Announcement! Legend of Dungeon: Masters

Ahoy there valiant readers!

We’ll be releasing Legend of Dungeon: Masters in November!!

As many of you know we’ve been working on the free to play Perma-Permadeath game/show “Upsilon Circuit” for a few years now, so this new game announcement might seem strange, but let me explain!

Legend of Dungeon: Masters uses the viewer interface we created for UC! LoDM isn’t a “stand alone” game, instead it’s a free download on Steam that connects to people streaming Legend of Dungeon, and lets you interact with their game as a  “Master Viewer”!  

Here’s how it works:

TL;DR: this video 

Someone running Legend of Dungeon authenticates and enables “Twitch mode”,and then broadcasts to Twitch. That streamer’s username will then show up on a list inside the Masters game menu.

Inside LoD:M, simply pick a stream to watch and it loads up the stream along with your interface. Now you can pull things from your inventory and send them into the LoD game!

You get things to send in from Chests that monsters in the LoD game drop. you also get XP to level up, and stars you can use in the shop to buy things!

♦♢♦♢Interesting Features♢♦♢♦

  • Plot and discuss all you want since it doesn’t use chat as an interface 
  • Symbiotic reward system. Chests can be good for everybody!
  • Persistent inventory, items in your inventory are useable in any livestream.
  • Free to play, with only slightly evil monetization (to help fund Upsilon Circuit!)
  • A new kind of asymmetric multiplayer experience when you live stream LoD. ( play online with your friends, in a unusual way!)
  • Short messages can be attached to “gifts” sent in. 

♦♢♦♢ Why this, and why now?♢♦♢♦

This is partially to test out a lot of the ideas behind Upsilon Circuit, and to help fund the UC project, but it also just seemed like a really fun thing to be able to do!

It brings the idea full circle too, in a sense. Us spending many days watching streams of Legend of Dungeon was part of the inspiration for Upsilon Circuit in the first place!

I’m personally very excited, because I think this way I might actually be able to beat Legend of Dungeon! (or at least I can blame other people for my failures)

Follow us on Twitch to help test it before launch!

Until next time!


P.S. Have some screenshots!

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