Reasons why 1x08 “I’m your Boogie Man” is still my favorite Rizzoli and Isles episode;

I mean, come on. It has bantering Rizzles, Autopsy Maura, Cute Rizzles at Jane’s apartment, Maura with a gun, Maura ‘not leaving’ Jane, HBIC Maura laughing off Hoyt attempts to scare her, more Rizzles (bonus point for Jane actually caring about Maura, I’m looking at you, season 3.2 Jane!) Jane making Maura laugh by purposely mispronouncing words and Maura so in love with Jane. What? That’s what I got out of the last gif. 

Little bit for everyone. For a while I thought 3x02 might overtake this one as my favorite episode, but then it aired and the episode didn’t live up to the hype. It’s now number two, but this one is very special to me.

I love how in this episode Maura first says “Hoyt thinks he’s in control” and Jane is all “Uh, isn’t he?” and Maura then talks about taking what little control he thinks he has, away.

Then in one of the last scenes, Jane says to Frankie “She thinks that she’s in control, we have to make her believe that she’s not" 

and I’m all "Awww, Jane listens to her wife.”