rizzo the badass


Rizzo is kind of a badass. 😂 #ratlove #ratlife #petratsofinstagram #petrats #rats #ratsofinstagram #ratties #fancyrat

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God I need a grease au so bad

Like, Marks Danny and Amy is sandy, and they meet in Cincinnati and fall in love, then mark goes away and moves to LA, then Amy does

And the pink ladies consist of Wiishu, Suzy, Holly, and Molly and they take Amy in. Suzy plays the part of Rizzo - this badass character that kicks ass and take names

Wiishu is like angel and is Amy’s close friend who wants to be an artist

The thunderbirds consists of Mark, Jack, Arin, Ross, and Wade - all rambunctious boys who flirt with the pink ladies

And it’s just the grease plot and oh my god I love it so much I need this to happen immediately grease is one of my fucking favorite movies