Couples Retreat Pt. 4 | Rucas Fanfic

Lucas Friar is in dire need of a promotion when his boss announces an important position is opening up. But of course, there’s a catch. His boss is only hiring someone who is a responsible family man and encourages his employees to try to impress him at their companies annual couples retreat. Lucas, afraid of letting the opportunity for a promotion pass him by, signs him and his wife up to attend the retreat. The only problem is…he’s not married.
So he turns to one of his oldest friends for help and she agrees to be his fake wife for the weekend.
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Chapter 4

Lucas didn’t know what to expect when he woke up this morning. What he wasn’t expecting was waking up to an empty bed. He rolled over and reached his arm out to the space where Riley laid last night but there was no one there, just an empty bed and ruffled sheets. 

He replayed the events from the night before, over and over again in his mind. It was the perfect night. 

He glances over at the alarm clock on their bedside table, it read 9:30 am. Shit…I overslept. He was supposed to be up by 8.

Lucas hastily gets dressed and makes his way downstairs to the breakfast buffet. Once he arrives he spots Riley in a far corner by his boss. 

“Speak of the devil.” Mr. Anderson teases as Lucas approaches the table. “We were just talking about you.”

“All good things I hope.” Lucas smiles, but he’s surprised by Riley’s lack of response.

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another update: the boy is still amazing. he slept over and we got breakfast together this morning before i had to go to work. he’s wonderfully sweet and adorable and exactly what i’ve been looking for in another person, from personality to interests (for example, he loves steely dan, so !!! i have someone to come see steely dan with me in october, hella). he’s coming over again on thursday and i cannot wait tbh 

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Mary was baking.  Jon had left for work less than an hour ago and to fill the sudden silence, she was baking.  A record player was playing softly in the corner, one of her favorite muggle records filling the flat with music as she moved around the kitchen.  For the first time since she had found out she was pregnant, since the bank, she felt at peace.  Every now and then she danced from counter to oven, flour on most surfaces and on her hands — and of course her cheeks in hair as she touched both without wiping her hands.  

She almost didn’t hear the knock on the door as it sounded in time with the drums playing from the record player.  When she pulled the door open, a genuine grin spread on her lips.  “Remus.  I wasn’t expecting you.  Come in.“

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Omg ok I'm ace and this is my fave OW blog and it's so amazing to have another person who loves/needs ace headcanons (Ace mccree/hanzo relationship is super important to me tbh I wish there was more of it)


(2 let u in on a secret: my fic was initially mchanzo bt i changed it bc it felt. too OOC even for me) (at least for th specific idea i had)

bt jst. mccree + hanzo both bein comfy w/ eachother nd not feelin any pressure to do anything they dont wanna

hanzo slowly getting more comfortable w/ affection once he learns mccree wont expect him to do anythin he isnt comfortable w/………………….