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Ships challenge (pt.1)

the most non-problematic and softest ship

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the “we should ended as a couple” ship

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the ship that hurt me as hell, but they are my favorite

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the “slow burn” ship

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the “incest is a family thing” ship

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the “only one hetero ship in my list” ship

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the “my childhood” ship

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the “deserved better” ship

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the “idc they’re endgame” ship

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the “oh hell naw, you’re gay only for your wife” ship

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Swan Queen: A modern fairy tail of two women co-parenting a son together. Both wanting to find self acceptance and a family to love and call their own.

Bering & Wells: A heart-broken woman from the past wakes up in a future world with a desire to destroy it. She doesn’t go through with her plan because she finds light and hope in the form of another woman; giving her a second chance at happiness.

Rizzles: Two women who are literally life partners.

Show Creators In The End: No but lady friendship and this random dude tho


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Person: Have you seen this show it has gay…

Me: Let me stop you there. If it has gays in it, I’ve seen it.

Me, every night

Me: I need to go to sleep

Brain: but GIRLS

Me: No, not toni—

Brain: remember that girl who smiles at you in class? She’s out of your league tho. She’s brilliant and kind and hot and you want to hold her hand

Me: no!

Brain: oh yes!! Girls are so wonderful and all you want to do is cuddle. But you are so afraid of getting hurt

Me: brain! Stop that!

Brain: remember your favorite ships and how cute they are? Yeah, you’ll never have that

Me: oh come on brain

Brain: speaking of, just thought of a good plot line or dialogue for a fanfic

Me: great—

Brain: too bad you’ll forget in the morning sucker

Me: shit

Brain: doesn’t matter your writing is bad anyway

Me: you kidding me

Brain: you want people to like you so why don’t you let them in? Don’t you want to be loved?

Me: fuck let me sleep

Brain: how can you sleep when you remember that one time you were so mean to a friend and you think that you’re a horrible person

Me: no pl—

Brain: or how you think you are unfixable

Me: whyyyy???

Brain: you took psych, you know you have an inferiority complex

Me: sleep! Come to me!

Brain: how about… no.



This is the prime example of what I mean when I say I am so over horribly stupid hetero rom-com tropes (i.e. the hate-to-love co-worker angle) but would totally be down for a lesbianized version of such overused tropes