rizzles shippers

Me and shipping
  • Me: *Finds out you can play Mass Effect as a female and have a relationship with a female character*
  • Me: There is no way this could end badly...
  • Bioware: *Laughs maniacally*
  • Me: *cries*
  • Me: *sees commercial for Rizzoli & Isles*
  • Me: Ho, don't do it!
  • Me: *Starts watching Rizzoli & Isles*
  • Me: *Starts shipping Rizzles*
  • Me: FUCK!
  • Me: *Sees Swan Queen on Tumblr*
  • Me: Ho, don't do it!
  • Me: *Watches season one*
  • Me: *sighs in relief*
  • Me: I don't ship it.
  • OUAT Season 2: *Begins*
  • Me: Oh shit.
  • OUAT Season 2: *Continues*
  • Me: Abort! Abort!
  • OUAT Season 2: *Ends*
  • Me: Fuck me.
  • Me: *Sees Korrasami on dash*
  • Me: Nope!
  • Me: *Sees the restaurant blush gif set*
  • Me: *Watches 3 seasons of Avatar: The Last Air Bender and 3 1/2 seasons of The Legend of Korra in two weeks to catch up*
  • Me: This is going to hurt so much, isn't it?
  • Korrasami: *Happens*
  • Me: No way!
  • Me: Oh, Supergirl! I love Supergirl.
  • Me: Abort! Abort!
  • Jessica Jones: Here, have some Trishica!
  • Me: What the fuck? I did not ask for this!
  • Supergirl: Have some Supercat while you're at it.
  • The Force Awakens: Hey there.
  • Me: No, please, God, no. Anything but that...
  • The Force Awakens: *murders my hopes and dreams, then stabs me through the heart.*
  • The Force Awakens: Oh, and here's an OT3 that will never happen.
My Complicated Relationship With My Pusher
  • Me: *Loads up AO3*
  • Me: Hit me.
  • AO3: What do you want? Rizzles?
  • Me: No, man, I'm off that shit. How about some Swan Queen, or Shiara? I don't know.
  • Ao3: What kind of buzz you looking for.
  • Me: Hurt/Comfort, friend. Maybe wish some domesticity for a finish.
  • AO3: Shit. You sure?
  • Me: Yeah, man.
  • AO3: Well, I've got this new stuff. It's called Supercat.
  • Me: Yeah? Tell me about it.
  • AO3: Older woman with a son who's a social misfit, and her pretty young assistant who's secretly a superhero, and low key in love with her boss, but also dealing with the emotional fall out over the destruction of her entire planet. Interested?
  • Me: Yeah. Yeah, man. Go on. Fuck me up.


Rizzles Fans

So I took a brief moment to glance at tumblr tonight. Wow. Unrest and disappointment in the Rizzles fandom. I’m not going to comment one way or the other about the recent statements made by one of the R&I showrunners. Instead, my mind goes to the fans. The way I see it, two things can happen from this point.

1) People can jump ship from heartache and anger. Or,

2) We can rise to the occasion and make the Rizzles fandom even better and more active now that the chains of what-if have been removed. We have an answer. Let it be freeing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need Rizzles to be canon for inspiration. In our works, Jane and Maura are what we make them, and that’s all that matters. So make Rizzles happen where it matters most. I know I will.