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“Kiss me, quick!”

They didn’t have time to do more than act. Maura pulled Jane towards her, getting lost for a second in the soft feel of her mouth, in the warmth of her breaths.

They had been watching a suspect. A situation Jane was at pains to point out that Maura should not have been in. At all. But it’s not like it had been planned.

“You’re basically a civilian!”

“Shhhh,” Maura hissed. “He’ll hear you.”

The restaurant was one of Maura’s favorites. As was the choice to dine outside, in the warm night air. It was perfect for showing off her shoulders. Her choice of dress had certainly drawn Jane’s eye several times throughout dinner.  But it still didn’t seem to do the trick. It was one of those nights where Maura was convinced she needed to be more blatant with Jane. But short of launching herself at her friend across the table, she didn’t know how more obvious her flirting could be.

They were just getting to the dessert, which Maura was planning on exploiting as much as she could, when Jane spotted the suspect from one of her latest cases. His table was right next to theirs. The stakes became higher when Jane noted that the man was sitting with another person of interest. Maura eyed both men from the corner of her eye and wondered if they were also in a failed dating situation. None of it mattered in any case, as the man looked up, eyeing Jane suspiciously. Maura wasn’t surprised. Jane had been very aggressive towards him in the interrogation. It had taken Maura a very cold shower to get over that.

“Quick!” Maura hissed under her breath.

Hence the kiss. Which was becoming two kisses, becoming three. Soon Jane was cupping her face, kissing down her jaw. Maura breathed out, trying not to moan. They were in a restaurant. They were in public. They—she opened one eye as she remembered. The suspect was standing up, following his companion to the back of the restaurant. The kitchens? She sighed. Jane was kissing her neck, breathing out little words of encouragement that were hard to make out, but it was all making Maura weak in the knees. This wasn’t fair.

“Jane,” she said softly. But Jane kissed her again, so she had to gently push her off. “Jane. The suspect.”

Jane looked marvelously annoyed at this. Maura gave her a wry smile.


Jane swallowed, slowly coming back to herself.


Maura enjoyed the energy coming off her friend, watching Jane stalk off like she was ready to rip someone limb from limb. It’s a shame Maura wasn’t able to watch. But she was fairly sure there were many rewards to come. She called the server over and ordered their desserts to go.