4 am

Word Count:1800

You and Vernon’s sleepovers always consisted of the same things, as many snacks as you can eat, 3 movies, and all of the pillows and blankets that you can find. Today was the first time since you two were children that the sleepover was taking place at Vernon’s house. He somehow convinced you that his new bed would be more comfy then your old one. You and Vernon pulled up to his house in your car with all of your supplies. You made him carry the blankets and pillows while you carried the snacks and your backpack. You followed behind Vernon shyly since you haven’t been to his house in many years, making him laugh at you.

“My family wont bite you” he laughed.

Your cheeks turned pink and you tried to pull your over sized sweater up to cover your face. Vernon opened the door and you were immediately hit with the amazing smell of whatever his mom was cooking.

“smells good” you mumbled, as you took off your shoes.

He immediately led you down the stairs to his room. You could hear Vernon’s mom and his sister talking while they were cooking. You walked through the doorway of his room, being met with the smell of his cologne and air freshener, his room was exceptionally clean. He threw the blankets, and pillows onto the bed.

“You can put your bag wherever” he said while he fiddled with his TV.

“so are we going to start this right now or wait for the sun to set” he asked, gesturing to the movies that where set out on the TV stand.

“Well its only 4 so we could probably watch one before the sun sets, then we can go for a walk to stretch our legs, and then watch the rest of the movies” You said mentally mapping out the evening. He nodded in agreement.

“You set up the blankets and i will put the movie in” he said. You immediately picked up all of the blankets and pillows, and turned them into a little nest. Once the movie was playing, Vernon climbed into the nest with you, you really didn’t mind sharing personal space with him, and he didn’t mind either so you two sat like that for most of the movie. half way through Vernon’s mom and sister came down with food for you two, that both of you willingly ate.

Soon the movie was over and you sat up. “Lets go” you said looking at Vernon.

“Go where?” he asked, looking at you like he had no clue what you were talking about.

“On a walk remember” You said staring at him like he was crazy.

You saw the moment of realization in his eyes before he said  “Do we have to, its cold outside and its so warm in here”. He motioned to outside and the room as he spoke.

“You got me there, but you owe me one walk” you said as you sat back down and you started the next movie.

Soon enough all of the movies were over and it was almost midnight. You both decided to try to sleep so that you would be able to get up early and have breakfast. But no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t sleep. You were tossing and turning, and you could hear Vernon move every once in a while. Eventually you gave up and stopped trying to sleep and you just stared at the roof, you took in how Vernon’s room looked and how it smelled, how it felt to have him sleeping beside you, and what it was like to be awake at a time like this, in someone else’s house. The time was around 4 am when Vernon laid flat on his back and sighed.

“Y/N are you awake” he asked, turning his head to look at you.

“Yeah” you sighed, turning your body so that you faced him too. You both sat there staring at each other in the dark. It seemed like he was thinking about something but instead of doing anything he said “lets make ramen”. You were immediately down with that idea. So you took some uncooked ramen out of the snack bag and snuck upstairs to cook it. You say on the counter near the stove while Vernon cooked. You had found some ice cream to snack on while he cooked.

“Hey Vernon?” you asked quietly.

“Hey Y/N” he replied.

“What would we say if your mom or your sister woke up, its like 4 in the morning” You said and then shoved a spoonful of ice cream into your mouth.

“Well i would say that we were feeling peckish and then face the wrath of momma Chwe, or if it was my sister i would make sure she didn’t say anything to mom and then send her to bed” he explained while cracking and egg into the ramen.

When Vernon felt like his ramen creation was done he took out some chopsticks and a spoon and started to eat the ramen.

“Hansol?” you said

“mmm” he replied with a mouth full of ramen.

“I feel like your guest should get some food too” You said as he leaned against the counter that was parallel to you. He rolled his eyes and pulled some noodles out of the bowl with his chopsticks and brought it up to your mouth. The ramen smelled so amazing and you couldn’t wait to taste it, Vernon always made the best ramen. You opened your mouth and soon Vernon filled it with the delicious noodles.

“Damn Hansol you make some good ass ramen” You said once you swallowed the food. Hansol took turns feeding you then him until the bowl was empty. He put the bowl into the garbage and then stood between your legs while you sat still on the counter. His fingers traced patterns across the skin on your thighs. You looked at his face but he wasn’t looking at you, he was looking at the skin that his fingers danced across. A few moments later he looked up at you. You eyes looked into his and it was clear what he wanted to do. You stayed silent and as still as a statue as his face moved closer to yours. He stopped moving when your lips were just centimeters apart. You knew this was his way of getting your approval to kiss you, so you moved your faced towards his until your lips joined. As soon your lips touched, they started to move in perfect synchronization. You attached your fingers to his hair, and his hands raised to your hips, grazing your heat on the way up, making you jump slightly. The kiss deepened as he pulled you closer to him. The kissed became sloppy and Vernon’s hand started to play with the band of your pajama shorts. You nodded into the kiss telling him that you were okay with it. Instead of continuing, he disconnected your lips and looked at you.

“do. you. want. to. take. this. down. stairs?” he asked between pants. You smiled and nodded. He raced downstairs pulling you behind him. You could feel how wet your pajamas were since you had no underwear on underneath them. Once you got down to his room, he locked the door and you sat on the bed.

It wasn’t long before Vernon’s lips were on yours again and his hand had found their way under his shirt that you were wearing as pajamas, and under the band.

Vernon broke the kiss and asked “are you sure”.

“yes hansol i am sure” You said while nodding your head. He nodded snd his hand slipped down to your heat, first rubbing your clit, making you moan slightly, and then down between your folds, feeling your wetness, and spreading it all over your pussy.

He pulled your shorts down and off of your legs.

“Can you lay down nice for  me baby?” he asked as he discard your shorts.  You nodded and laid down on the bed completely flat. Before you could wonder where he was, Vernon appeared by your feet.

“Baby can i taste” He asked, but you knew it wasn’t as much of a question as it was a warning that he was going to do that. You nodded your head anyways, and spread your legs so that he could access your soaking heat. Soon enough His face was right above your heat, and every breath that he breathed was teasing you and making you whine out.

He licked a stripe up your heat, making your thighs involuntarily close around his head. He laughed into your pussy, sending vibrations throughout it. Anytime his tongue darted through your folds you moaned. Eventually he had one hand on your hip keeping you in place and the other one had two fingers pumping in and out of you wile he assaulted your clit with his tongue. His pace quickened as you pulled on his hair.

“Fuck, Fuck me please” You whined as you pushed your hips into his face, trying to make more friction.

“As you wish” Vernon said, Taking off his shirt and sweatpants to reveal his hard on.

“Take off your shirt baby” Vernon said, rubbing circles into your hips. You happily obliged, taking off his shirt and throwing it somewhere in his room. His eyes scanned you body before he attached his lips to your neck, kissing from your neck to your boobs. He sucked on each nipple before moving down to your navel, and then pressing a light kiss on your clit.

“You taste so good” he said as he lined up his cock.

“Are you ready” he asked.

“Yes” you said and put your arms around his neck, pulling him into a kiss as he eased into you. Your eyes closed in bliss as he started to thrust in and out of you, only stopping to lean down and kiss you. Your moans started to fill the air as his pace quickened.

“Baby you have to be quiet, we don’t want to get caught do we” he said as he continued to thrust into you. You shook your head and bit your lip instead of moaning his name. You started to thrust at a different angle, causing him to hit your g spot.

“fuck Hansol” you moaned out.

“shhhh” he said as his pace quickened. soon his thrusts were sloppy and uneven. He pulled out and came all over your stomach. He reached down and started to rub your clit, and it wasn’t long before you had climaxed too, covering his hand in your cream.

“Well it looks like we need to shower” He panted as he layed down on the bed beside you.

“Can we do that after we sleep” you asked.

“We sure can” He said kissing your fore head. a few minutes later you felt Vernon wipe between your legs with a warm damp cloth and then wipe his cum off of your stomach before crawling into bad with you and spooning you. You fell asleep like that, completely naked and in complete bliss.


S.coups looks so sad and dissapointed. Like his soul has left his body.

He just saw his brothers who he grew up with and trained with for so many years get done so dirty by mnet. He saw the people who respect so much breakdown. He saw Jonghyun, the leader he looks up, smile while having his heart ripped out.

He saw Samuel, the kid he raised up since he was 9 lose his dream. The kid who was supposed to debut with him. He had to see Sam cry.

He knows how talented Ren JR Samuel and Baekho are. He would never want to be seperated from the 17 members: Just like how Minhyun Doesnt want to be away from Nu'est.

Thank you for standing up for almost 4 hours to support Nu'est and bby Sam. Thanks for always support Nu'est Choi Seungcheol I’m sorry about the result.

I pray for a future where Nu'est, Sam and 17 can all rise together

Mingyu Checking Up On SVT

Mingyu: I wonder how the boys are doing while I’m gone *pulls out phone*


Mingyu: Hm, they seem to be doing pretty normal *discards phone to resume filming*


THE INNOCENCE…my ass!  😨😱