rl vs rp

It’s starting to feel more and more like people are assuming that everyone turns to roleplay as an escape from a crappy home life. I fully understand that many people do, but to think that everyone does is a huge misconception. It’s like this can’t even be just a fun hobby anymore. And if you’re not using it as an escape, I’ve seen people assume that means you have no respect for the people who are. 

anonymous asked:

confession: I think I've developed really bad anxiety issues, as a result of RPing. It depresses me for days when I get ignored/unfollowed/unresponded to. I think I have a serious problem.

My advice is to get away from it for awhile. Take a hiatus from roleplaying and tumblr in general. Find some good books to read, find a new TV show to watch, go see a movie. A few days off and coming back with fresh eyes can be the solution to a lot of hairy issues. But, just like any hobby, when roleplaying it is very important to make sure it is something that primarily makes you feel better, not worse.