rj: personal

You know the drill


1. Band

2. Singer

3. Movie

4. Song

5. Series

6. Tumblr

7. Person

8. Place to travel

9. TV character


10. Had sex

11. Self-harmed

12. Kissed a stranger

13. Been drunk

14. Smoked

15. Had a crush on a teacher

16. Had a crush on someone twice your age

17. Kissed someone of the same sex

18.Wished you were someone else


19. Party night or movie night

20. Tumblr or Facebook

21. Sports or fashion

22. Black or white

23. Red or blue

24. Milk or water


25. Happy with your life

26. Sleepy

27. Sad

28.Angry at someone

29. Bored

30. Tired

31. Happy with your body

32. Happy with your face


33. Hottest guy in the world

34. Hottest girl in the world

35. Favorite thing to drink

36. Your life 10 years from now

37. When did you drink for the first time

38. when did you smoke for the first time

39. Do you believe in God

40. What country do you want to visit


So, me and 2 of my girl-friends were at Chuck E. Cheese and as we were about to leave a dude in about his late 20’s or early 30’s comes up to us talking about how he’s recently started working with a new company and they’re looking to hire. My friends and I were listening. He didn’t really specify on the job/company until I asked what type of job it was and said it had to do with finances if I remember correctly. (Why would you want high schoolers working for a new company like that¿) and he asked for our ages (we’re all 18) and then asked for our numbers. He didn’t ask us about working experience and gave my friend an interview (she’s the only one that answered his call the following day) at 7:30pm for Monday? Since when are interviews that late? I texted him saying I was in class and if i can have the company name and location and he said he can forward it to me, I said sure, but he never responded after that. Idk. We told another friend and she said it sounds like trafficking 🤔

It’s gotten to the point where anxiety is like an actual person/creature. Like I’ll be sat doing whatever and the furry thing will come sit next to me and will just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk… like an imaginary frenemy. I call it anxiety monster and usually if I give it a pillow and put some Brooklyn 99 on it calms down a little. Is this just me?

An update on some personal stuff

Hey you guys, thanks for your sweet comments about my family members - both are home now recuperating from their sudden health issues.

I’m dealing with some health issues myself, and the doctor wants to run more tests, including an MRI. :-/ I’ve been really stressed and out of sorts about it lately, but I’m trying to keep my head up and stay positive.

I haven’t been able to open my game for a while due to all kinds of stuff going on, but my husband and I took some much needed time off and are trying to rest, play and be creative.

I actually got to play a little yesterday and hope to post some updates on my Raine Perfect Genetics Challenge soon.

I know I don’t have to post, and that you guys wouldn’t expect me to, but I do enjoy interacting with you all and playing/posting. It helps me stay present, especially now, as well as keeps me focused on things I enjoy.

Anyway, that’s a little update, and if you don’t mind, any prayers and good vibes would be appreciated.

There was a chance for us to be lovers. We both felt something toward each other and the least it can be described is that of love. The affection was there, the feelings mutual but we chose to remain as friends instead of being lovers because it was the best course to take. We weren’t rushing things. We let ourselves be comfortable with each other while getting to know you and you knowing me. It’s the perfect set-up and we’re both cool with it. The foundation was prominent. We did fall in love but we just can’t risk the friendship we had founded. Imagine that? We felt pained and ached even though we’re not officially a couple yet. Why? It’s because of the grim reality, the truth so hard to accept. We can’t be together despite our feelings. We were the star-crossed lovers whom the Fates forbid to weave together. Don’t worry though, I will forever treasure this friendship of ours. We were the perfect example of Almost.