———– ❝ chicken wings and fries we don’t go on dates.

SUMMER SIXTEEN :: tell obama my verses are just like the whips that he in, they bulletproof

❝ now i got a house in la, now i got a pool bigger than ye. and look man, ye pool is nice, mines just bigger what i’m saying.

to start things off, hojung family is load. no, she doesn’t have a house in la but her family does have more than one house. the lyric is simply a reference as to how much hojung’s family is worth, and if she wanted she could probably get a pool like drake’s. ( fcking oasis like wtf )

POP STYLE :: problems hit the gym, they all work out

i can’t trust no fuckin’ body

though hojung has her small amount of what she calls her friends, there are still times when she’s basically on her own. as though she doesn’t tell anyone about her life – its hidden unless they figure it out themselves, she can’t really say whose a real friend or not.

ONE DANCE :: baby i like your style

❝ i need a one dance, got a hennessy in my hand

if you can’t find her anywhere else, then you’re probably up during the day time. boring. hojung mostly spends her time during the lively hours of the night. the scene of nightlife is where she basically resides. with a group of people she probably knows you could find her in someones club with some kind of drink in her hand. people may look down upon her due to her only being nineteen, but hojung has this image about her where she doesn’t really care. she’s young, and wants to live life.

YOU & THE 6 :: but he just want our forgiveness, and fuck it, look how we living

❝ don’t ever take advice, that was great advice. you and the six raised me right

for hojung, she may not have the best parents in the world, but if anything she is more closer to her mother than her father. a lot closer. with her mother she feels she can talk to her about most things, and even though she runs the family business with her husband she seems to give advice to hojung that could help in life. there are times when even hojung wants her to take her own advice, but since she doesn’t get involved with anything her father or mother does she remains quiet which will probably be a bad decision in the long run.

KNOW YOURSELF :: i want that ferrari then i swerve. i want that bugatti just to hurt 

❝ i’ve always been me i guess i know myself

basically hojung is as real as she can get. she doesn’t beat around the bush.

                            “ jeon wonwoo's personal playlist

i. ` lose it ( oh wonder )

and don’t you stop the music, get into it

dancing, to wonwoo, is an escape from the world and all the complications within it. whenever there is music, he feels like moving, flowing with the music and its beat. he believes that the act of dancing brings joy and happiness, and when music plays, it shouldn’t be stopped. get lost instead, drown yourself in the melodies and let loose.

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“he wanted to tell them what that meant to him, but he simply could not find words important enough”
-JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

a luminosity playlist ; we've been through so much, but we're still here

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frank ocean - there will be tears
Despite it being an event that happened right at the moment of his birth, being left at the doorstep of an orphanage has had its effects on Luhan. He has a severe sense of abandonment issues, and doesn’t easily let anyone get too close. He never knew what it was like to have a family, but even when he locks people out, he’s really just looking for a sense of family to fit in.

Hide my face, hide my face, can’t let ‘em see me crying
Cause these boys didn’t have no fathers neither
And they weren’t crying; my friend said it wasn’t so bad
You can’t miss what you ain’t had, well, I can; I’m sad

a fine frenzy - whisper
In addition to his abandonment issues due to being given up, he also suffers an acute lack of self-confidence, even though he always likes to act otherwise. Any compliments he recieves are usually lost on him because he doesn’t believe them unless they come from a source he already trusts, of which he doesn’t have very many. Luhan is always talking about improving himself so others can be proud of him, but the truth is, he doesn’t see himself ever being good enough.

Eager to please
Trying to be what they need
But I’m so very tired
I’ve stopped trying to find
Any peace in my mind
Because it tangles the wires

snow patrol - run
After getting into trouble in Beijing, Luhan had to flee the country to keep himself and those he loved safe. The hardest part was having to leave them behind. But even as he said his tearful goodbyes, he kept hope that, one day, he’d make everything right, and he’d be able to see Yixing and Liu Yang again without having to worry about endangering their lives. He had hope that one day, he could live a happy ever after.

I’ll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You’ve been the only thing that’s right
In all I’ve done

mumford & sons - after the storm
Upon touching down onto foreign soil, Luhan fell into a depression. He didn’t know anyone, didn’t know the language, even the food was strange to him. He continued his ways as a kid living on the street, making his means by stealing and swindling innocent passersby, but a reprieve in his depression and lifestyle came two years later, when Yixing joined him. And though he’d never admit it, his best friend’s arrival resparked hope in him for a better tomorrow.

And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears
Get over your hill and see what you find there
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

coldplay - the scientist
Luhan’s biggest regret is taking time for granted. He thought he was invincible, that not even time could touch him. But Time had simply lead him on, let him foolishly believe he was in charge, and in the end, took away one of the only two people he had ever felt a sense of home in. He knows he can’t ever go back and erase his mistakes, but that doesn’t keep him from wishing that he could.

Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh, and I rush to the start
Running in circles, chasing our tails
Coming back as we are

count on me - bruno mars
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Yixing is his best friend, and has helped him through every obstacle he’s ever had to face. He knows he’ll never be alone because Yixing will always be there, and in return, Luhan will never leave his side.

If you’re tossin’ and you’re turnin’
And you just can’t fall asleep
I’ll sing a song beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Every day I will remind you

unwritten law - save me
Over the course of his life, Luhan’s been in several relationships–just how many, he’s already lost count. However, not a single one of them involved any feelings. Instead, he was just going with the flow of things, going along with how others were expecting. Because of this, all his relationships ended disastrously, the latest case of which is Eunji, who had gotten so fed up with his lack of emotional attachment that she completely cut him out of her life after the break-up. Luhan is well aware of this character flaw, and yet, he is making no effort to change it, simply because he can’t.

And I’m a death threat, haven’t slept yet
Baby, why the wake up call
I’m the bad boy, tell the tabloids
Everything’s my fault

hoobastank - the reason
This one serves more as the soundtrack to this thread. Luhan never meant to hurt Yixing, only wanted him to know that he needed him, and now that he’s sure he knows, he has no plans on letting him forget. Because despite all their highs and lows, Yixing has always been the one to lift Luhan up, to make him feel bigger than he is, to make him believe that he wasn’t worthless. Yixing is the reason Luhan works so hard to improve himself. Luhan just wants to become someone Yixing can be proud of.

I’ve found a reason to show
A side of me you didn’t know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you

                    B to the I, that's me 
Kim Hanbin's Playlist

➀ Airplanes & Terminals : Andrew Garcia :   

I was a boy with a dream, had my head in the clouds
It's funny how a signature can turn into an autograph
They say the sky's the limit, I’m just starting and I’m sky high

Hanbin’s theme song. He doesn’t know why he was born, remembering nothing about his parents and all he considers as his family was music. He dreams of being a musician ever since he was a kid. He is determine and will do whatever it takes to reach that dream.

➁ Climax : Team B :  

The indifferent hello with my family and friends 
Living days where tomorrow was always anxious 
i said "trust me, I will surely succeed"

People tell him to stop this none sense, to stop pursuing this waste of time, but Hanbin still continues, facing all the hardship without regrets because he knows that everything is worth it.

➂ Sweet Pea : Amos Lee :  

Sweet pea, apple of my eye
Don't know when and I don't know why
I know, sometimes, I'm out of control

Hanbin is publicly a Katiee Lee fanatic to the extent that people find it unhealthy. She inspires him and at the thought of her makes him crazy. He doesn’t know why, but there is this some kind of magnetic force pulling him towards her.

➃ Gentlemen Don’t : Gabe Bondoc :  

But I know very well
Gentlemen don't kiss and tell
And I promise I won't tell the world
if you say you want to be my girl

Hanbin is a flirt, had all those girls in his arms. But all of them just pass and go for him. His smooth words and actions got them falling over him. Though he flirts, he couldn’t stand any girl getting hurt. So. he tries his best to be a gentleman all the time.

➄ The Second Star To The Right  : Peter Pan :  

The second star to the right
Shines in the night for you
To tell you that the dreams you plan
Really can come true

Although it may seem as if Hanbin hates his biological parents, he ought to find them and see them face to face someday. Feeling that touch from your real parents is really different and maybe that is his Neverland.

hip hop saved my life by lupe fiasco 

one you never heard of, i push it hard to further the grind. might feel like murder but hip-hop you saved my life.

though yongguk pushes and tires himself too much with writing lyrics and making music, practically draining himself so much he might die, he truly thinks it’s worth it in the end. instead of working a job that he would become imprisoned to from 9 to 5 just to stay alive but not be passionate about, he’s doing something he enjoys and loves.

hey ma by chance the rapper 

hey ma, hey ma, i know i never did behave a lot, and turned your hairs to grays a lot. go in stores and take a lot, and never shopped but saved a lot, so you ain’t gotta shop at save-a-lot.

it’s no surprise that yongguk’s mother would be disappointed with the amount of times she had been called to the principal’s office to pick up her son for getting into a fight with some other kid. during his preteen and early teen years, yongguk often shoplifted from stores- not wanting to make his mom pay for stuff he wanted. yongguk hopes that when he becomes an idol, he will have enough money to support his mother back in the states to repay her for all she’s done.

over my dead body by drake

man all of your flows bore me: paint drying. and i don’t ever be trippin off of what ain’t mine. and i be hearing the shit you say through the grapevine, but jealousy is just love and hate at the same time. yeah, it’s been that way from the beginning. i just been playing, i ain’t even notice i was winning.

yongguk isn’t much of a big fan of unoriginal rappers who don’t have any creativity or talent but do have fame. actually, he’s not a fan of them at all and is quite sick of them. he does believe that someday he’ll be able to knock those types of “rappers” off the charts and be the real winner.

dali, van, picasso by beenzino 

like salvador dali, van gogh, picasso in my body. man i’m a fuckin artist. dali, van picasso, i grew up with them. i took out my paints too and came all this way. and you can’t tell me nothing. you know that i’m doing it right. don’t ask me who i am. i’m dali, van, picasso. van gogh’s “starry night”. like picking paint, i pick words. 

yongguk thinks writing is a true form of art and those who write their own original meaningful lyrics are real artists. instead of holding paintbrushes and palettes, they hold pencils to write with. 

tomorrow by bts

tomorrow, keep walking, we’re too young to stop. tomorrow, open the door, we see too much to shut the door. when the dark night passes, a bright morning will come . when tomorrow comes, the bright light will shine so don’t worry . this isn’t a stop but just a pause in your life for a break.

if not obvious enough, yongguk is the type to move on, no matter how bad the situation or his day is. often auditioning for record companies during his university years and getting rejected, he realized to never give up and just keep going.

                        oh sehun's ultimate playlist ★

just the way you are / bruno mars

you know i would never ask you to change, if perfect what’s you’re searching for, then just stay the same

sehun is a natural-born optimist. he can’t help but find the good in other people rather than focus on the bad qualities they either might hide or present openly. it’s more of a downfall in the kind of business he’s in, as he can become very naive and susceptible to lies and deceit.

tattooed heart / ariana grande

all i need as all your loving to get the blood rushing through my veins

sehun, being incredibly fragile and sensitive, craves and lives on healthy, friendly interactions to get by. if confronted by otherwise unneeded, negative personalities, sehun gets very anxious and thus begins his nervous, broken self.

better man / jae park

you make me wanna stand up tall, clean up my act, do what is right and be a better man, change how i walk, change how i talk even though this isn’t really me

sehun will change how he’s acting if he’s asked to do so. thus, he’s very easily manipulated and can be taken advantage of quite easily as well, another harmful downside to his personality.

by the grace of god / katy perry

thought i wasn’t enough, and i wasn’t so tough, laying on the bathroom – we were living on a fault line and i felt that the fault was all mine, couldn’t take it anymore

sehun has severe self-confidence issues – often more than not, he has to hear it from other people to know that he absolutely, 100% can do whatever he’s set his mind on doing, but there is that incredibly rare moment in which he finds it within himself to keep pushing on, acting his own personal cheerleader for himself. that instance, as stated, is incredibly rare.

team / lorde

we live in cities you’ll never see on the screen, not very pretty but we sure know how to run things

sehun has a vivid imagination – almost synonymous to that of a five-year-old child. in his head, there are far lands where dragons exist, alternative universes with wizards and witches, and other ideas considered incredibly ridiculous. in other words, he’s a child at heart still – even as a 19-year-old boy.

Lee Howon ✘ Playlist
✘ Sᴡᴀɢɢᴇʀ ᴏғ ᴀ Cʜᴀᴍᴘɪᴏɴ

Sleeping with Sirens // If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn || “They say that love is forever. Your forever is all that I need.” Howon wants to play this song for a future girlfriend – the future girlfriend that will one day become his wife. The song has a sentimental value to him, so he wants to cherish a long love with his future wife, of course. 

Flo Rida // Low (ft T-Pain) || “Next thing you know. Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.” Dance track. Like how the song states, shawty be gettin’ low – Howon knows how to get down and this is definitely one of his go to jams to dance it out like there’s no tomorrow. 

Epik High // Wannabe || “Even when we love we imitate dramas. Now we have to find our own color.” Howon has no interest in becoming the next carbon copy of somebody. He wants to be his own person – someone that people can look up to, someone people can see and smiles because wow, he’s cool, or wow, he’s an amazing performer. He doesn’t want to be just another wannabe.

Daichi Miura // Go For It || “I can be the one now, go for it.” The message of the song is trying to say how one should always go for it – whatever your dream may be – go for it because who knows what might happen. Howon also thinks that the song represents how one person might be chasing their dreams, and it empowers others to do the same.

Supreme Team // Stay Still (ft Crush) || “Stay cool, wherever you are. You’re doing well, just keep it up tomorrow as well.” The first time Howon heard this song, he knew it was going to be a favorite of his. The point being how the song spoke of not rushing and to relax and take your time with your life. It’s not going anywhere, and neither should you try to force it. Where you are is where it’s good and Howon lives by the motto ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

- - I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now - Lupe Fiasco

I’m not a turtle im a turbo, haters pray to god that i turn slow, like im sipping on purple. But ain’t on your globe, i’m in a whole ‘nother circle  trying to keep it clean like church clothes. Said that respect was something had to work for, but that ain’t gonna work though. Get your respect, but lose all my worth, no.

Namjoon had to live with people his entire life trying to weigh him down and tell him what his efforts weren’t worth it and that he wouldn’t reach his goals as a rapper. He never felt the need to grovel for people to respect him and his goals, and degrade himself and his aspirations to appease those who scoffed at him.

- - Happy - Pharrell Williams 

Here comes bad news, talking this and that. Yeah, give me all you got, don’t hold back. Yeah, well i should probably warn you i’ll be just fine. Yeah, no offense don’t waste your time. Here’s why; because i’m happy. 

If there’s one thing every person can agree on when it comes to Kim NamJoon, and it’s that he’s a happy virus. NamJoon doesn’t ever give anyone the power to break him, even when he’s upset hes smiling and keeps on going with his head held up high.

- - I Will Posses Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie

How i wish you could see the potential, the potential of you and me. It’s like a book elegantly bound but, in a language that you cant read. Just yet. 

A big portion of Namjoon is his crush on his neighbor, everybody knows about it. Everyone knows who she is and he doesn’t hide it, if anyone asks his response will more than likely be a dropped head - a blush and a shy “ yeah. ”

- - Lose Yourself - Eminem 

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you wanted. One moment, would you capture it or just let it slip? 

This basically is how he feels about his entire passion for rapping and composing music, he will seize absolutely any opportunity to obtain his goals in his future. “Losing himself in the moment like he owns it”.

- - Count On Me - Bruno Mars 

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, i’ll sail the world to find you. If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see, i’ll be the light to guide you.

Easily prides himself on being one the best friends you could ever have, he is passionate about his friends and any gesture made towards them is never, ever, half-assed. 

Shake it off- Florence and the Machine

And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off, oh whoa

      After the divorce between Mino’s parents he went through a rather rebellious phase. He began to skip school, experiment with drugs , tag public property, and even start fights with other students. Eventually he was picked up by the police for vandalism and spent two weeks in a juvenile hall in order to forgo any kind of criminal record. after his brief stint in juvie he began turning his life around , vowing never to go down that path again.  Mino is a huge believer in second chances. He knows  that if a person truly wants to change they will find a way to make it happen no matter what there situation is, and he can attest to this first hand.  

17- Youth Lagoon

When I was seventeen, my mother said to me
“Don’t stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die.”

     Mino’s mother ,  Song Hyemin, is probably one of the most important people in his life. She is his primary support system when he’s down, the first person he calls when he has good news,, and has stood be hind him as his main cheerleader for the majority of his life, Ever decision he made, even the fickle ones,  has been unfailingly supported by his mother , and Mino vows to make her proud.

What U See is What U Get- Xzibit

What you see is what you get now
The kinda style make the whole world go wow

     For a lack of better words Mino is an open book. He lives his life , for the most part , with his heart on his sleeve allowing everyone to see every part of himself plainly.. As an individual he aspires to live his life as  freely openly  and truthfully as possible.

Funkdafied- Da Brat

What you see is what you get now
The kinda style make the whole world go wow

     Funkdafied is the first rap song that Mino ever heard as a teen and subsequently the leading force behind his desire to become a rapper.  One of  his favorite tunes ever . This song served as his escape from the teenage nightmare he was living and allowed him to imagine a life he could live .  

One Way- 1TYM

ONE WAY, one dream has its hold on me
ONE WAY, I run toward one goal

With his eyes set on becoming an accomplished rapper , Mino is prepared to put his all into his pursuit . He wants to prove to the people around him that he can be successful and prove to himself tat he isn’t just a fuck up, but can archive greatness.  the thought of not  succeeding isn’t even capable in his mind.

♠ event : rkplaylist, kim myungsoo edition !

                                  He’s a real nowhere man sitting in his own nowhere land
                                                Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

                                Doesn’t have a point of view, knows not where he’s going to
                                                        Isn’t he a bit like you and me?

1. Nowhere Man ✘ The Beatles

[ ] Myungsoo is the Nowhere Man. He doesn’t hold a clear vision of what he wants his future to be, he likes to be passive in most situations and he prefers to go with the flow. It’s probably a flaw for other people, but he’s contented with such a pace at this point of his life – as long as he’s enjoying what he’s doing, he wouldn’t pay much mind to the uncertainty of the road he’s taking.

                                                               I walk a lonely road
                                                 The only one that I have ever known
                                                          Don’t know where it goes
                                                 But it’s home to me and I walk alone

2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams ✘ Green Day

[ ] He feels a sense of belongingness to the idea of wandering about; he finds home in being lost. However, he wouldn’t deny that he’s always been curious about everything, and he wonders sometimes how it would be like to be someone who writes their own future in the stone of irrevocability – though he has never really gotten past the boundaries of curiosity.

                                                   Why you wanna please the world
                                                   And leave yourself to drop dead?
                                    Someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got

3. Anklebiters ✘ Paramore

[ ] Myungsoo is who Myungsoo is, and he refuses to let other people mold him to somebody he is not. He spares no time to care about what anyone could possibly think of him – if he appears too cold or aloof for their preference, why should he care? He doesn’t owe anyone anything for him to do them such favor, after all.

                                             Mother, you had me but I never had you
                                              Father, you left me but I never left you;
                                                                  Mama, don’t go
                                                              Daddy, come home

4. Mother ✘ John Lennon

[ ] Up to now Myungsoo doesn’t have the slightest bit of a hint that would make him remember who his father is and how he used to be. His earliest memory is of her mother, but even so, not all the fragments of memories he can collect are good; she was the one who had left him and his younger brother, Moonsoo, cold and alone in front of an orphanage after all. Some time before that, his father had left his mother without a word, and Myungsoo probably wouldn’t even know. Unless he meets him or his mother again, of course.

                     The four seasons never suited me in the first place, I’m a cold child
                           My harsh personality is like winter that cuts through the skin
                                                The cold wind; it’s needless to say

5. Cold ✘ Epik High ft. Lee Hayi

[ ] This song is generally about someone left by his lover, but it never fails to remind him of something else – it very much parallels how he feels for his biological mother. She had abandoned Myungsoo and Moonsoo at such a young age, and since then the older of the two had already been opened to the world of cruelty. Now Myungsoo is not exactly unforgiving nor awfully cold to boot, but he has already formed heights upon heights of walls against warming up to new people easily, especially when his own mother is the very first one who had violated his trust.

rhythm is life

real by kendrick lamar ft. anna wise

“i do what i wanna do. i say what i wanna say. when i feel, and i look in the mirror and know i’m there with my hands in the air. i’m proud to say yeah,  i’m real, i’m real. i’m really, really, real.”

authenticity is one yoongi’s greatest values in life.  being able to stay real and be himself around others is one of the many things he clings onto. staying that way in the kpop industry will be a bit difficult.

chandelier by sia (max and alex g. cover)

“i’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t exist. i’m gonna fly like a bird through the night…. cause i’m just holding on for tonight.”

yoongi lives in a young and reckless lifestyle. he makes his decisions and choices in an impulsive and rash technique. he doesn’t care much for the future or the past or the regrets that will follow his decisions, he stands in the present moment.

st. tropez by j. cole

“he’s on his way, he’s ‘bout to get paid, he’s on his way to hollywood.”

yoongi just wants to make his way to fame.

windows by donnie trumpet & the social experiment

“don’t you look up to me, don’t trust a word i say. don’t you end up like me, if you learn one thing today.”

yoongi doesn’t want people looking up to him as a role model or trying to fit a mold that he built for himself only. of course, he wants his music to make his audience feel something, but he encourages the youthful generation of today to find their own path.

spaceship by kanye west

“i wish i could buy me a spaceship and fly”

all the dreams yoongi has are too big for this world. he’s tired of the ordinary everyday life he currently lives.

these are his ultimate songs for the past weeks.
and maybe because he's been trying out so many different things and listening to all kinds of stuff,
there might be other versions of it.
so far yes, let's call it an ultimate.

01. eminem x jongin

since he started listening to eminem, jongin had grown respect for the guy. true that his lyrics hardly make sense to jongin’s life but there are parts here and there about the aggressiveness in them that just makes it impossible for him not to like it. stan for example he started to listen over and over after the incident with the sasaeng fan and sehun and whenever he listens to cleanin’ out my closet it feels like a part of him is just connected to his parents and the way he just left everything behind to pursue his idol career.

02. mj and jongin

he could sit and talk over and over about how much he loved the man. for him there was no better artist that could balance both dance, charisma, singing and creativity other than him. smooth criminal was one of the first choreographs jongin learned to dance and before he started his obsession with justin timberlake there was the king. forever the king. 

03. ne-yo and jongin

not exactly the artist but jongin definitely likes the song, lately it reminded him of lots of stuff in the past, the crushes he had in busan (yoona and daehyun), so even though everybody moved on, he still thinks about them from time to time since they had returned and it’s not something bitter or that he would regret but probably should remain in the past though it brings back memories.

04. the gazette and jongin

even if cassis and guren are both songs about heartbreak, the two of them are songs that jongin relate in different ways. while cassis has more of a touching vibe related to his mother and father (he’s constantly blaming himself for the time they’ve been apart and for not doing what they expected him to do), guren has more to do with a loving heartbreak even if he didn’t really have this at the moment. lately jongin has been experiencing something different with sehun, it’s like the more the two of them take on the idol road, the more the two of them as a couple are apart and even if they don’t talk about it, jongin feels as if the song is speaking to himself about it. and he just doesn’t want to face it. 

05. tablo and jongin

the song itself is so important that he listens to it every day. it’s far from being a motivational song but in a weird way, all of jongin’s fears of becoming someone replaceable in the industry are translated in those lines. whenever he listens to it, he’s sure his inner demons are speaking to him taunting him to believe they’re all true and in a way they move him to change, to become something other than the person portrayed there.

06. kat-tun and jongin

the neighbor started listening to this song over and over and jongin one day just caught himself muttering the words in japanese. he doesn’t care about its meaning, but it’s one of those songs that makes you smile in a very weird way when your day is just shitty. when he’s alone at the apartment he dances to this song, he creates moves for it and even if he vows to despise that group and the neighbor that “introduced” the song to him, he still secretly keeps it in his ipod. no one should know that.