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Hey dudes, I need a Ruby for Anime Weekend Atlanta! I have a Sapphire costume and @buriitanii is a really awesome Garnet. I’m trying to get a group of people together to make a little video. I sing a little bit and I think we could do the scene where Sapphire and Ruby fuse for the first time. :) We are talking about doing it Saturday afternoon. Please message me if you’re interested. Hell, depending on who responded, we might be able to put together diff parts of the episode.

Even if you aren’t interested, could you please signal boost this? I would really like to make this happen…


so kankri in red kingdom is a limeblood (on the same level as mutantbloods in this universe, hunted to near extinction) who applies for the position of karkat’s private tutor– a job said to be doomed, as every person who has taken the position before him has died a horrible death in usually less than a sweep. it’s like the dark arts teacher of the rk universe

the nobility puts their foot down on appointing a mutant to instruct their prince so karkat, despite thinking he is a pretentious twat, appoints kankri himself as a fuck you to their bloodist sentiment

most importantly, his butt is rockin’

RKRecap 2/18/14

Two Years

Two years. Two year was what it took for us to find out that Rob was with Kristen during PFW in 2012.

Did we get sightings? No. Did we get pictures (at that time)? No. Was Rob there? YES.

This only reassured me about what’s going on. This picture gives even more proof to the theory that RK are together. It is safe to say that most of us here believe that RK are still in fact together and are just hiding and begin their ninja selves. As you can see, it’s happened before. You watch, two years from now we’ll probably get pictures of them that were taken during this drought. 

Remember, RK are ninjas and they can go one place to another without being recognized. Don’t believe me? Look at the picture above. TWO FUCKING YEARS.

Kristen and Her Directing Debut

Finally! Kristen is behind the camera! These pictures were taken today in Nashville when K was directing/producing Sage’s new music video. I’m liking DirectorStew ;)

First Pictures of Rob Filming Life

Rob and his son. This is waaaaaaay too much. I’m done. 

The Universe Ships RK; Once Again

What does it say on that sign behind you, K?

That’s right, Robert. R-O-B-E-R-T. ROBERT.

They right as well have put “HER ENGLISH BOYFRIEND” instead of Robert and it would’ve meant the same exact thing. Just saying. 

New Rob pics, new Kristen pics, new/old RK pics? Yeeeeah, it was a good day. 

On that note, I’m out. 



Here’s a new character for Rabbit Knight’s Story, one I’ve had in concept for some time but only really spoken about in passing before. This is Liza’s mother. She’s a powerful witch and the leader of the cats. I haven’t quite decided on her name, but I was thinking of calling her Lizabeth III, making Liza “Lizabeth IV”. That may change, however.

Prior to the events of RKS, she gets captured by Queen Katrina’s forces and held hostage in the Scarlet Kingdom for reasons unknown, of which the Cat Witch Society are on the brink of war with. Without a leader, young Liza is forced to rule in her stead and, during RKS, is preparing to mount an attack on the Scarletians, when Joan and the gang come out of nowhere asking to ally up against the Chaos forces. In return, Liza asks for Joan’s help in infiltrating the Scarlet Kingdom, freeing Liza’s mother and finding out what the heck is going on in there.


Tonight’s sketches.

  1. Princess Joan in her adventure gear. I’m still tweaking this design to make it more distinctly her, but I feel like I’m slowly getting there. Once I come up with a colour scheme it should all fall into place.
  2. My unnamed rhino character. I do have at a name or two in mind for him, but I haven’t settled on one yet. As for the character himself, he’s a mercenary that was hired by one of the main antagonists of Rabbit Knight’s Story. He isn’t a bad guy himself, but he’s gotta pay the bills somehow. He also has a partner in crime, but I haven’t come up with a design for them yet.