London: Karl Marx commemoration at Highgate Cemetery, March 15, 2015.

“The oration at Marx’s grave yesterday. With speaker Yuri Emilianov of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Jean Turner of the Communist Party of Britain. The oration was hosted by the Marx Memorial Library and the Communist Party of Britain. With very great thanks to comrades Daphne and Owen of the New Worker/NCP for the pictures. Thank you very much comrades.”

Via David Ayrton

Statement of communist, left and anarchist forces of Russia on events in Ukraine

The longstanding policy of the bourgeois government of Ukraine, as well as the global economic crisis, have created intolerable living conditions for the majority of its citizens.

During the last half of the Yanukovych regime, a significant part of the solution to the economic problems was promised through European integration. The sudden abandonment of the announced plans provoked widespread discontent and actions. The process was classless and largely spontaneous. A nationalist movement was used by the liberal opposition as the street strike force, and thereafter the nature of the protest acquired anti-communist or even fascist traits.

The new government resorts to the power of force exactly as did the Yanukovych bureaucracy, unable to meet the needs of people and solve their urgent problems. Western and Russian imperialism do not feel any real sympathy for the people of Ukraine, and only take advantage of the situation in their favor. That is, attempt to gain financial benefit , and – in the case of the West – to create chaos on the borders of Russia. All these forces are interested in living off the people and will do it secretly or openly.

Anti-communist and anti-Russian hysteria, the abuse of our common Soviet past, are the main features of the emerging nationalist state now. Information concerning the pogroms on the headquarters of the Communist and leftist parties , the beatings of ordinary communists and labor activists , and the demolition of monuments to Lenin clearly show that the fascist backlash that we previously observed in the Baltic States and Europe, have already overwhelmed brotherly Ukraine. 

We, the undersigned leftists, communists, and anarchists of Russia, declare our protest and demand an end to the persecution of our comrades! We invite all citizens of Ukraine, using any available resources, to immediately express their distrust of the deputies of the Ukrainian Parliament, organize the community and the workforce to create self-defense groups, local governments and reliable mechanisms of popular will. We call upon the citizens of Russia to be ready to take a direct part in helping the Ukrainian people, to contact the Anti-Fascist headquarters in assistance to Ukraine.

We urge the communist and leftist parties and anti-fascist organizations around the world to put pressure on their governments to prevent the establishment of a fascist regime in Ukraine.

Workers of all countries, unite!

Statement Signed By:
Interregional Association of Communists
Moscow City Communist union
Russian Communist Workers’ Party , the Communist Party ( CPSU - EIF )
Working Foundation Academy 
Revolutionary Workers Party
Movement Communards
The New Left
Communist Youth Union
Left Front
Revolutionary Communist Youth League
The Other Russia
Individual Action (social revolutionary )
Institute of Globalization and Social Movements
The initiative group for the referendum “for the responsibility of government ” (IGPR CALL )
Vanguard of Red Youth - Labor Russia
( AKM -TR ) ( partial support)
Institute of Innovation Development
Fund “ The new political system ”
“Kolomna bush”
All-Russian Communist Party ( Bolshevik ) ( VKP (b) )
Red TV

Thanks to Andy Taylor

At the barricades: Defenders of the Supreme Soviet in Moscow before Yeltsin’s assault, October 1993.

This year marks 20 years since the tragic events of October 1993, when the Supreme Soviet in Moscow was shelled by Yeltsin’s shock troops and many defenders of socialism were killed. 

“Rot Front" is organizing a series of commemorative actions in these days of mourning. 


The action will take place on 3 October, 18.00 to 20.00 on Druzhinnikovskaya Street.  

The following organizations will participate: ROT FRONT, EIF, the Communist Party, Komsomol (b), “The Other Russia”, “Working Russia”, “Autonomous Action”, “Kolomna Bush” IGSM. 

At the end of the meeting the participants will lay flowers at the memorial to the fallen defenders of the Supreme Soviet.

Leningrad (“St. Petersburg”):

3 October at 18:00 on Nevsky Prospekt, starting from the Revolution Square

 “Prospectus Black October” - activists lined up along the  main street with portraits of young men and women, defending  the legitimate authority and killed by supporters of Yeltsin. 

4 October at 18:00 in the Campus Martius, a memorial service will be held with the participation of  political parties (EIF, the Left Front, etc.), social organizations and  militant trade unions.

Marsh Trudovoi Rossii
  • Marsh Trudovoi Rossii
  • Ivan Baranov
  • 1993

“March of Labor Russia”

Anthem of the revolutionary organization Labor Russia, led by communist militant Victor Anpilov – one of the songs used to rally Soviet workers in the streets of Moscow during the defense of the Supreme Soviet, September-October 1993.


Leningrad (“St. Petersburg”), Russia: Lenin’s birthday marked

On April 22, 2014, the birthday of the leader of the proletariat was marked by communists worldwide. In Leningrad, a rally was organized by the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RKRP) at Lenin Square and was attended by members of the Red Front, the militant trade unions MPRA and Protection, as well as the Komsomol (b). Red carnations were laid at the monument in a sign of respect to the memory and genius of Vladimir Lenin.

The rally was not merely about remembering. Speakers primarily paid attention to the critical issues of today: the events in Ukraine, Russia’s economic problems, and the state of monuments to Lenin in Leningrad. 

Via Komsomol (b)


Sverdlovsk, Russia: March and rally on the 96th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, November 7, 2013.

“Taking part in the demonstration were the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), Russian Communist Workers Party (RKRP), ROT Front, Union of Soviet Officers, Children of War, and Komsomol. The rally was attended by about 700 people. 

"Our slogans for November 7:

  1. Long live the Great October Socialist Revolution!
  2. Long live the power of the working people – alliance of the workers and peasants – no to poverty and oppression by capital!
  3. Bring back the social gains of the October Revolution  - Revive the Soviet Union!
  4. Workplaces to the workers, land to the peasants, science and knowledge to the masses!
  5. No to the division into rich and poor – Give priority to public ownership over private!
  6. No to higher food prices and utility tariffs – Production and agriculture under the control of the working people!
  7. Against the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences – We support social justice and a decent life!
  8. Our cause is just, the victory will be ours!
  9. Forward to the victory of socialism – We want a new edition of the 1917 revolution!
  10. Workers of all countries unite!”

Photos and report: RKRP


Moscow, Russia: Communist rally attacked by riot police, 25 arrested on anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, November 7, 2013.

After refusing to grant a permit to the revolutionary communist groups for their annual march, Moscow city officials brutally attacked the protesters. At least 25 comrades were arrested, including ROT Front leader Alexander Baht, members of the Communist Workers Party (RKRP) and Labor Russia.

Supporters are protesting outside the police district office where the arrestees were taken. Call the precinct to demand their release: Phone: 8 (499) 259-00-75 - Duty, 8 (499) 256-75-11, 8 (499) 256-75-75

Full report in Russian

Russian communists to Putin: Take action to end genocide in Donbass

Donetsk’s People’s Republic (DNR) and Lugansk People’s Republic (LC) smothered in blood and fire 

Statement of the Moscow Committee of the EIF-CPSU Moscow City and Moscow regional committees ROT FRONT 

To: President of the Russian Federation VV Putin 

Citizen President! 

Every day brings news of new victims of Nazi atrocities unleashed by the Kiev junta’s fratricidal war on their own people behalf of the U.S. imperialists and ultra-nationalists. Meanwhile, your administration not only continues to make empty diplomatic gestures, but withdrew the permission of the Federation Council on the use of armed forces of the Russian Federation for the salvation of people abroad.  

On behalf of the working people of Russia, all internationalists and people of good will, the Moscow branch of the political party Russian United Labor Front and the Moscow organization of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party resolutely demand at this crucial hour for Russia and Ukraine:  

1. Immediately recognize the DNR and LC, formed on the basis of legitimate referendums held in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.  

2. Conclude with the DNR and LC agreements on economic and military cooperation, involving military assistance in case of military aggression, at the request of the legitimate authorities and victims of armed aggression.  

3.  Provide the DNR and LC with substantial interest-free to purchase any Russian goods, including weapons, not prohibited by international conventions.  

4. Immediately present the Poroshenko administration Poroshenko an ultimatum with two basic requirements:  

- within 48 hours,  withdraw all military and paramilitary forces from the territories of the DNR and LC and resolve disputed issues by peaceful means;  

- immediately stop political terror in Ukraine, aimed against the communists, anti-fascists and other opposition forces.  

5. Declare that in case of failure to comply with the ultimatum, the Russian Federation reserves the freedom to take any political, economic and military actions necessary to halt the genocide in the DNR and LC.  

6. Clearly state that Russia rejects any territorial annexations in the DNR and LC, as well as other administrative territories of Ukraine, as of June 2014.  

To show you, Citizen President, that our demands are shared by a large number of progressive people of Russia, we begin to collect signatures in support of these claims.  

If our demands are ignored, we will treat you like a criminal, guilty of inaction and failure to provide assistance to our brothers and sisters, as well as a traitor to the interests of Russians, Ukrainians and citizens of other nationalities suffering today from the NATO-fascist aggression in the DNR and LC, and will do everything in our power to dismiss you from your post.  

We do not want and will not tolerate criminal acquiescence to the Bandera fascist evil. Millions of people, not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in the whole world, will never forgive you for  complicity in the destruction of the DNR and LC, which are today the main centers of the Ukrainian resistance to Nazism and the aggressive plans of NATO and, above all, the United States.

Moscow City Committee of the Russian United Labor Front 

Moscow Oblast Committee of the Russian United Labor Front 

Moscow Committee of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party

Translation by redguard


Leningrad: Salute to 95th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution

Leningrad (“St. Petersburg”), Nov. 7 - Weather in the city of three revolutions was not happy with the wet snow and wind. Nevertheless, at the meeting in honor of the 95th anniversary of the October Revolution, more than 300 people came out. Behind the police lines, a huge number of umbrellas and flags, red streamers and songs of the Revolution, and the fireworks at the end of the event – that’s what passing townsfolk saw.

It is noteworthy that this year’s campaign on the Day of the Revolution, organized by the Red Front, EIF and “Aurora” included official representatives of trade union organizations –including the chair of the trade union of the famous cell MPRA on Vsevolozhsk Ford. Despite the memorable date, the platform is mainly talking about the present: the economic pressures and the political debacles in the country. As is tradition, comrades of the Communist Workers Party of Finland came to support the event.

The leader of Komsomol (b)-Leningrad, Alex Stubbs, recalled that the fight must be scientifically meaningful, and only Marxism can give scientific understanding. He also noted that it is wrong to oppose the dictatorship of the proletariat to workers’ democracy.

“It is a dictatorship of the proletariat that is able to provide democratic relations among workers, ie, workers’ democracy, as the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie provides democracy for the money bags. Therefore the dictatorship of the proletariat and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie is not a horror story, it is an objective reality in which we live and which we Communists speak frankly and openly about, without hiding behind the mist of fine words. Both theory and practice show -– existing somewhere between these poles on a permanent basis is impossible.” 

Yes, we are not looking for PR and to get political points and fall greedily to power, promised mountains of benefits. This is a lot of today’s liberal opposition. We are standing on solid positions that were relevant 95 years ago, and today do not lose their importance. Unfortunately, only a few see these patterns of social development. But this cannot last forever. Those in power every day helps citizens see the light: by cutting Social Security and increasing the exploitation of the people by reducing the actual level of wages.

We return to the rally. The most memorable moment was the “Internationale.” When the music began we saluted Lenin on the steel pedestal, and during the song splashes of bright flame lit the area. 

Report and photos: Komsomol (b) - Leningrad

Translation by redguard

Death of an enemy: RKRP leader on Boris Nemtsov

March 2, 2015: For several days, all Russian mass media and political forces have been discussing the murder of Boris Nemtsov. They debate various versions of events, and speculate about the causes, consequences and prospects. Statements have appeared from virtually all political parties except the Russian Communist Workers Party (RKRP). Therefore, especially for our site, we asked Viktor Tyulkin, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the RKRP and Secretary of the Central Committee of the ROT Front, to comment on the event.

We do not know how to lie, and we will not. For us, Nemtsov is a class enemy, who in 1993 hysterically asked Chernomyrdin to “crush them, crush, Viktor Stepanovich!“ This, according to the memoirs of Ilyumzhinov, the former president of Kalmykia, is how the young Nizhny Novgorod Governor Boris Nemtsov demanded the execution and ruthless suppression of the defenders of the Russian Supreme Soviet. Even though it was known that there were mostly unarmed people, including women and even children, in the area and rooms of the White House.  

Later, as for his anti-popular actions alongside Yeltsin, Nemtsov was among the young reformers who led the country to the crisis of 1998 and, accordingly, to great disasters for hundreds of thousands of Russian families. In particular, poverty and disease, premature death, and loss of prospects for the future. 

Recently, Nemtsov was on the side of Kiev junta, including supporting their punitive operations in the Donbass. 

So, like it or not, there is a lot of blood on his hands, of inhabitants of Russia and the Donbass, mostly civilians – children, women and the elderly. Therefore, while we do not approve of political assassinations, we are also not going to shed tears for this wretch. Nemtsov was our class enemy, and remains so after his death.


Leningrad, Russia: Hands Off Syria demonstration outside the U.S. Consulate, September 3, 2012.

Signs read: “Obama: Terrorist #1” and “Hands Off Syria”

“On September 3, the Russian Communist Workers Party (RKRP), Red Front and other progressive organizations held an anti-imperialistic, antifascist picket in front of the Consulate General of the USA in Leningrad ("St. Petersburg”). On that day about 30 activists, despite the rain, went out to express the sharply negative attitude to the policy conducted by the USA and their satellites that is military intervention in home affairs of the Syrian Arabian Republic.

“As of today Syria, surrounded by a ring of reactionary monarchies and military semi-dictatorships, remains one of the few secular states in the Near East. The rights and freedom won by workers of Syria today are under threat. Israel already has publicly declared possible use of military aircraft, and Turkish authorities the possible occupation of Kurdish north-east SAR.

"Representatives of RKRP and Revolutionary Komsomol held speeches on the picket line. Passers-by were handed a leaflet, prepared by the RKRP and Red Front city committees.”

Photo and story: Revolutionary Komsomol

RKRP: The smoldering threat of war in Crimea, Ukraine & the world

Statement of the Political Council of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Workers Party (RKRP)  

Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1 received from the Federation Council consent to the use of armed forces in connection with the situation in Ukraine to protect the citizens of Russia, the Russian-speaking population, parts of the fleet and its infrastructure from fascist elements and bandits. 

It looks like a noble intention supported by the majority of citizens of Russia, Crimea, and eastern Ukraine. But on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of the referendum on the preservation of the USSR (17 March 1991), when the majority of citizens voted unequivocally in favor of maintaining the Union (76%), it is necessary to remember and understand why in the USSR, until the infamous perestroika, there were no bloody ethnic conflicts and wars between nations. 

It was because the Union was based on the Soviet authority, i.e., the workers’ own government, working in the interests of working people. Workers, as we know, have no innate division among themselves, and the people lived as one family – the Soviet people, who proved their worth by defeating European fascism in 1945. 

With the departure of the state government, the ruling party and the tasks of socialist development in the direction of the so-called market, capitalism emerged and capitalists, traders and shopkeepers, who do not share space on the markets, but fight for profits and influence, threw the ordinary people into ethnic slaughter. 

The capitalist course destroyed the USSR republics and brought upon the land war and blood. Karabakh and Sumgait, Tajikistan and Transnistria, Abkhazia and Chechnya, South Ossetia and now – Ukraine. These are all links of one chain. This is the product of capitalist society. To the question – “ Who is to blame ? ” – The most simple and correct answer is – “capitalism!" 

Today in conflict in Ukraine, parties achieving some local victories are in the habit of putting on their knees representatives of the opposing party, that they should repent before the people . 

On their knees before the peoples of the USSR should be put Gorbachev (still alive), Kravchuk, Shushkevich, along with former party secretaries Rakhmonov (Tajikistan), Nazarbayev (Kazakhstan), and Putin in the company with Yanukovych , Kuchma and Yushchenko. They are the bearers of capitalization policies that brought blood and evil upon the earth of the Soviet republics. 

It is clear that in the conflicts in Ukraine, the interests of major capital of Ukraine and Russia, the U.S., Western Europe and the world are involved. Aspiring and resurgent Banderaists could never raise their head in Ukraine if they did not have the support of the source of fascism – the most reactionary, most imperialist elements of not only domestic, but also Western financial capital. These imperialist forces have their own, very specific goals to fuel the fire of war on the territory of Ukraine and Russia among conflicting forces. We must remember that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War unleashed by imperialism on the young 20th century. 

Today bourgeois Russia has declared its readiness to protect its citizens and the population of Ukraine from fascists and gang members. However, it should be clearly understood that the interests of ordinary people in this conflict are only propaganda cover operations for the protection of Russian capitalism, the struggle for influence in Ukraine and in the world. We proceed from the realization that Russian capital is always ready to give up their bourgeois democratic form of rule and establish a terrorist, fascist dictatorship. 

In this situation, the RKRP supports the self-organization of the peoples of Ukraine and Crimea in the fight against the fascist bandits. Communists recognize the right of the multinational people of the Crimea and the Ukrainian regions to self-determination through the organization and establishment of power by the struggle by the people themselves. 

 We consider possible in the case of the apparent exhaustion of potential self-protection of the population from fascist elements of power application of an external force and possibilities of bourgeois democracy at the request of the people and authorities of Crimea. Including the threat of the Russian army - only to suppress the proliferation of fascism. It should work on the self-proclaimed bourgeois nationalist Ukrainian authorities. Only the willingness to use force can sober fascist thugs, as Yanukovich with his experience of conciliatory policies did not understand. 

The RKRP encourages workers and communist organizations in Ukraine and Russia to advocate and guide the organized struggle of the working people against the the main culprit of the disaster and bloodshed of the peoples of Ukraine, Russia, and all Soviet republics – capitalism. Russian capitalists are no better than Ukrainian or Western, they dream of profit at the expense of the weakened Ukrainian economy, of the workers. They are not interested in preserving the self-organized actions. To maintain and develop these elements of people’s organization requires political consciousness of the true causes of the disasters of people in Russia and Ukraine, to direct the workers’ struggle against parasites of all peoples of all nationalities – against capitalism, the main task of the Communists 

Only when capitalism is brought to its knees, then workers of all the peoples of the Union will again be able to live and work together peacefully and build socialism. Then we can truly say, "On your knees, you bastards!” But you need to gain strength and organize the struggle. 

Workers of all countries, unite! 

March 3, 2014


Rally at the “Salute” factory 
November 8, 2014, Moscow

On November 8, in the area of Mount Falcon next to the plant “Salute,” a rally was held dedicated to the 97th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

This rally was different from previous commemorative rallies in a number of features. Firstly, it was decided to hold the event in the working area of Moscow, instead of the traditional activist action in the city center. The aim was to involve the local population, as well as factory workers at “Salute” in the event. Secondly, the meeting was declared not just as a commemoration, but as a protest against the social and economic policy of the authorities, in particular against the “Rothenberg Law,” according to which the state will bail out the financial losses of oligarchs. This law is very revealing: the power is only there for the oligarchs, not the workers.

The rally was attended by representatives of the Rot Front, the RKRP, the Soviet of Workers of Moscow, Union of employees of the Moscow region , the activists of the initiative group of doctors, factory workers of “Salute”, ZIL.

Moscow May Day: For a world without exploitation

On May Day, the communists will come to the people.

ROT Front to organize action on the outskirts of the capital.

The Moscow city branch of the ROT Front party (Russian United Labor Front) plans to hold a May 1 “March of Workers” in one of the peripheral areas of the city. As the press service of the organization reported, a notification has already been submitted to the Prefecture of the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow. The prospective route march will go through the Izmailovo district. A May Day rally will be held there.

According to the representative of the Party’s Moscow City Committee, participants of the May Day actions will gather at 12:00 near the metro station Pervomayskaya. The final point of the procession will be the Izmailovo underground station, where a meeting will begin at 13:30. It will be attended by representatives of the Independent Trade Unions (CTE, “Protection”), initiative groups of the surrounding areas, left-wing political parties and movements (Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RKRP), Labor Russia, Left Front). There is a possibility of a concert.

“We deliberately decided to abandon the campaign in the city center,” said the head of the city branch of the ROT Front Alexander Baht. “We are tired of walking through deserted, police-fenced streets. Our task is to campaign among the workers, not ourselves. So we go to the people.”

According to Baht, those left organizations who are trying to organize their rally in the city center are invited to participate. “We hope they seet that work with ordinary citizens is more important than public relations,” said the representative of the Front. The question of unification with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) is not considered.

The ROT Front party was established in February 2010 and registered after seven attempts in December 2012. The delegation included the unregistered Russian Communist Workers’ Party, as well as a number of activists of leftist organizations and trade unions. For some time Sergei Udaltsov was co-chair of the party. A November 7, 2013 rally of the party in Moscow ended in clashes with riot police.

Press service of the Central Committee of ROT FRONT
+7 (916) 557-21-14