Reminder: Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t automatically make it bad. The world is full of billions of people with mass differences, and similarities. Before judging something or someone you know nothing about…take the time to assess the situation or research the topic. Don’t always take things at face value, and learn to discern things for yourself. It’s a healthy practice, and will help you + others in the long run.


Here’s Hiiragis parents!

Sho never mastered his quirk correctly so all he can do is make little flames with is index fingers; you’ll never need to worry about forgetting your lighter with him around //sHOT. He’s a bit awkward but he’s very smart and a really good daddy cook!

Tina in the other hand is very outgoing and loud, much like her son (she used to be the class delinquent back in the days so she can be rather brute and rowdy)- She’s a hair stylist! Her quirk gives her the ability to turn into any type of hound dog, her fav being Pharaoh hound :)

Some family life?

You could say the house is a very boisterous place with Hiiragi and his mother yapping at each other on a daily, and/or getting into some sort of argument. Nonetheless they make up fairly quick once they realize it was over silly things. Sho doesn’t usually step in if he’s around because he knows things will be fine. (he’d probably be making some sweets for them after they’re done with their bickering.)

Any pets?

Nope, no pets sadly.

How good is he with making his own food?

Hiiragi is actually fairly good with cooking! Sho teaches him everything he needs to know <:3c

sometimes i’ll come across a post criticizing something or another harry has done - and don’t get me wrong, i think it’s fine to be critical of your faves and hope that they grow and learn as a person - but a lot of times these posts take on a tone that almost sounds malicious, like the people talking about harry forget that he’s human and instead treat him like a robot with no emotions and no faults who’s just supposed to magically have it all figured out.

and the thing that gets me constantly being a fan of his is that i’m the same age as he is. and there are times that he comes across as an incredibly old soul, so witty and smart and intelligent and you forget how young he is, and there are times he answers questions and he sounds so glaringly 23 that it shakes me when i remember we’re the same age.

and then, in turn, when i remember that, i think about all the conversations my friends and i have about things we aren’t sure of, things we’re scared of, things we don’t understand about the world yet but are trying to. i think of the small group of people i have trying to navigate our little world and figure ourselves out. but no one watches us do that, no one scrutinizes us for what we’re doing, no one tracks our every move.

and thinking about being the age i am now and having a platform like harry’s. thinking about him, at times, having the same worries that me and my friends have but having the whole world’s eyes on him while he just tries to figure out life and who he is and where he stands on things - i can’t even imagine how terrifying that must be because i would never want millions of people watch me try to stumble through my little world, let alone tell me with malice all the things i’m doing wrong instead of constructive criticism. 

and i wish people that decided to be so needlessly cruel, the ones who try to paint him as a villain for every single thing he does or doesn’t do, would remember that not everyone is perfect, that all of us can grow and learn things, and not only that, but he’s still so young, and having to be in his position when maybe he isn’t totally sure of himself yet but has to make the world believe he is…would be pretty damn scary.

idk. be nice. be good.