rko keith


Found some rare pictures online this morning. The Arion theater in Middle Village, Queens was the biggest inspiration for The Odyssey Theater in Penn Zero. Actually… more Iike the memory of it, as it was hard to find pics in 2011 when we were developing the show. My Dad was projectionist there and I spent a lot of time watching movies, hanging out in the booth, eating popcorn and drinking too much free soda. I saw Raiders of The Lost Ark 4 times in a row one day, from inside the booth. The Lobby was similar to the Odyssey and the place had a similar, if less ornate Art Deco style. We looked at other early 1900s-mid century movie houses too, and the RKO Keith in Flushing, Queens was also an inspiration. But the memory of this place (which closed in the 80s) was my biggest inspiration.

Also I think that’s my Dad’s brown dodge illegally parked out front in the top picture, circa 1976.

One thing

I don’t remember if I did a post like that before or not but I’m tired of all those haters in the Randy Orton tag. 

I’m gonna block them anyway but I’ve got something to say. 

If you “hate” someone why are you talking about him? Why are you giving him attention? Don’t you have a life and things to care about? Like seriously why are waisting your time to make post, blogs and stuff like that about someone you don’t like? Why are you talking shit about someone who doesn’t know or care about you in a tag made by and for the FANDOM? I mean if you’re watching the WWE that’s mean you’re a WWE fan right? Then go in the tag of your fandom to talk about the person who care about. I don’t know your life and I actually don’t care about it but if you have to talk shit about someone it’s quite pathetic and you should stop coming outta here to get a real life.

By the way, don’t you realize how stupid you are to hate somebody you don’t know for real? I feel sorry for you.

If you don’t like Randy then go the bathroom or the kitchen when he’s on the screen, don’t go on his social network.

If you don’t like Kim, that’s not YOUR wife so stop going on her instagram and twitter. The important is that Randy is happy, not what you think.

If you don’t like the Orton family just get the fuck outta here. 

And to those assholes who are stupid and cruel enough to talk shit about Brooklyn. Go get some help you fucking moron, she’s just a poor and innocent baby. I mean talking about her body? Seriously? Let me tell you that you were a baby too and you look like a fucking Gollum. 

For fuck sack get a life.

Just wanna thanks @ortons-hooligans for telling to haters to fuck off. I don’t know you but I love you. We have to protect our fandom and you’re damn good at it.