rizzles moments

That Awkward Moment...

When you pull out your phone to search something for a coworker and then you’re like WAIT WHAT WAS THE LAST WEBPAGE I OPENED SHIT IT WAS A FANFIC WASNT IT

Then casually change the subject and open a new webpage to cover all your tracks

ps. tfw you use more than one browser app and one is supposed to be non-judgeable but somehow you have 16 fics open on both

sleepingathlete  asked:

I have thought of a request xx Can you please draw Hope and Angela talking about how much they wish there daughters would hurry up and get together? Please!!! As I say a lot I LOVE YOUR BLOG xooxoxoxo

I kinda lost track of this (re: jellybeard), but I hope you like it :D

Part Two

Rizzles Appreciation Week!

*Inspired by this and this. Gif by MissMaclay
I thought that doing an appreciation week to show our love for both Rizzles and other relationships/friendships on the show would be a good idea. It’s a chance for everyone to make new edits (gifs, caps, etc.) and come together and possibly make new friends. :) (if you have an idea of how to incorporate any of these into an original fic, go for it!)

  • Day 1 | August 18: favorite Rizzles moment
  • Day 2 | August 19: favorite friendship
  • Day 3 | August 20: favorite season
  • Day 4 | August 21: favorite fanfiction
  • Day 5 | August 22: favorite quote

For example, day 2 could be Jane/Frost, Maura/Susie, etc. This starts in two weeks and will last for five days. You don’t have to do everything according to the timeline if you don’t want to/can’t. Please tags your posts as “riaw” that way I can reblog all of the lovely posts everyone makes (or if someone needs to blacklist it). I will make a separate tag on the blog so that you can all follow it better. I hope people participate! Have fun!