Nines: I’m really worried about Gavin.

Nines: I swear he has no survival or self-preservation instincts. I think he was born without them.

Connor: Is that even possible?


Nines: Hey, Gavin?

Gavin: What’s up?

Nines: I’ll race you downsta-

Gavin: [already jumping out the window]

170. I’m not wearing that

Fandom: Detroit become human | Ship: Reed900, mentioned Hannor
(Warning: mentioned criminal committing suicide offscreen)

‘Where are you going?’
‘The precinct. Obviously.’ Nines halted the car at the next red light. ‘We have a report to write.’
‘Okay, stop that and drive to your place.’
‘Detective this would just be an unnecessary waste of time.’
‘Nines, look at you! You are covered in blood. You look like a rogue murder machine! You are driving home right now and change into something that doesn’t scream of someone blowing their head off next to you!’
‘That would mean a delay of-‘
‘I don’t care. I’m not explaining what happened to everyone.

It was when the android changed lanes followed by angry honking that Gavin realised, he had no idea where RK900 lived. He arrived at the precinct, he worked, he left. Gavin knew the streets of Detroit by heart and tried to find out where they were headed.
‘Oh god, you’re not living with the Andersons, are you?’, he groaned hoping not to have that talk any time soon.
‘What? No!’ Thankfully Nines sounded as uncomfortable as Gavin had been at the idea. ‘I already have a quite intimate picture of my brother’s relationship with Hank as it is, I don’t need any more intel.’
‘Really? I didn’t know. Are they-‘
‘Please, Detective. Lieutenant Anderson is our superior officer and Connor is my brother. I don’t think either of us want to go in that territory.’
Gavin huffed after a moment of silence. ‘Guess I really don’t. God, I knew they were partners but thinking they are partners…
‘Detective, please.’
‘Okay, okay, I’ll shut up.’
‘We are there.’

They drove into a private underground garage of an apartment building, parked the car and Nines stood up, waiting for Gavin patiently.
‘What, you expect me to come with you?’
‘I mean, you can wait here, Detective, but it would be boring and you too have some blood on you.’
‘Guess I’ll have to see your Borg-alcove then.’

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Speaking of wings

  • Connor’s wings are soft and quiet like an owls. It helps him look friendlier. But they are also FAST and large. It’s light and dark grey colors gives him a truly frightful appearance when angry.
  • Nines wings being mostly white with black feathers in the middle. His are also like Connor’s. Except faster, stronger, more resilient.
  • Hanks wings being close to that of a Hawks (get it?) In his younger years it helped get him where he is now. Being the youngest lieutenant out there. Now however, his wings are a mess. Loose feathers sticking out and just covered in filth. Flying is a bit of a chore now for the old man. Too many burgers.
  • Coles wings would have been like his father’s. Although at that age his wings were still fluffy and not fully developed he so badly wanted to fly like and with his father.
  • Gavin’s wings are a rich brown color and it’s feathers are like those of bird of prey. They are rather pretty wings. Being very athletic and smart, he’s a great Detective. But an asshole. His wings are covered in scars and missing a few feathers. Some are from day to day life as a police officer, but quite a few are self inflicted. A horrible compulsive habit of his when he’s stressed or deep in thought.
  • Fowler’s wings never get used for flying much. Dark feathers like ink. Closely resembling a magpies. He’ll often open them up and flap them around when angry.

Social norms of wings

  • It is a parents job to help the development of their child’s muscles of their wings.
  • It’s is a tradition for highschool graduates to show their wings to all and fly with their class. As most of them are 18 and have fully developed wings.
  • Preening others wings is a sign of trust and a bonding activity.
  • Molting is a trouble some thing. For those who can afford it, go to a spa to get their wings treated (usually called bird baths) . Others have family or close friends help with that. In fact it was one of the major selling points of Androids.
  • It is rude and rather inappropriate to have ones wings spread out when not at home. Due to how much space they take up and risk of smacking someone. (Gavin does this)

I like lore.

But I won’t over do it this time. Just a few ideas.


  • Rupert’s wings are like pigeons
  • Simon’s are like doves (because Simon)

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Easter Bunny, part I

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