Throwback Thursday: Ramin Karimloo (with Harry Child) performing ‘The Beauty Underneath’ at West End Live 2010 in London. 

As everyone knows, Ramin is leaving LES MIS on the August 30th.

So how about helping us out with a farewell card?

Just send us a message with your name here on Tumblr or Facebook, or tweet us [with the hashtag ‪#‎FanProjectRKBR‬], or email us [at rkbr.contact@gmail.com], and you will be signing our card and sending all your love to our favorite Jean Valjean.

You have until August 14. JOIN US!

*** Our Ramin Karimloo Birthday Project for this year is coming soon, stay tuned on RKBR! ***

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Throwback Thursday: Ramin Karimloo singing ‘Phantom of the Opera’ with Nicole Scherzinger, Earl Carpenter, John-Owen-Jones and Simon Bowman at Royal Variety Performance 2011.

Send us a photo for RAMIN KARIMLOO’S BIRTHDAY (or of yourself celebrating Ramin’s bday or with Ramin at SD, M&G, etc) or a fanart (drawing / photo montage). You have until September 17.

Last year we got an incredible response from the fans, and Ramin approved! Let’s make together a birthday party even bigger this year!

Message us here with your pic, or on RKBR’s Facebook page inbox, on Twitter (with the hashtag#RKBirthdayProject), or email us: rkbr.contact@gmail.com