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Kindergarten teacher Hinata and Japan’s genius setter Kageyama, for my Haikyuu!! story of adult volleyball idiots. (They’re 24 and 23 respectively, since Kags is younger than Hinata.)

(Many thanks to @bisho-s, who made me fall in love with KageHina all over again.)

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Thranduil  drinks to numb his body, for it is constantly in agony.

The aches of Mirkwood creep into his soul, as his fea is connected to the woods, his magic like a shield enveloping the darkening forest. As it ails and sickens, so does Thranduil. And the pain is unbearable.

The spiders and their poison are like a searing hot venom to his body, their webs and nest consuming his trees are like pins and needles shattering his bones. All they touch crumbles and decays. So why should Thranduil’s body not do the same (when the dwarves arrive in the woods, when he captures Thorin, the King Under the Mountain thinks his scars are acquired just from his battles with the dragons. But in reality, Thranduil is falling apart).

Somedays he cannot leave bed, others he stumbles on his throne.

On his worse days, his nose bleeds, his body aches, his head pounds, and he wakes up with advisors and guards ushering him to the healing wing.

Because his pain is both mental and physical, he finds the numbing effect of alcohol to be quite beneficial.

It helped after the death of his wife, before the aches began. Helped him sway away the image of her dead body from his head, helped expel her ghostly figure—brown skin and dark hair, bright eyes and gentle lips—from beside him.

The warm drink brightened his mood just enough so that he could get through a council meeting. It was small at first—a glass of wine a day for one meeting, and perhaps two for another.

And then the aches, they came. Disorienting and agonizing, excruciating, they came. And as the woods died, so did he.

So he began to drink excessively (not quite an alcoholic, not yet at least).

He makes the wine strong, and soon Mirkwood is notorious for its potent alcohol. All thanks to their ailing king.

Yet it fixes very little. Only hazes his mind, muddles it enough to get him through kingly duties.

Other elves regard him as a drunk. Galadriel calls it irresponsible and is glad for his absence in the White Council (and he scoffs at her, for she has never seen what he has, and never felt what he has, not hiding behind realms and rings. He supposes, that’s why Elrond says nothing of the matter).  

His people regard him as a dying elf, a proud king clinging on to his crown for the good of his Kingdom.

As expected, he becomes addicted.

A cup or bottle in his palm; a platter beside his throne, a waterskin on his horse. But he is a king none the less, and the greatest left in Middle Earth.

No one judges his behavior—no one who knows him that is. Not when he blushes from the effects of his alcohol, nor when he passes out on the floor, laughing, after a successful council meeting, with Legolas dragging him out.

Their king drinks because he is hurting. Their king drinks because he is dying.

If you saw this you’ve been cursed by the Dapper Man himself. You have to pay him or he’ll take your soul, and throw it right into Villainous trashcan fandom, where you’ll never enjoy fresh air or rl friends.

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A conversation between INTP, ENTP, and ENFP?

[ENFP, INTP and ENTP flatmates].

ENFP: People are going to come home to visit ENTP.

INTP: Does that mean we have to talk to them?

ENFP: We should, yes.

INTP: Ugh, but I need to take a shower now.

ENFP: Well, you can join us afer your shower.

INTP…I can take a reeaaally long shower.

ENFP: Stop being so childish.

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What inspired you to create Pastel? I don't have very good questions I'm sorry ^^

I was randomly talking with @nekophy about poth and I was like “palette and goth… makes pastel goth?” (from the names) and so I randomly sketched a pastel goth chibi sans and nekophy screamed at me to make the kid official X”D //shot

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A Steel Ball Run group chat please thank you very much ! :') I want to draw characters like you do someday. Got my passion back for drawing when I finished SBR & saw your comics, it gave me ideas as well and now I only need to get back to work even if it's been more than 3 years I haven't drawn seriously aaaa thank you very much ;w; Keep on doing the brown jojs. Your art is so nice I send your comics to my rl friends & they say hi btw they like all your jjba comics (esp the Gyro rescuing Johnny)

Hey!! i’m so glad that something i made inspired you to draw again, im sure you’ll do amazing things, so don’t ever stop

and thank you for the nice words!! here’s the sbr chat. It was an experience

and also dio watches the livestream and laughs

Ha! last post~

This was taken in EK “ Enchanted Kingdom “~


Trash- Mhe
YaoiTrash- My Mother Trash , the one who introduced mhe this amazing site~
SemiTrash- Our class president that is my mother trash’s friend
TrashTalker- Just be easy on talking with her~ she Trash talks you

Mother!!! i ruined US!! XD ( @much-yaoi )

I went to reitaisai this year (2017) with bear and it was great. Here’s a list of highlights:

  • Onigiri (Pan-Yama-Onigiri) thought I was a dude online
  • Went to greet my friend. Found the space their circle was meant to be occupying totally empty. “Oh no,” I cried. “They must’ve dropped out at the last minute.” “Are you looking for me?” asks my friend at the table next door. I’d misread the booth number
  • Bear started crying when she saw ZUN
  • Saw a horde of several hundred nerds slowly decend upon ZUN’s booth, with only twenty copies of the new touhou trial left on his table
  • Went to RD-Sounds’ booth. All of his helpers wore lanyards with “I am NOT RD-Sounds” written in English
  • We sat down for a rest a few hours into the event. Bear opened twitter and saw a western touhou fan tweet “I just cleared the new touhou trial!”
  • Met someone who was so excited to see Bear their hands wouldn’t stop shaking
  • The wall circles literally chuck the money you give them into a giant cardboard box
  • The guy who draws the three fairies manga looked like he’d just walked out of a trendy jazz bar. I was in awe
  • The woman holding the ‘middle of the queue’ sign at Aya Azuma’s booth walked too close to me and her boob accidentally brushed my elbow so I really hope that wasn’t Aya Azuma herself because it’s gonna be awkward reading WaHH in the future knowing I’d touched the boob