rly epic

Okay so the last ED was pretty epic and all so of coURSE I watched it like a billion times but there this one detail I find kinda funny

i mean look at this cool shot here

undeniably epic, right? now let’s check out the characters

i c Tokaku and Haru are together and in front as expected of their main character status

and of course Hitsugi and Chitaru are together and holding hands because apparently the universe would fall apart otherwise

Shiena is my precious bby so I remember her doing this exact pose when she was first introduced (also shot from the back, mind you)

this is the kind of pose that only Otoya could pull off this well, A+

i’m guessing they put Sumireko closest to the camera to pay tribute to the blessing that is the Hanabooty

rly everyone’s looking pretty epic and/or srs in this shot

and then there’s Suzu