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Hey could you please explain why youre not an anti? Im not trying to be rude or anything its just that as a teenager the same age as the paladins i dont see how a seven/eight year difference can be good

Short version: It doesn’t matter.

Long version: Sigh. Without getting into a whole long diatribe on this whole age discourse thing, I’ll just sum it up by saying that no, a gap of 7-8 years is not a big deal. There are plenty of RL couples with gaps that big that are perfectly healthy and happy. The difference between a teenager and an adult can be a bit of a maturity issue, sure. The power dynamic between a leader and a subordinate can also make relationships tricky to navigate. But this is fiction. It’s easy to fix. Just age one character up or the other down. Or assume that they are all ACTUALLY teenagers, as multiple “official” sources have stated. (No, the Guidebook is not especially reliable. The show writers had nothing to do with it.)

Even if it WAS a problem, it still doesn’t matter. This is fandom. People are allowed to have unhealthy ships, not that I’m saying that any ship with Shiro and another paladin is unhealthy. It’s fiction. It doesn’t matter. This is not a moral issue. You are allowed to be squicked by ships you don’t like, for any reason, but that doesn’t mean that you have a moral mandate to oppose them, vocally or otherwise. Nor does anyone else. That is not your job.

If you don’t like what someone is doing, unfollow them. Download xkit and block the tag. If me NOT being an anti makes you uncomfortable, even though I don’t reblog or create fanwork with ships, unfollow me. It’s okay. I won’t be upset. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself and make sure you’re comfortable. You are in charge of your own experience, especially in a fandom setting where lots of people make an effort to tag and add trigger warnings all over the place so you don’t have to be exposed to anything you don’t like.

What you can’t do is police the fandom. You can’t convict other fans of thoughtcrimes because they don’t feel the same way you do about a ship. Not only is it a very unhealthy and unproductive road for you to go down, it’s literally impossible. There will always be people out there who ship things that you don’t like and find problematic. The sooner you learn to accept that fact, the better off you’ll be.


Real Life OTPs: Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson (since 1988)

“She is the motivation of my best work. I wish everyone could share their life with as good a friend, as passionate a lover, as close a partner and as beautiful a woman as I’ve been able to with the mate of my soul.”

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I was wondering, what do you think of sh@l@din shippers who hate on Kl@nce?Isn’t that still using @nti rhetoric in implying that kl@nce is abusive? It’s not the same obv bc they don’t bully anyone but still. Idk like the whole kl@nce hate is rly off putting. Most k/l shippers aren’t even @ntis. I wish there was a safe space to ship both, cause it kinda seems like to be an @nti 🐜 you can’t ship kl@nce.

this kind of ties into something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a bit? But I’m going to try to keep it brief for once.

i feel like the anti-shipping position that ships/fics should be pure, wholesome, and safe has quietly permeated the fandom groundwater, becoming the accepted default position, and it’s been done by antis taking refuge in audacity.

anti-shippers take it as a given fact that fiction must be morally wholesome and ships must be healthy. breezing right past the questions of ‘do ships have to be healthy to be valid?’ and ‘do fanworks have to be moral to be allowed to exist?’, fandom antis jump straight to ‘this ship/this fanwork is csa/incestuous/abusive’ regardless of whether or not these things are true.

ship defenders and anti-censorship blogs end up focusing on pointing out the ship is not csa or the fanwork does not feature abuse, not necessarily conscious that by doing so they quietly cede ground: ‘but if it was unhealthy/immoral,’ they quietly imply, ‘it would of course be indefensible.’

losing that ground - losing the position that all ships are valid and all fanworks are allowed to exist, moral value and purity aside - has naturally led shippers to adopt the language of antis when fighting back against antis or complaining about their NOTPs.

this is particularly true in the VLD fandom. for example, sh1dge is denigrated by a huge number of people - she1th and kl@nce shippers alike in addition to antis/klantis -as ‘pedophilia’ (read: csa). it doesn’t matter why sh1dge shippers ship it or how they ship it; it’s treated as fact that sh1dge is indefensible and shipping it is indefensible. (and even as I type this, I feel the need to disclaim that the age gap makes me personally uncomfortable.)

but shipping sh1dge shouldn’t need defense in the first place. they’re fictional characters! it’s not a real 9th grader being shipped with a young adult. they are infinitely malleable in the imagination and all interpretations of their relationship are valid. shipping it doesn’t prove anything about the shipper’s feelings about age gaps in rl couples or anything else. but the vldiscourse often loses sight of that.

your ask illustrates another example. as ‘klantis’ (pro-kl@nce anti-shippers) are perpetuating a thinly-veiled ship war with she1th - ‘anti-sh@ladin’ is just the natural outgrowth of being forced to defend the consistency of their position - it’s no surprise that having ceased to posit that ships don’t need to be justified to be shipped, she1th shippers long ago started to fire back at klantis with anti-kl@nce arguments functionally indistinguishable from any anti-shipper position. ‘kl@nce is abusive!’ how about: she1th and kl@nce are equally good ships and it doesn’t matter how ‘healthy’ they are! (and using this kind of argument to attack klantis catches non-anti kl@nce shippers in the crossfire.)

the fact that the default fandom position has made a considerable shift from ‘all ships are valid’ and ‘fictional creations and tastes are separate from real behaviors and tastes’ towards ‘only healthy ships are valid’ and ‘garbage in, garbage out’/’fiction consumption has a 1:1 correspondence with rl behavior’ has changed the tone of fandom.

  • shippers and anti-shippers often sound similar in their praise and condemnation of otps/notps. 
  • It’s increasingly likely for a pro-shipper in one fandom to hold an anti-shipper position in another*, depending on whether the anti-shipping movement protects or bags on their OTP.
  • anti- and pro- shippers alike will often join together to harass and dogpile the creators of kinky or dark fanworks that violate their sensibilities.

*while I have seen active, harrasses/doxxes/harms-others-for-their-ships anti-shippers turn ‘pro-ship’ in a new fandom because their OTP was an anti target, they usually maintain anti principles of what’s allowed to be shipped or not.

so tl;dr: anyone is allowed to have a notp and hate on a ship, but I think no better of sh@ladin shippers using anti arguments to bag on kl@nce than I do kl@nce shippers using anti arguments to bag on sh@ladins. It’s the same poisonous thinking, the same misapplication of words, the same deeply worrying assumption that ships must be healthy and fanworks must be moral.

But in my opinion, the worst part of all is that as fandom increasingly accepts the unspoken anti-shipper premise that everything must be good/moral/pure, all of fandom becomes more authoritarian. We grow intolerant of the pain and circumstances of others, more self-hating and afraid of attacks we secretly fear we deserve, and more susceptible to anyone promising to save us from our own moral failings (such as ‘fandom moms’, anti culture, etc.), pointing us at a scapegoat to blame for everything bad around us. 

all antis had to do was scream lies at the top of their lungs until the rest of us got too tired to keep fighting and too distracted to see the unspoken goalpost shift.

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Anon i being following your blog for awhile now what change ur dandy believe please spill the tea ,beside what we saw past few weeks. I still think it just a friendship

Now I do have some tea on them but with the way the fandom is set up I can’t be releasing my spoils out into the world lol. I think they are friends but I also have cause to believe they’re much more than that👀

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I just want to make sure I've got this straight: Two very good actors who knock their Jamie & Claire roles Out--Of--The--Park, who are SUCH good actors that they've purposely convinced 1000's of fans (& even respectable journos) that they're a couple in RL "for PR purposes"... those same actors can't even manage to act natural, affectionate or genuinely attracted to their supposed "real SOs" in public or bts when they're just being themselves??? Yeah right. OK. Got it.👌🏼🙄😏 Sure. NOT.

Why i love Sweden x Denmark

  • They were the first nordics that were born and were always together
  • Sweden is the serious one in the relationship while denmark is the dorky,lovely one
  • They make a hot-cute-sweet-funny-lovely-dramatic-serious-dorky couple
  • Denmark would try to make sweden smile more and be more out going
  • Sweden would help denmark with his job but they would end up with denmakr giving soft kisses at sweden’s neck
  • They would try defend each other
  • They would snuggle infront of the fireplace with hot cocoas
  • When sweden would get up in the morning denmark would push him back and cuddling at the others neck
  • They would walk at the streets together holding hands
  • They would give secret kisses at the meetings
  • The sex would be great and also they would argue who will top that makes it 100% way hotter

Now dont tell me they wouldnt make a good couple and dont ask me why i ship them iu gave you some reason. Believe me i got another reasons but the are too many.

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"Interesting choices to be making days before a premiere…" You know what? This reminds me of Sam's IG post of a SC pic (taken at GGs 2016 red carpet), saying he was so looking forward to S3. Many of us here interpreted his words as a possible reveal of him and Cait as a RL couple. Look what's been happening this premiere week... what an irony...

Well… Many wondered why he was off this week and distant and detached - that is until Thursday night. This week wasn’t OL promo week for him, it was self-PR, pushing his own agenda week. He was preoccupied knowing what he had planned. So preoccupied in fact that he simply had no concentration or all that much depth of feeling left for OL. But once he got it over with on Thursday, wasn’t he just the epitome of relaxed and loose Friday? Joking and at ease (Still managed to dance around practically every Q asked this week, save a few broad strokes). So not surprised he took it a step further last night. Beyond Cringeworthy to say the least…

Whatever, He had a whole lot on his agenda for this week and it sure as shit wasn’t OL. #SorryNotSorry. 

Cait was this week’s (and this show’s) saving grace, without a doubt. She was/is on point and present in each and every moment. BLESS, I truly hope it lasts and doesn’t get tainted.

Thank fuck the show’s finally starting tomorrow… 


Real Life OTPs: Liev Schreiber & Naomi Watts (since 2005)

“I was wildly attracted to him and his work, so I said something cheeky as he was about to walk out. I said, ‘Don’t you want my digits?’ Because I couldn’t possibly say, 'Would you like my phone number?’ It made him laugh. He texted me five minutes later saying, 'Would you like to go for a drink now?” 

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I never paid much attention to the personal lives of Cait & Sam until I saw the media coverage of them at the T2 premiere. A quick Google search and there was a BTS image of them that night snuggling together as they walked into the cinema. I then found my way to your blog and discovered that many others also thought they were a RL couple. My head is now spinning after Sam's weekend in Georgia. It makes no sense compared to CS's very 'coupley' behavior in January. Something dodgy is going on!

Oh anon… run while you still can!!! LOL. 

Once this ship grabs you you are stuck forever!! 

Yes something dodgy is and has been going on for a verra long time. 

Run though if you really want to save yourself the heartache. 

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Sam was seen at the Beardsmore bar restaurant in Glasgow airport YESTERDAY, Dec. 11. TODAY, Dec. 12, Cait appears on a morning TV show, and JUST NOW she posts and IG video saying she’s landing in Ireland “home for the holidays.” IOW, Sam and Cait were not on a plane together.

As always, Sam going one way (more than likely straight to Mackenzie after the devastating loss her family suffered ) and Cait going a different way….because Sam and Cait are NOT a couple in RL.

We, NST can rest safely in the knowledge that there’s nothing we have to worry about ever because we reside in reality and it continues to show itself…because it’s REAL. And ES are always going to be uncertain and unhappy because their world is unpredictable and disappointing Every. Time. Because it’s based on LIES. But hey, THEY keep doing this to themselves–there’s no one else to blame.


Adam & Naomi

“Campbell [then] 22, bumped into U2’s Adam Clayton on q flight to the Grammy awards on February 1993. The model was Eric Clapton’ s date that evening. This came after an published article where Clayton, asked if there was anything in the world he desired but didn’t have, responded ‘a date with Naomi Campbell’”

Credit: PEOPLE Magazine

Credit: JET Magazine

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I really wish you didn’t post that ask about Andy and Danai in the Richonne tag. Now the whole shitstorm is back when nobody even said anything.

Firstly, and this is said with respect, but you don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t post and how it’s tagged. That’s a Richonne Fandom Issue, it was tagged as such. I will not be blamed for this ‘shitstorm’ (even though, from what I have seen, it’s a few people posting against RL shipping and a couple who are indifferent but still shared an opinion). As for no one even saying anything, that’s untrue. I was sent the receipts. People have been saying things. That’s what others are referring to; not my response to what that Anon sent me. Besides, any discussion we have is in defence of AL and DG from this fandom rumour mill; especially DG who bears the brunt of much of the backlash in TWD fandom and doesn’t need (on top of everything else) people going around saying insidious things about her personal life. Honestly. I don’t appreciate this Ask. I don’t appreciate being chided when all I did was respond respectfully to a fandom issue. I didn’t post receipts that were sent because, despite what this Ask is insinuating, I like to keep the tag positive, and have learned it isn’t my place to do that anyway! I resent this Ask and what it’s implying. I don’t regret my initial response and do feel it was an issue that needed to be mentioned because it is happening in our fandom. I won’t apologise for that. I am sorry you feel I’ve somehow started a bunch of shit. However, I do hope you’re able to really look at some issues that this fandom has because of my initial response. I won’t tag this. I’m tired. I hope you find the peace and positive vibes you’re looking for! Have a good rest of your week. Thanks.


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