RK was still on his blimp, now staring at the sky, that is, until he though he had heard something. With the blimp pretty low to the ground, it wasn’t impossible to hear noises.

Looking down, the mole had noticed something–wait, was that Shaiza? Something certainly seemed off…

He chose to run a visual scan with his shades, and once getting the results, got a look of pure fear. No,no he had to shake that off, there were more pressing matters to get to!

Not wasting any time, RK had his hang-glider form from use of petals, and headed to where Kura lived.

NEW Chapter of That ‘70s Show Fanfiction- If You Ever Did Believe

Hello there everyone, I’ve updated my latest fanfiction ‘If You Ever Did Believe’ and I hope you’ll check it out if you get the chance to!

Hope you like, here’s the info:

Chapter Title: Same Ole Me

Character Pairings: Red and Jackie (friendship/family) Hyde and Jackie, Eric and Donna, Kelso and Brooke, Red and Kitty. Lots of RK in this chapter.

Summary: The Formans and the group of friends, who grew up in their basement, are living their everyday lives in the new decade of the ‘80s until something happens that turns everyone’s world upside down. Soon it becomes Jackie’s mission to help everyone, especially Red, mend broken bonds, get answers, and hopefully find peace again. JH,ED,KB,RK,F?

Rating: K+

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11959480/6/If-You-Ever-Did-Believe

And a little peek at the new chapter:

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an idea: ryan kennedy (33) and freddie fox (27) in a netflix series as jack zimmermann and eric bittle. set a number of years after their time in samwell where they’re both now comfortably out, accepted, and happily married with a kid of their own, it’s complete with flashbacks to their formative years on the smh team that fills in their backstory and leads up to present day. plus, the rest of the gang make featured appearances, of course.