rizzoli isles au


Okay but why the fuck can this not be real???????


Lewis and Foster:A Rizzoli and Isles/Marvel AU

Detective Darcy Lewis: Brooklyn born and bred turned down her acceptance to Columbia University in favor of the Police Academy. Step Daughter of a Long Island Soldier turned Plumber and a Nurse she’s the youngest of her adopted families children.

Dr. Jane Foster: Daughter of a wealthy Manhattan business woman and her Astrophysicist husband she was an analytical child who spent most of her life buried in science. Now she’s the Chief Medical Examiner for New York City.

These two professionals formed an unlikely friendship over years of working side by side on some of the most high profile cases in New York.

Detective Sam Wilson: The new guy in Homicide, he’s squemish in the autopsy room, but he’s one of the best partners Detective Lewis could ever ask for. A former airman, he’s hardworking, loyal and an ear to bend when you really need someone to listen.

Detective Sgt Phil Coulson: The most senior officer in Homicide, Phil Coulson has seen it all and done it all. He’s an anchor for a team of young sometimes head strong cops.

Detective Clint Barton: Phil Coulson’s partner and second most senior agent in Homicide. A troubled child, he later turned his life around in the army. When his service was up, he applied for the police academy.

Thor Odinson: Husband of Dr. Jane Foster, Thor is the CEO of Odinson Industires. A highly intellegent man, despite what people may percieve, he’s a strong leader and a devoted husband.

Loki Odinson: A professor of Psycology, he regularly consults on cases with the NYPD.

Sgt. James “Bucky” Barnes: Darcy’s childhood crush, Bucky joined the army right after high school. Now he’s back in Brooklyn getting ready for his retirement for the service and trying to get through Physical Therapy in the hopes of moving on. A part of him is hoping moving on involves his best friend’s step sister.

Captain Steve Rogers: Darcy’s older step brother, he joined his best friend in the army after high school. He’s extremely protective of his little sister, his only sibling even if not by blood and is a pretty storng cheering section when it comes to Darcy and Bucky.


Alec Lightwood is a brilliant but prickly Boston Police Detective in the Homicide Unit. Alec can tackle a perp like a linebacker is well known for being someone you don’t want to cross. He rarely lets his guard down with anyone but finds himself inexplicably drawn to Magnus Bane, the Chief Medical Examiner working at Boston Police Department. Magnus is always impeccably and exotically dressed and is known around the force as “Queen of the Dead” while Alec is well known for his refusal to wear anything except black and the darkest of colors and the most practical clothing he can get away with. Alec comes from a big family with an overprotective and very conservative mother Maryse while Magnus is an only adopted child of a wealthy family whom he has little to do with. As they solve crimes together Magnus and Alec start to realise that despite their differences, they also have a lot in common and with the spark of attraction come the challenges. There’s enormous pressure from the Police Force and his mother for Alec to at least pretend to be straight but with Magnus he starts to realise that he is loved and accepted for being himself, exactly the way he is. 

AU/Crossover: Jane Rizzoli meets Joan Watson