gaiax2  asked:

You got your hands full with all those magiswords... but the real question is, how do you plan to handle the critiques the show has? After all, no show's perfect! (for instance, the most common complaint that it is a show that goes way too fast with an onslaught of jokes, but that's a price you pay when transitioning from a web series to a full on show!)

Honestly I don’t mind complaints too much (heck none of the complaints are directly targeted to me anyways so it’s honestly not that big a deal), and I can totally understand why some people might be turned off by its writing style and pacing. Like you said, no show is perfect, and it’s impossible to please everyone when you create something that reaches such a wide audience as a cartoon does.

That said, the most important thing in my opinion is that, since they can’t please everyone anyway, the people who work on any particular show should strive to create something they themselves like and enjoy their job in the process. And I can say without a doubt that the whole Magiswords team loves working on this show, including myself.

(tho I should mention I have literally no control over the writing on the show. I’m not a writer or storyboard artist, I just draw pretty pictures~)