rizzoli and isles season 2


I’m like 5 away from my next hundred so let’s be super cliché and do a post.

If you follow/ship these reblog/follow and I’ll probs follow you back. (Especially if your blog has a lot of Fitzsimmons/ Olicty/ Waige/ Densi/ Quintis/ Jeller - really just a lot of the first few things in the list below:)


  • Agents of SHIELD (FITZSIMMONS!!, Staticquake/Lincoln x Daisy, Huntingbird, just basically the entire AOS cast - fair warning though.. I’m really NOT happy with Ward right now)
  • Blindspot (Jeller; Jane/Taylor and Kurt)
  • Scorpion (Quintis, Melvester, Waige)
  • Arrow (Olicity)
  • The Flash (Barry x Patty? idk..?)
  • Mysteries of Laura (Jaura?)
  • NCIS LA (Densi)
  • NCIS (Tiva!)
  • Elementary (Joanlock)
  • Agent Carter (or just Hayley Atwell in general is good too)
  • Rizzoli & Isles (yes, I’m like 2 seasons behind but I still love it… I’m still torn on whether to ship Rizzles as an otp of a brotp..?)
  • Once Upon a Time (CAPTAIN SWAN!!, Outlaw Queen)
  • BBC Merlin (one of my original fandoms from the good old days. I don’t like to talk about the ending though tbh)
  • Forever (Jo x Henry? Who knows what could’ve happened if they hadn’t been cancelled?)
  • Supernatural (I’m a newbie to this fandom and I’m only up to like season 2 on Netflix but I LOVEE the characters and have a softspot for Destiel… To be fair I’ve only just finished classes for the year, so go easy, 11 seasons takes time to catch up on y’all)
  • The Blacklist (Keen2? Tom x Lizzie? Also love Red - James Spader is such a great actor with such a great character to play and I love it. The way his face moves when he talks is also weirdly fascinating..? Idk)
  • Sherlock
  • The 100 (Bellarke? Ish. Linctavia? I like Lexa too)
  • Pretty much anything Marvel or DC..


Anything by:

  • Cassandra Clare (Clace, Wessa/Jessa, Sizzy, Malec, etc, Herondales in general is good too ;) )
  • Collen Houck (Just all the guys - Ren, Kishan, Amon, Asten, Ahmose etc)
  • Rick Riordan (Anything - 
  • Matthew Rielly

I also like:

  • Eragon
  • Hunger Games Series
  • I Am Number Four Series
  • Jane Austen
  • Strange Angels Series (Lili St Crow)
  • Graceling Series

Of course I’ve read a lot more than just those but they’re the ones I’m most interested in


Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Promo 2

My Favourite Things About Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 2

1. Feel my hair

2. Sexual innuendo is not lost on the once naive Dr Isles

3. Can you sniff the tyres and tell me where the car has been?

4. Do you like fish tacos? (Yes, this was the actual line)

5. Ninkie. Please get married and have beautiful biracial babies

6. Insert shipping pun *here*

7. Gasp!

8. Cupcake