(Wow, a textpost by us ;))

Hey guys! First of all: thank you for being amazing. Yes, you. You rock. Seriously.

Secondly: we’d like to give a huuuuge credit to Tumblr user AngieSasha for making the picture used in the gifset about Maura’s iPad wallpaper posted yesterday! <3 I guess I wasn’t really there with my mind because I absentmindedly used a (my favourite!) manipulated picture which, of course, should have been credited right away to the very talented maker! Our sincerest, humblest apologies for this stupid mistake, it will never happen again, I promise!

So… Go follow her now! ;) She’s awesome and very sweet! http://angiesasha.tumblr.com

That’s all, thanks for reading, and keep on shippin’ the Rizzles!