Some fic ideas up for grabs!

So I had ideas for fics..Some are old and still looking for homes. Please consider writing mine <3

Multi-Chapter Fic - Someone at the cul-de-sac is getting married.

I vote for Nazz and maybe Eddy together. Everyone is invited to the
wedding. Edd being Eddys best man and Kevin being Nazzs
best man (?lol) At the reception Kevin is getting drunk,
worried about not finding someone for him. Edd feeling the
same but not drinking as much. Both somehow end up
fucking and the morning after is awkward. Which both tried
to brush it off as a drunken fling. Truthfully feelings start to
bubble..Story of them learning about their feelings and
coming to terms with it. And it ending on their wedding day,
dancing together and something sappy is happening.


Multi-Chapter Fic - Another fic idea where Edd left for a while and when he
came back, he was actually a she. Its been done a few times
but these fics hasent update in a long ass time and it makes
me cry. Someome please do more of these x_x


“Pretty much a teacher kink. R!Edd is a teacher teaching 

about the human body like in that drawing and R!Kevin is
having to be the student. He has a toy buzzing inside him
that Edd put there and he has to pay attention to what Edd is
saying or other wise he gets punished, which would be the
ruler Edd had in the pic. Kinky sex on a student desk and
yeah. Dirty talk is loved! I hope this helps you write
something! Im excited to see what you do <3


Multi-Chapter Fic (maybe)- I just had the thought of like..Kevin and R!Edd hating each other, Always competing against each other, After all they think only one should be the best or w/e

And somehow started to compete about who can woo and
such their dork the best, One always trying to top the other
Meanwhile Double D and R!Kevin are all confused and
flustered and yeah
I thought it was a funny and cute idea and wanted to share


Multi-Chapter Fic - This last one Is a lil long so Imma put it under a read more so I dont stretch out your dash anymore lol. LIke I said..Its not that good..Its just a thought about the start of Double Ds sexuality that turned into an idea for a KevEdd fic XD I cant write..Im not good at it all so its free for takes. I hope someone gives it a home <3 So here ya go..

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Gardenia Garden - RevKevEdd -Part 3

It was a very hot day as summer was approaching, good for me that I have a cap with me most times. This morning was very crappy. Mom and dad yelled at each other all morning and would not let me pass. I packed my work uniform into my bag before I went out because today is Friday and they are likely to be home if I come home.

I got a job for the very purpose of getting away from them and to have my own money, so I do not have to ask. I get to eat out that way at nice places and stay away from home even more. I joined after school clubs just to avoid them more. And working weekends makes it even better. I’m either at school or work or the library.

I quietly sat on the bus to school. Days seem so similar to one another everyday. Nazz and Sarah sat with Jimmy in the middle. Rofl and Johnny are sitting behind them. After junior high, they became best friends. Kind of what happened to Sarah and Nazz. In the very end of the bus are May, Marie, and Lee. They take the back because it holds up to 4 people and they take up all the space. In the very front of the bus sat Ed, Edd, and Eddy. If Eddy sat any closer to the driver, he would be the one driving. Ed never sits. And Eddward is sitting on the seat opposite to the driver. While I sit by the door, always the one to open it for people.

The light shone really bright. The Eds are doing another one of their copycat moves and all sat with tinted colored glasses.

After junior high, they some how became the coolest guys in school. Eddy is currently dating Nazz. Nobody knows how that happened. Not even me, I’m still very close to her. Ed actually got famous. Really. There was some comic book competition which he won and got a chance to make a small comic to be published into an issue of “Alien Invaders”. It was so popular that he actually started working for them as an intern.

As for Eddward… Oh Eddward.

Eddward got sexy. He got taller and stronger. He joined the swimming team and worked up a nice body. The rest of the girls in school just die when they see him walk up to the school with his swimming bag. He got shameless. That fucking jerk. Eddy once took his swimming bag as a joke where he kept his clothes during practice… He chased Eddy all over the school with just his trunks on. I would say it is obscene but I still have pictures of that on my phone…

These days everything he does is sexy. And just to egg people on, he pierced his ears. And tongue. Everyone calls him a rebel and stuff. And the attention got to his head.

Me? What happened to me? I stopped growing at the age of 13, became closeted gay, and ruined my eye sight. Nice. I must have been a jerk in the past life to deserve this.

I looked to the front and looked at Eddward. He looked all mysterious with his red sun glasses.

I did not get much sleep last night. Or any. I really can’t after that dream…

Screw him. I do not want that jerk. Worst of all is that he started being a real bully. I don’t care. Nope. Not at all.

I leaned back in my seat, lowering the cap onto my eyes, putting my glasses into my pocket.

In the front of the bus…

I watched Eddy give Hank a hard time, again.
“Come on, man. Lets turn on the radio. This hunk of junk has a good sound system.”

I lowered my sunglasses on my nose, looking at him. “Eddy, if we crash, it is entirely your fault.” I scowled at him. I didn’t sleep shit after that dream.


I take off my glasses and hang them on my shirt neck hole. Eddy rubbed his head and yelled back “WE WON’T CRASH IF HANK LET’S ME TURN ON THE RADIO!!!”

I smile at them. I would say something but I just want to sleep.

The lack of sleep reacted poorly with my head and my focus worsened.

Although the dream was worth it…

I have the best spot in this bus. I looked at the right rearview mirror. In its reflection is a perfect view of Kevin~!

The poor baby is asleep. I just want to jump up and rape him right here… but oh well… I’ll save it for later.

I decided to go for it. And I have a small plan for my precious Pumpkin.