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Hey dudes, I need a Ruby for Anime Weekend Atlanta! I have a Sapphire costume and @buriitanii is a really awesome Garnet. I’m trying to get a group of people together to make a little video. I sing a little bit and I think we could do the scene where Sapphire and Ruby fuse for the first time. :) We are talking about doing it Saturday afternoon. Please message me if you’re interested. Hell, depending on who responded, we might be able to put together diff parts of the episode.

Even if you aren’t interested, could you please signal boost this? I would really like to make this happen…

Messing with designs for Midnight Wolf.

Midnight Mørkedotter, also known as Midnight Wolf, is the current ruler of Ulfursgrunn, a kingdom in the far-northern lands that’s home to the Dark Wolf people. Her father was Mørke the Sturdy, a Dark Wolf who once ruled the kingdom before her, but was overthrown and exiled. Her mother was Karasu “Raven” Kajiya, a White Wolf blacksmith from the far east. Out of all of the characters in Rabbit Knight’s Story, Midnight and her sister Luna probably have the most diverse and elaborate origins.

Visually, Midnight’s probably the character I’m most pleased with. Her design is simple (which is important for making animated character sprites) and generally thought out well. That said, that isn’t to say I think her design doesn’t need work, because there’s definitely a few things that I could change.

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