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According to Aliya's todays interview , she will be at Round Lake on 3rd september not alone but together with Alisa and Mama Lena, who will be Alisa's babysitter and also will be working as teacher at RL school! sport-express(.)ru/artistic-gymnastics/reviews/mustafina-vozvraschaetsya-chtoby-pobezhdat-1302139/

Ah wow, sounds like an ideal situation all around then. Aliya gets to train but not be away from Alisa for too long, and her Mum gets to teach whilst looking after her granddaughter

Another masterpiece by Giuseppe Merosi, created in 1922: meet the #AlfaRomeo RL Super Sport exhibited at the legendary #museoalfaromeo in Arese in a shining 1925 version.
#LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni #FCAHeritage