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Lily + Remus Friendship Headcanons
  • I am so here for this alright friends lets get right down to it
  • Lily and Remus becoming fast friends in first year because they were the first two to raise their hands to answer a question and they did it at the exact same time
  • Lily always trying to guess how Remus got his scars before realizing she was being insensitive, but Remus really doesn’t mind because her guesses are so amusing
  • “You got in a fight with a Bowtruckle and lost?”
  • “No. I won.”
  • “You…..tripped over Mrs. Norris?”
  • “I wish.”
  • “Oh, I’ve got it. They’re not real scars at all, you just paint them on every morning to look badass.”
  • *gasp* “How did you know?” 
  • Lily is the first person Remus tells about his condition; and for a moment he can’t bring himself to look up at her out of fear that she’s not even sitting there anymore because surely she ran away as soon as the word “werewolf” left his mouth.
  • But she’s there, and she’s smiling, and she lays a hand on his shoulder and doesn’t say a word and that is all she needs to say, and for the first time Remus thinks maybe he’s not such a monster after all
  • Walks around the Black Lake and piggy-back rides 
  • Usually Lily hops on Remus’s back but sometimes she tries to lift him even though he’s tall enough that his feet still touch the ground
  • Lily stealing one of Remus’s jumpers that has reindeer on it for an ugly Christmas sweater party and Remus being low-key offended that she thought it was ugly
  • “What do you mean the reindeer look like knitted hunchbacks? They’re cute and bloody festive.
  • …before accepting with a laugh that okay, maybe it’s not the most flattering article of clothing he owns 
  • The two of them hitting the 7-hour mark studying in the library before a Charms exam that just had to be scheduled close to a full moon and Remus feels like he’s coming undone and he almost cries when Lily gets up and comes over to give him a hug and a shoulder massage because somehow she just always knows 
  • Remus never really being able to afford Lily a Christmas gift worthy of giving to a friend like her until one year after saving up, he buys Lily the exact same reindeer jumper so they can match
  • And she is ecstatic
  • Lily constantly making up nicknames for people on the spot based on what they’re doing, and usually they’re references to Muggle movies or literature and no one gets them except Remus
  • Who lost his shit laughing when Lily saw him eating chocolate one day and said “What’s up, Willy Wonka?” without missing a beat
  • They got in a huge fight in fifth year after the incident with Snape because Lily was crying and Remus felt horrible and in an attempt to make amends he said “you know James actually does like you, right?” and he shouldn’t have said it then, it wasn’t the right time and he realized that as soon the words came out
  • “God DAMN it, Remus, this isn’t about James, this is about you! Why didn’t you stop them?!”
  • He’s never seen her this upset and truly doesn’t know what to do
  • But they make up the next week, they always do, because there’s nothing so serious that it can’t be worked out over toast and peach jam in the Great Hall
  • One night in the common room in sixth year, James is sitting on the sofa and Lily comes over to join the conversation and sits on the other end and immediately Remus gets up and makes her scoot over so she’s closer to James
  • Which Lily realizes she doesn’t mind, nope, she doesn’t mind this at all
  • Remus shooting her a wink and then fist-bumping James behind her head because he knows he just helped them both
  • Lily caught between James who refuses to believe Remus is the spy, and Sirius who is convinced that he is, and getting in many tearful, stress-induced fights because of it while they’re in hiding
  • In her final moments, before she has one last thought of James and of Harry, it’s Remus she thinks about, and it’s not a happy thought, because she knows in that second that all of his closest friends will be gone.

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Hey, AJ. Imagine: Jason with migraines because of all the trauma. The Lazarus Pit can do a lot but the psychosomatic effect is still hella real. So Jason ends up laid up in bed w/ a pillow over his face and he feels like garbage bc his head is splitting at the seams. And then Roy walks in, calm as you please with a cup of hot tea with honey and lemon, and a couple of super-strength aspirin and just sits there with Jason until he feels human enough to try and eat the food Roy left in the kitchen.

…Nonnie…Why would you do this to me? I won’t be able to think about anything else now!! I mean, I’ve always loved Jason with migraines but then caring!Roy? You’ve felled me!!

The M Word

RJ is SUPER superstitious about never ever ever saying Macbeth in a theater unless it is during the show Macbeth. He’s seen disastrous things happen where actors have said it, like costumes going missing and entire set pieces just falling down so he will not have it.

When he was stage managing a show, some freshman who didn’t know a thing about theatre learned about the Macbeth curse, and was being a little asshole and just kept saying it, even though a bunch of the veteran actors kept getting angry and telling him to stop.

When RJ got word of this, he approached him and got in his face and told him to stop, to which he got really annoying and kept saying it.

RJ punched him right in the nose.

Of course he cried and went to the director, who was super upset that RJ had just punched a freshman. She called him over and demanded an explanation, and RJ explained that “He said the M word.”

The director didn’t do shit about it. 

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max headcanons!!!!

for the record i really love aro/ ace max a WHOLE BUNCH

aroace max who, when theyre all older and his friends start dating people, is just ‘yeah thats great im happy for you but if you kiss in front of me i’m leaving to go live in the woods forever’ 

he gets cold easily, which is why he wears hoodies and long sleeves so often

assuming the ac and the jang get on better terms as johnny becomes a spectral, also going off of my hc that rj is also aroace, sometimes when he can get a few sentences outta them they just salt about romance being gross

its kinda ooc but i really love Mom Friend Max Puckett

he wanted to be a pirate growing up. or a spy/ some cool secret agent

loves cheesy pop music like taylor swift but refuses to ever admit it, ever. 

hes pretty good at dancing but doesnt like to do it in front of people unless its for laughs/ showing off

his middle name is vincent


the first time he tried freerunning he fell into like 3 trash cans and almost sprained his wrist

his favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry or pistachio

he almost always wins monopoly, the only times he lost was against his mom

in return, he’s also really good at scrabble due to his oddly expansive vocabulary

he sucks at jenga 

his favorite type of video games are nintendo, i personally think it’d be funny to watch max play splatoon

once he was put in charge of putting away leftover spaghetti from dinner but really wasnt feeling up to it so he just ate it all. this is also a thing i’ve done.

max has adhd and i’ll fight on this