rl vs rp

It’s starting to feel more and more like people are assuming that everyone turns to roleplay as an escape from a crappy home life. I fully understand that many people do, but to think that everyone does is a huge misconception. It’s like this can’t even be just a fun hobby anymore. And if you’re not using it as an escape, I’ve seen people assume that means you have no respect for the people who are. 

Just because “it happens in real life” doesn’t mean it’s compatible for roleplay. For example that’s the defense often found for when a roleplayer doesn’t give you enough to go off of in a reply. Well, yeah, in real life someone might say nothing. But in real life that other person might leave, too. And since you don’t always want a roleplay to end right then with someone just walking off, sometimes it makes sense to play a little more like fiction. Since that is what rp is.

anonymous asked:

Annoyance: My current partner has been guilting me for living in another timezone. I have a job, and other RL responsibilities that come BEFORE RP. They stay up until all hours to RP with me in their timezone, and that's THEIR CHOICE. I've encouraged them to stop, but they continue anyway "I stay up SO late! I miss classes! I never sleep so I can RP with you!" It worries me, and it upsets me. I'm sorry. I can't. I have a life outside of RP. That comes first! And it should for you too!! GROW UP.

You know, if I were you, I’d adopt a “tough love" policy about that kind of thing. Don’t roleplay with them. Refuse to respond for a few days so you know they’ll get the sleep they need and live their life. I’ve seen entire coups organized around one roleplayer as an “intervention" when they aren’t taking proper care of themselves. People organize to get all their partners to stop roleplaying with them for a little while. It might seem harsh, but sometimes you’ve got to do that to make sure somebody doesn’t seriously hurt themselves. Tell them you’re doing it, of course, and tell them it’s because you care, but after that stand firm and give them the cold shoulder until they’ve found a way to balance real life and roleplay.