fashion industry? shook. hair industry? shook. photoshoot industry? shook. collar industry? shook. magazine industry? shook. world industry? shook.

one of my favorite things about this spread is that it allowed harry to give away what he wants to give away. for the past five years, there’s been so many things he’s been forced to share, talked about so many subjects that you could tell made him uncomfortable, and in retaliation, he almost stopped using social media entirely to try to reclaim the privacy he had taken away from him.

now, though, these are the things he wants us to know. this is the side of him he wants us to see. this is what he wants associated with him, and the fact that these covers, presenting an image that is truly and wholly harry, are the first real photos of himself he decides to post on instagram says so much.

i’m so proud of him. and i’m so glad that he’s been able to keep things private because he deserves that more than anyone, but i’m so glad he’s at a point where he feels like he can share some things on his own terms.

You know what I love? That despite Harry’s public absence lately, he’s still being talked about a lot in the media. But this time, people aren’t talking about rumours involving women or whatever nonsense. Nope, they’re talking about his career. People are finally seeing past the image created for him and are finally seeing Harry’s potential. I think that’s just wonderful.

ive been sitting at this desk in the library typing up a paper for class and after like 30 minutes i had this naggin thought like “i rly wish the floor and table would stop swaying” and then i went “wait what” and i realized that nothing is swaying its just my entire body

in the back of my mind i felt like the whole library was on a rocking boat but its just me for some gd reason. like im not even swaying with breaths its just my shoulders lurchin forward and back and i cant control it i feel like im involuntarily shrugging out of sync with my own breathing

anyways catch ya boi dead on the library floor cuz im feelin an inevitable death