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How I Scanlate Doujinshi

This is a really old semi tutorial thing. It’s more like how I go about my process of scanlating a doujinshi.

Please realize that working on doujinshi/mangas takes a lot time and effort for all parties of the scanlating team. Depending on the length, typesetting, and editing it can take from hours to maybe a few days. After doing this for so long I’ve learned to really appreciate those that do it.

So here goes

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Last year, when I went to Denmark I had the hardest time thinking of what to bring back my mother as a souvenir. I eventually settled on this mug for her.

Ever since that day she’s uses it constantly. She knows that it brings me great joy to see that mug being used. My mother is always willing to listen to my pointless Danish history lessons and my god awful attempts at the language. It’s nice how she gets interested or pretends to be interested in all that.

Despite having never really grown up with a father figure in my life, I can honestly say that I do not feel like I’ve missed out. My mother has done an amazing job at raising us and I’m very grateful for having her as my father figure.

So mother dearest,
Happy Father’s Day.


Tomato Fairy Tale came in the mail today!! 

As expected it’s super cute and lovely~! I haven’t been able to indulge in new Spamano in a long time. It’s super exciting to have one of my all time favorite pairings in Fairy Tale themed stories. I can’t wait to send the others to their respective owners!

I also finally got my other items too!! I’m super excited! I have brand new Magi and HongIce!!! 

Aaaaahhh! Alibaba is too cute!! Turtlelinni your Hakuryuu finally made it to me safely!! I’m super shocked about how small these are though. I had expected them to be as big as my APH Rubber straps but they are actually smaller. 

Of course my favorite things!! Doujinshi!! I have yet to take the time to read them though. OmG I’m super excited for them all. I’m definitely gonna indulge. Sea Roar is completely in color and god I love Ambrosia’s colored pieces so I’m super excited to read it!