Sign-ups for the second MNET Global Auditions are officially over! Posted below you will find a list of the contestants whose audition forms have been received and will be participating in the first round. The first round is the easiest of all the rounds. To everyone who submitted a form, you may add +3 charisma points to your tracker (link to this post for proof!).


  • #2000 LEE KIKWANG
  • #2001 CHOI MINKI
  • #2002 PARK KYUNGRI
  • #2003 MARK YI-EN TAUN
  • #2004 MOON HYUNA
  • #2005 BANG MINAH
  • #2006 BAI MOCHEN
  • #2007 BANG YONGGUK
  • #2009 IM JAEBUM
  • #2010 RYU HWAYOUNG
  • #2011 LEE SERINE
  • #2013 CHOI JINRI
  • #2014 IM JINAH
  • #2016 BAE JOOHYUN
  • #2017 KIM MYUNGSOO
  • #2018 HAN SUNHWA
  • #2019 NOH YIYOUNG
  • #2020 YU BAROM
  • #2021 KIM JONGHYUN
  • #2022 PARK SANDARA
  • #2023 SHIN DONGWOO
  • #2024 PARK JIMIN
  • #2025 PARK YEEUN
  • #2026 LEE JAEHWAN
  • #2027 KIM YUBIN
  • #2029 GONG CHANSIK
  • #2030 PARK NARAE
  • #2031 KIM CHANMI
  • #2032 JUNG HANA
  • #2033 JEON HYOSUNG
  • #2034 YOON DOOJOON
  • #2038 KIM MINJUN
  • #2039 KIM YUGYEOM
  • #2040 LAU HENRY
  • #2041 GIL MIHYEON

Contestants will be judged based off their overall skill set, charisma, and creativity in presenting themselves (i.e their audition forms). Those who meet the standards will pass the round. For this, you do not have to send anything in as you already have done so with your forms and your skill points. No extra solo’s are required (yay!). Results and your next set of instructions will be posted on Thursday!

Thank you everyone for your interest in this event! We wish you all luck.

Please tag all posts or solos for the auditions as ‘rkmga2

The MGAs are barely over when you receive a call from an unknown number. You answer and the caller identifies himself as Tiger JK. Yes, the real one.

“I know the competition was disappointing,” he says. “But this wasn’t a question of talent; it was a question of image- we just can’t debut a female idol with those kinds of tattoos. South Korea isn’t ready for it. But TRC is ready for you.”

“We’re ready to offer you a contract on the condition you get your tattoos removed. I did some asking around, and it looks like that’ll take anywhere from 30 to 40 weeks- you up for it? It’s gonna hurt like hell, apparently. If you can do that, we’ve got a contract ready and waiting for you down at the office.”

She had been home crying, after responding to the few text messages, she couldn’t do it anymore. She had made sure to avoid her father and any other family member at any cost. Her mother had been by her side most of the night, they were cuddled together under the covers, her mothers hand resting on her heart, her face was pressed into the pillow and she didn’t want to cry. Still something in her wanted to die. She couldn’t on onto the sobs in her mouth but her mother was here, and she only really needed to cry, and cry and cry until her heart was about to burst. 

When the phone rang, she didn’t want to pick it up, but her mom did for her. It was a number that both didn’t know, so her mother made sure she picked it up. Before she even had a chance to say hello, her mother passed Yubin the phone, the older women’s face changed, there was a smile as she started to shake Yubin who listened to the voice half heartedly.

Until the third word. She shot up, trying not to wheeze, her tear stained face stared into the eyes of her mother as she tried not to scream. Her brain was racing a mile and minute and she could only hold her breath. Even listening to his words, she didn’t care, if she had to get rid of her tattoo’s, she didn’t care if it would heart, this was dream. The one thing she wanted most in life.

“Y-yes sir!” Her voice raised in pitch and she tried to calm her heart.

He said TRC was ready for her.

For her.


She didn’t speak for a moment and she heard Tiger JK clear his throat, her mother nudged her.

“Yes, yes yes! Always yes! I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She heard a chuckle and there was a goodbye and she rolled out the bed and onto the floor.

“Mommy, TRC is ready for me!”

the envelope

confusion. such a simple word that explained such a complex feeling. it was the only feeling yongguk had as he grasped onto hyun bin’s words.

‘nova wants you.' 

what a plot twist.

instantly, yongguk raised his eyebrow and cocked his head to the side. this isn’t what he expected. not at all. he felt caught off guard. he felt dumbfounded. like he was on that ashton kutcher show 'punk’d.’

of course, you can’t always get what you expect and want, silly guk. that’s not how life worked. even when you’re a five year old little kid and you’re at that one annoying kid from your class’ birthday party and you get a vanilla cupcake when you wanted a chocolate cupcake, you’re reminded of the common saying 'you get what you get and you don’t get upset’ by a parent.  life was filled with surprises and disappointments of all sorts. and sometimes you’re just gonna have to settle for that vanilla cupcake.

but this was a lot more important than getting the flavor he wanted. this was getting his dream company. the company that was the main reason for why yongguk joined this whole show in the first place. the company that was home to artists that yongguk secretly fanboyed over, worshipped, and had posters of that he would bow down and pray to in his free time. but thAT’S NOT IMPORTANT AND BESIDES THE POINT, SO WE’LL MOVE ON.

how could a company that focused so much on dancing and singing sign someone like yongguk? rappers were vital for groups to get by these days, of course, but for some reason none of that could click in the male’s mind. he never considered the fact that other companies- who were not as focused on hip hop as trc- would ever be interested in his style. there was rap duo signed with nova that yongguk knew of, but they seemed to be irrelevant when compared to the other groups in the company.

he didn’t know what he wanted anymore. he felt like he did, but he kept on having second thoughts.

yongguk saw what happened with jiho when he had rejected nova in the last season. he saw the backlash jiho got after that episode. this seemed like it was just a repeat of the exact same thing. an underground rapper who wanted to get into trc being offered a contract with nova and feeling like they should reject it. it was almost as if this whole thing was scripted. maybe it would happen again in six months during the next season finale. yongguk wasn’t too sure if he’d be declining this offer yet. he wasn’t too sure about anything. but he was sure that he looked like a fucking idiot because of the way he just stood there staring at hyun bin. he was frozen. completely frozen. 

it had been a few seconds since the ceo had slid the envelope towards him and he still had not even touched it. after realizing how late his reaction was, he stepped forward and picked up the envelope. a ninety degree bow was given, “thank you for seeing potential in me, sir, i’ll definitely consider it.”

and he wasn’t lying when those words came from his mouth. a lot of consideration was put into it. he spent the whole night just staring at that stupid envelope and thinking. ignoring calls and texts from anyone he knew, just so he could think some more. forgetting to eat, just to spend more time to weighing the pros and cons. he never felt like he had faced such a hard decision in his life. if he did take this opportunity, would he ever be able to be signed with trc? he wasn’t sure.

maybe if he did a lot of hard work, tiger jk would notice his talent, and he’d be signed to the company of his dreams.

lots and lots of hard work.

or maybe he should just return that envelope back to the ceo and tell him that he appreciated the fact that the other saw potential in him.

MGA2 - Reaction's and Response~

“"Kim Yubin,” Hyun Bin begins, “We’ve talked a lot about you- probably more than any other contestant.” He pauses and leans forward in his chair. “You work hard, and we appreciate that. We all want to put you through somewhere- but none of us see you at our companies right now.”

While he was talking, she had been remembering everything, up until each point, each performance had been reviewed in her mid and she pretty sure, she wouldn’t make it but who would be human without a little hope right? It would be stupid to enter into this and not think she would make something of herself. So she waited, and when her name was called, she braced herself and when Hyun Bin finished the speaking, she wanted to just walk off but she couldn’t. 

“Don’t give up, Yubin,” Tiger JK says. “You’re on to something. This is just one obstacle on the way, okay? This isn’t the last we’ll see of you, I’m 100% sure of it.”

That felt like the biggest slap in the face but she smiled and thanked him, as soon as she moved off camera, she went outside, no one was around and she could break down now. 

“Yubin…” She heard the sound in her mothers voice, the first tear came down her face and rubbed at it, until her skin felt raw. 


end of a journey,



     1. acting or done without forethought.
         synonyms: impetuous, spontaneous, hasty, reckless, uninhibited; rash

“Hyung, you’re taking forever!” He can hear Dabin’s voice through the door and he laughs at the impatient knocking. If it were him on the other side of the door, he’d be doing the same. “I’ll be out later. Eat first, eo?” Borrowing Dabin’s room in the apartment he shares with Seik, the camera is tottering on the desk, cluttered piles of papers and wrappers making the surface uneven and Rome has to laugh at how similar Dabin is to him. He misses his own little brother more, who isn’t as unkempt but is still his little bro.

Taking off the snapback, he smooths the back of his head, fingertips finding unsightly parts of his fringe and flicking it back into place. He’s rash, he’d say yeah if she asked him at that moment if he’s this impulsive when it comes to large decisions in his life. He’s impulsive when it comes to everything. Rome prefers to live based off his emotions instead of following his rational mind. Rationalism is what leads to fear half the time. With a deep exhale, he presses the record button, plopping into the seat and moistening his lips. There were no intentions of editing this or uploading it anywhere but it still made him nervous. Revealing himself wrecked his nerves more than standing on any stage, even if he had to be in his underwear. Being naked physically you can get over, being naked emotionally shows all your scars.

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It’s the final round! Congratulations to the contestants listed below, who will proceed to the finals- especially to Bang Yongguk, Yu Barom, and Kim Myungsoo, who were our top three vote-getters! Get ready for the biggest, the baddest, and the most difficult round of the event- you’ll finally be performing in front of the five company CEOs, so they can see up-close and in-person just what you can do.


  • #2000 LEE KIKWANG
  • #2003 MARK YI-EN TUAN
  • #2005 BANG MINAH
  • #2007 BANG YONGGUK
  • #2009 IM JAEBUM
  • #2011 LEE SERINE
  • #2013 CHOI JINRI
  • #2017 KIM MYUNGSOO
  • #2020 YU BAROM
  • #2021 KIM JONGHYUN
  • #2024 PARK JIMIN
  • #2026 LEE JAEHWAN
  • #2027 KIM YUBIN
  • #2032 JUNG HANA
  • #2034 YOON DOOJOON

As you can see, 20 contestants have been accepted into the final round, but only 15 will be called upon to be picked up by a company! Let’s find out what they have to do to make it over this very last hurdle.

In this final round, the judges have paired off each contestant with a partner. The partners were made with very careful consideration by the judges and the CEO’s based on what strengths and weaknesses that they have witnessed over the previous rounds. Working with another person will provide a whole new challenge, on top of just giving your own personal performance. The song choice and artistic direction is completely up to you to work out with your partners- be thoughtful about it, focus on the one or two skills you’re best at rather than trying to show off literally everything you can do and, above all, don’t be forgettable!. Give this performance everything you’ve got, and walk off stage with no regrets!

Here are the assigned partners:











Please have all audition solos posted by THURS AUG 28TH and tag them as ‘rkmga2final’. Don’t forget to also submit a link to your audition solo to the main blog so we don’t miss it!

Good luck, rookies!


                            MGA ROUND 2 : #2034 YOON DOOJOON
                    SONG: RA.D ‘I’M IN LOVE’ ( 1:48 ~ 3:16 ) 

He sits on the closest chair to the door–a sign that the meticulous undertones of his thoughts were surfacing. It’s there, with a number taped to his chest and a nervous young woman next to him, that the trembles begin. They’re subtle enough to hide under the contours of his skin, yet they follow the sturdy network of his bones while leaving behind the cool sensation of uneasiness. It spreads from there, slowly, to his whole body until all he can feel is nervous, scared, panicked, all muffled by a neat mask of confidence. He’s used to it, he convinces himself, of this acting and pretending–it’s a talent, blessing, curse, but today he’d make it a tool. Grasping the flaw, he twists it, guides it, and disperses it throughout himself as if an anesthetic. Time stops, a calm breath enters, and when it leaves it drags out any negative feelings. You can do this, he tells himself as the room becomes quiet, peaceful. It’s what you were born to do. A sheer spurt of joy tugs on his lips before it fades off, forgotten, falling past the casual black shirt that adorns his torso, the dark wash jeans, his shoes, before it hits the ground and shatters into a memory.

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널사랑하니까 by 신승훈;
PERFORMANCE:널사랑하니까 (00:35 - 2:15) by 정준영;

Nervousness was barely shown in Joonyoung, he seemed far more energized than filled with concern; his fingers playing with the his guitar as he tapped his foot on the ground and let his eyes wander around. There was a girl a few seats down that met his gaze, and he cheekily shot a wink her direction. More than worried about his audition, he was full of optimism after passing the first round. That was one round closer to fulfilling his dream of making music his life. He might actually have been the most talented at compartmentalizing in the entirety of the room. The twenty-five year old played with his guitar, sent messages from his phone, triple checked his eye-liner using the reflection in the lens of a camera.

There was a grin as he playfully strummed on the guitar blindly, his head nodded with the beat and mouthed the words to a song. While so many others were practicing their songs, preparing their voices, making sure they were dressed well – Joonyoung was thinking about what he would do after. Go clubbing“2-0-0-8. Is number 2008 here?” The staffers voice came over, and Joonyoung glanced around between the room. Clearly unable to decide whether he heard right or not, nonetheless he soon rose up. “I’m here!” He returned, feet padded across the room and guitar with him.

As soon as he entered the room, Joonyoung realized something was missing. This was his sole focus as he stepped into the center in front of the judges. First his gaze drifted around the floor, then towards the sides of the rooms where the cameras and writers stood. “#2008. Jung Joon Young?” One of the judges questioned, his voice murmured as he read from the paper in front of him. Not that Joonyoung cared much, he was sure there was something missing. A hand rubbed paper stuck across his stomach, the number ’#2008’ with the MGA stylized symbol above it. That was one thing he still had.

So what was miss–

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  MGA Final Round: Kim 'JR' Jonghyun and Choi Jinri  //  song: 

Who the heck is Choi Jinri?

That’s the first thing he asks himself when they announce their so-called ‘partners’ for the final round. He doesn’t even get why they need partners for this round in the first place when they’re all still practically being judged on their individual performances. Yeah, yeah, they said something about 'working cohesively together or watching the whole thing flop’ or something along those lines, but it’s still complete bullshit, if you ask him. Probably something the TV people added in to rake in more ratings or what have you he assumes, because of course, just as he was starting to think that performing on stage by himself isn’t all that bad, they just had to stick him with someone else. Obviously, his earlier thoughts that 'maybe if he wasn’t alone it wouldn’t be so bad’ was a huge misconception because here he is stuck with someone else now, and he’s not liking it one bit. 

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When the judges had called him forward, Joonyoung was more worried about whether Mark would be offered a contract.

Even if he played around and made a mess, Joonyoung had always felt a sense of obligation to his band and working on a song with someone at such a crucial moment – it made him uncharacteristically uneasy. He could only think back on Hyunki, and when his brother had been picked over him at an audition. This had somewhat ended Hyunki’s dream and later he would end his life over it. Joonyoung didn’t want to be offered a chance if Mark didn’t, a decision he made by himself.

Relief came when Mark was offered a chance at KT, and Joonyoung would say most of his anxiety was lifted after that moment. He’d already decided before hand that he wouldn’t sign if Mark wasn’t given a chance. Mark had his chance. Whatever happened to him was free of any guilt or regret. He’d done his best, he’d been honest to himself, and no matter what anyone could say – he’d come from no where and people now knew his name.

Everything felt tense when it came to him, when his name came from Katie Lee’s lips; he was up against Myungsoo. A kid that people would think he felt a sense of fear or competition with – but he didn’t. Joonyoung never often felt that competitive nature, and never in situations such as this one. He was different and he never hid that.  His head lowered that bit as he saw the envelope being slid over – not his name but Myungsoo’s on it.

Maybe he didn’t pass–he squeezed his eyes shut for second.

Then he heard Baek Ji Young’s words and he opened them to find himself staring at the envelope with his name underneath Myungsoo. Laughter broke his lips in a loud manner as his body reacted to how fast his heartbeat had gotten and he shook his head. “My name should have been on top,” his only complaint coming with chuckles and a bright curve on his lips.

yu barom @lastromeo

Good*** Knew I goofed up somehow ㅎㅎ 2s 

To the two Sunyoungs, you guys showed me up saying you’re the best ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ I concede! @alaskansunrise @sunandluna 13s 

Myungster! Cuz! You did it too! You’re the best, man. Just don’t tell Joey hyung I said that ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ @961313 27s 

Third, Duck hyung I’m really excited for you! Triple crown is all yours man. You did it! @TYrant 34s 

Second, I wanna thank all the people who supported me and @defjeffb you are a winner in my book kid! This hyung was happy to have stood on stage with you. 재범아, 좋아 ㅋㅋ 49s

It took me a goof five to ten minutes to finish this tweet and I feel like I forgot how to think or speak. First, I wanna say this was the experience of my life and congratulations to everyone because offer, envelope, contract, or not, we are all winners!  56s 

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CHANCE THE RAPPER - 'HEY MA' - BANG YONGGUK COVER (0:00-1:00, 1:30-3:35)

there wasn’t a single word in the dictionary that could describe how yongguk was feeling when he found out he was moving to the next round.

not a single one.

explaining how happy he was to his friends was impossible. coming this far was indescribable and difficult to imagine. all those times he almost gave up on his dreams and all those times people said his dreams weren’t achievable- they all meant nothing to him now. if he had given up, he wouldn’t be here. he had given in to other people’s opinions, he wouldn’t be here. he kept going. for that, yongguk felt proud of himself. no matter how unrealistic the idea of leaving an imprint on the world is, yongguk was going to keep on striving to reach that imprint. he wanted to make people really see the beauty of music. he wanted to be a role model to those who watched him. he wanted to inspire people to keep going just like he did. it was going to be hard to do, but yongguk thought- no- yongguk believed he could do it.

everything had been grand ever since he auditioned for the mgas. those people in his life who meant the most to him were continuing to support him and that’s what comforted yongguk more than anything. just their support. kids from the daycare center yongguk worked at rushed up to him the morning after the episode aired. tugging on the bottom of his shirt and squeezing his hand. they were so filled with energy as each voice sang out- trying to overpower the others.

“me and my mom watched you on tv last night!" 

"you’re a lot shorter on that screen!”

 "could we go on a field trip to watch you perform?“

"are you going to stop working here if you win?" 

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inhale. exhale. slow breathing. calm breathing. steady breathing. oh-my-god-i’m-going to-die breathing.

quite honestly, there’s nothing more terrifying and thrilling than stepping on a stage. with lots of people. and judges. while being recorded live on national tv. 
backstage, chanyeol had pretty much turned into a human chihuahua with the constant trembling, quick breathing and alerted gaze. the moment he was called he felt more like a five years old and wondered how badly would it be if he didn’t appear on stage and ran away instead (seems like running away is a constant thought in his mind).
but the moment he stepped on stage, it felt like a whole new world to him.

all those heads, all those eyes set on him. it made chanyeol’s heart beat faster than ever and head spin, and by now, he didn’t even know anymore if it was out of nervousness or excitement.
he stumbled over to the middle of the stage, goofy smile on his lips as he eyed the audience after bowing ninety degrees. with a tight grip on his micro he brought it near his lips, while his free hand raised in a greeting. “yooo!” his deep voice echoed, sounding oddly foreign to his own ears. his smile only grew as he heard some voices replying back, and only now did he realize he was at an absolute loss of words. “ah..” he laughed breathlessly at his own self, knowing very well he was looking quite dumb (and he could clearly imagine his friends facepalming at him right now), but there seemed to be a few amused faces in the crowd - which made chanyeol feel more confident. he likes to think being amusing is the number one key to these contests.

“my name’s park chanyeol,” he inwardly patted himself on the back for remembering his own name. “you can call me yeol, you can call me amazing- just don’t call me late for dinner. haha, get it?”

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getting some rest just in time to wait for the MGA results. can’t wait who’s gonna become part of the #SuperNOVA. Congratulations everyone! #bringitonmga2 #koreanfood #mga #novaent 

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