to summarise the Overwatch Artbook Drama for everyone rn
we missed out on:

tall black man with an hourglass figure in a nurturing, caring, support role as the saviour of the team with a rez skill and potentially still having a thing with genji b/c where are our gay male characters blizzard??

white mercy’s tunic as hospital scrubs, or least with pants and pockets instead of just… leggings and nothing practical whatsoever

gabriel as a BDSM ghost in a boob-revealing corset, a shirt with hip slits, or a literal studded thong

junkrat as vinny from the disney atlantis movie

mccree’s as a gross racist white dude? like… confederate flag and everything

lucio as a kingdom hearts character


the origin of Freckle is beautiful and everyone should take a minute to experience this

i cant believe the most peaceful, healthy, loving relationship in American Gods so far has been between two blatantly Muslim men, who spoke in Arabic to each other, and not one minute of it was portrayed as threatening, suspicious, or uncertain.
i cant believe i got to watch a long, graphic gay sex scene between two Muslim men of colour, and it wasn’t treated as perverse, dirty, or shameful.
i cant believe both actors have been blatantly supportive of their roles on twitter, feeding into fan hype for an Actual Canonical Gay Couple and not just baiting for views

i can’t believe we got so fucking lucky with this show.
this shit is so important to me.

sometimes self care is doing what you want like staying in bed that extra hour or buying the expensive smoothie, but sometimes its forcing yourself out of bed to eat or making sure you wash your face and clean your teeth despite how exhausted you are
self care isn’t always the easy option, or the fun option, but it’s still important

killing stalking has been trending once a week for the last month or so and i fucking hate it. the latest chapter was apparently the vulnerable abuse victim getting literally raped by the murderer and everyone was making jokes and memes of it or talking about how romantic it was

why do you guys hate gay men so much. why do you support media like this. why are we only palletable to you when we’re being tortured and raped

what the fuck is wrong with you

friendly reminder that the trope of the ‘older, predatory gay man’ propagated by shit like King Cobra or neighbourhood watch meetings was first introduced to mainstream media in 1895 during the Oscar Wilde trials.
back then, mlm relationships followed a more classical format of the young, beautiful student and the old, wiser teacher, so many of Wilde’s lovers were between 18-25
the press and prosecution sold the guilty testimony on this concept of the evil sodomiser corrupting these innocent YOUNG boys; lots of emphasis on their youth to try and smear him as a paedophile without any evidence to support that claim; and this image spread rapidly as Wilde’s public image tanked.
remember that this image of every older gay man being some sort of pervert preying on underage, naïve young boys was invented by straight people to further ruin the public image of gay men.