so naturally all my proportions are a little out of whack. My knees bend inwards (which can make walking a bitch sometimes), and while I’m not overweight I’m definitely not thin. I’ve always been conscious about my stomach, because it partially sticks out due to the structure of my spine (which in turn… also makes my chest/bust and butt stick out, which is kinda cool sometimes if you know what I mean). My hands are averaged sized and I have long fingers, which is ideal for piano playing but they look weird compared to my body. I don’t have very much neck, which my parents tease me about constantly, which I’m very conscious about - I don’t like how a lot of necklaces end up looking on me. My legs are short and stocky, and my mom used to never let me wear shorts because they didn’t look good on me.

But I’ve only recently become more comfortable wearing bikinis, and, in pictures, showing the rest of the bikini from my chest down. I used to look at the mirror, figure out which parts looked the worst, and I’d try my best to cover them and not pay attention to them. Everything always felt short and squashed and I hated it. My knees always bothered me (both because they hurt and they looked bad). But I’ve been feeling better about it, and I know I don’t talk about it much, but this morning I felt really good about how body looked, and I wanted to tell people about it. :) I know I’m not perfect, but I also kind of love it.

[Plus, I have two belly buttons (one was a scar from a feeding tube, I didn’t have two umbilical cords) which is always cool for people to see sometimes.]