lets get down to business || bekayden

Bekah had gotten up early and went into work as she was drawing up a contract to give to Hayden, she could look it over and if she had any question she could ask them of course but it was pretty much straight forward. All Bekah had to deal with was Atlantic to buy out the woman’s contract to get her as her own artist. they had her in pretty tight and on the tightest schedule she’s ever seen. basically they were planning on working Hayden to her breaking point but like hell would Rebekah let that happen. not only was she connected to hayden personally but professionally now. she wanted to make sure the woman got what she wanted and for her to be able to live also. it was like that with all of her artists, work them hard yet not till their breaking point, everyone has a life outside of work. 

Sitting there in her office she called up Atlantic. “It’s Rebekah Tyler with RJT Records..can I talk to Marcus Payne..thank you..” she was put on hold and heard a voice on the other side. “Interesting getting a call from you Rebekah.” “Hmmm you think so? I would like to set up a meeting today with you, talk to you about an artists who I had found and set up first, i would like to buy their contract out..” the guy laughed and bekah just sat there. “i have no idea why you’re laughing..you clearly don’t understand the artist” “If you’re talking about Hayden Cortez, she’s still has a year and a half on her contract..and you buying out her contract isn’t something you wanna do..” “you underestimate me, Mr. Payne..3pm. I’ll be there waiting to talk to you. I’ll see you then..” “Very well, see you then” she hung up and sat there looking at the wall as she breathed heavy before placing her head back on her chair. 

Tonight || Bekayden

Ever since Hayden had signed on with RJT, she had really began to love her career even more so now. Honestly, since Bekah had had came back into her life, everything was great. She had no complaints. Her life was perfect; they were perfect. Pushing the door open to her apartment, she carried in their order of take out that she’d gotten from the delivery driver that she ran into on the way up. They’d just gotten in from a work party, it was great but the food was terrible. She couldn’t even stomach the cake and she thought cake was always supposed to be good. After having dipped out early, the pair just opted to head home and order in.

Sitting the food on the counter, she kicked off her heels and began to undress. She didn’t care if Bekah saw her in her underwear, it was nothing she hadn’t seen before. She grabbed an oversized t-shirt from her laundry and slipped it on. Sitting down on one of the bar stools, she turned to the blonde. “Ugh, my feet were killing me….but tonight was fun….aside from the catering. Probably should blacklist them,” She chuckled. “I hope no one noticed we sneaked out. I mean, you were kinda the main guest of honor….”