So… last season if you didn’t live in the USA, a download for OUAT would become available for the episode at about 00:00 (because it aired earlier in Canada) and then it’d probably download by about 00:30 and you could have watched the whole thing by 1:15, and then it wouldn’t be TOO hard to get up for work the next morning. So that’s what me and my friends used to do and then have a chat window open to talk as things were happening. HOWEVER when it came to the finale; unbeknown to us it never aired earlier in Canada and we couldn’t NOT watch it as soon as possible, so if you look at the time stamps, we ended up getting the last episode just after 3:00am and these are the delirious reactions of travelerontheedge17, torrealis and I, watching the ending just before 4:00am. 

That next day at work was a bitch.