Gem Placement – Roles

Looking at the Gems we’ve seen thus far, there are possible correlations between the location of the gem on their bodies, and their roles in Gem society.

Forehead: Thought, Logic, Intelligence. Thinker.

Nose: Scent, Tracking, Animalistic. Hunter.

Chest: Heart, Emotions, Life. Possibly just standard non-worker Gems?

Back: Manual Labour, Burden, Pressure. Worker.

Fists: Violence, Strength, Power. Warrior.

(While Ruby has physical strength and decisiveness, she lacks Sapphire’s quick-thinking and physical speed. Perhaps as they were unable to fulfil their role separately, it’s part of the reason they’re so comfortable and stable while fused)

Stomach: Womb, Center, Balance. Mother.

my theory here is that the hologram ended so suddenly because Rose Quartz didn’t change how they held hands like that
‘logic’ is a large part of Pearl’s being, so it would make sense for her power to short out if she tried to change the truthful memory even due to emotion.

i also think the reason Rose Quartz looks so sad here is because she knows Pearl loves her and would follow her to the ends of the earth, and she feels like she’s abusing that devotion.
it would make sense for pearl to even confuse Rose Quartz’s genuine love for everything as romantic attraction, and im not saying they weren’t very close, hence “My Pearl”, but im still convinced for now that Rose’s love was platonic, while Pearl’s was unrequitedly Romantic.
to be honest, if Pearl knew it was unrequited, even deep down, it would explain so much of her jealousy and anger towards anything that seemed closer to Rose.
Garnet seems to be the only Gem so far who wasn’t in some way jealous of Greg.

in defence of lapis lazuli

when amethyst’s gem was cracked:

when lapis’ gem was cracked to this considerably larger extent:

(holy shit it’s literally in three pieces)

so it’s understandable that she’d have a bit of emotional instability, since her physical form and powers seem pretty intact. and, she’s angry mainly against the people who left her trapped in an object and treated her like one too.
like i’m not saying her attacking steven and connie was right, but you can understand why.
also there’s absolutely no confirmation she actually knew that humans had to breathe. the spinning ball of watery death, yeah. the drowning might’ve just been to hold them there like with garnet and the giant water arm.