ok i did this in the tags but honestly robin pisses me off SO MUCH because OBVIOUSLY a properly FUNCTIONING body wouldn’t be able to walk and have an insatiable craving for brains if it was dead but you’re NOT TAKING THE VIRUS INTO ACCOUNT which essentially REANIMATES the body and creates a feigned hunger and it’s SO FRUSTRATING THAT SHE TREATS ZOMBIES LIKE REGULARLY FUNCTIONING PEOPLE because CLEARLY nobody normal who died of normal causes would have that happen but people DIE BECAUSE OF THE ZOMBIE VIRUS AND THEREFORE THEIR DEATH IS JUST AS UNTREATABLE AND BIZARRE AS THEIR LIFE like you wouldn’t be like “well cells can’t just multiply out of fuckin control because there’s something in them that tells them to stop "because that’s how NORMAL CELLS WORK BUT NOT CANCER CELLS LIKE UGH OBVIOUSLY THE ZOMBIE VIRUS CHANGES THE BODY’S CHEMISTRY WHY CAN’T YOU ACCEPT THAT DISEASES PRESENT EXCEPTIONS TO NORMALITY IN SCIENCE