• what i expected from MaCready: snarky asshole, swears profusely, very mean and violent, complains loudly, accidentally drops the word mungo every now and then
  • how MaCready actually is: one of the genuinely sweetest companions you can get, super sad backstory, kindhearted, princely little angel of a man who just really loves money and his family (and yes, he considers you family too)

oh my god i bet butch really likes rj macready from little lamplight tho and hes like ‘this lil punk would be GREAT in my gang’ and so he gets him his own kid sized jacket and everything and he hands it to him and he’s like 'great news, kid! you’re now an official member of the baddest gang in the wastes! tinnel snakes rule!!’ and rj just looks at him and bursts into laughter and says 'are you fucking kidding??? i dont wanna be in your stupid fucking gang!! HA’ and he throws the jacket on the ground then spits on it and butch is just like 'wow. that kid is so fucknig cOOL.’

Okay, no more jokes, this one is for real and poised to kick your ears’ asses…

A little over three months ago, Retro Promenade put out a call to action for submissions from artists who wished to create music inspired by anything in John Carpenter’s films. 20 slots were available, more than 20 artists submitted, and 5 third party selectors were invited to choose their top 20 tracks for the album, and this method is to ensure that the top tracks are all super high quality without any inner politics taking focus.

The selectors were Rick Shithouse (Synthetix.fm), Marko Maric (Synthetix Sundays), Andy Last (Beyond Synth Podcast), Steve Jenkins (Telefuture) & Sam Todhunter (Carpenter Graphic Artist).

Rather than list who wasn’t selected, I’ll just go ahead and list who will be on the compilation album and post the absolutely outstanding poster featuring hand drawn illustration by Sam Todhunter for your perusal.

20SIX Hundred, Amplitude Problem, Beckett, Bionic Resistance, Europaweite Aussichten, Fixions, GUNSHIP, Hide And Sequence, Irving Force, Jaunter, Jon of the Shred, Lazerhawk
Marcon, SATORI IN BED, SHIO-Z, Speed Machine, STRSGN
Synaptyx, VHS Glitch, Who Ha

Brought together by our common appreciation for the works of legendary filmmaker and musician, each of the artists went above and beyond in an attempt to create something worthy of the name

Retro Promenade Presents

Release Date: Tuesday April 7th, 2015