rj poster

From what I gathered:

Rj is funny af, like he’s that friend that will take you out if you’re feeling down, I seriously want to be friends with him

Naomi is like the mom friend™, she’s also so endearing, tells great stories, really fashion forward

Ludi is like the chill older brother, he’s serious and loose at the same time, would always encourage you when your doubting yourself, the one you would go to for advice

Becky is the friend that whenever you’re out with her there’s no dull moment, she is the sister who’s always up for pranks and being mischievous

Dacre is like the super reserved, philosophical most of the time, does not want to be a part of pranks nor snapchat vids/filters, he might be shy but he cares a lot, super supportive

@saber-tooth-titties thoughts?

anonymous asked:

I'm really scared there won't be any finn in the tlj trailer and that he'll be like stamp sized on the poster. RJ seems to nut at the thought of Kyle Ron and I really just am scared that John is flexing pac rim 2 because he knows they fucked him in tlj.

First of all, I share your fears. Finn is absolutely walnut sized in all the posters, and I’m praying for a twist in the movie that will let him hold a lightsaber again. I know I should be happy that he’s getting his own journey in the Resistance, but you know what? That’s not enough. I already know that the trailer will only show him doing Resistance stuff, talking to Rose and/or Poe, but the movie better deliver the FS/Jedi Finn that TFA promised. So, if you’re looking for morsels of Finn and stuff that we already know, you’ll be pleased. However, personally, I don’t have high hopes.

Secondly, I wouldn’t be too worried over John’s promotion for Pacific Rim 2. That’s still his movie, he produced it, he’s leading it. It figures that he would promote it excessively, whether TLJ is a fail or not. But the PacRim franchise is a good fallback plan, that is, if people actually go and watch it. We all need to support John in all of his endeavours because Star Wars evidently isn’t.