“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.07): We didn’t start the fire

“And, if we may break the fourth wall for a bit, can we get a slow clap for the writers? Never before have I seen such an overly complicated ruse concocted to get the two lead characters of a show to live together. Seriously, it’s 2015, do we really need to destroy Jane’s apartment to finally get the inevitable to happen? I can think of so many other simpler storylines that would cause considerably less property damage.”


anonymous asked:

I read a fic awhile ago and it was where Maura and Jane have a kid and he says things like "fire fuck" and stuff. Like he can't say "t" and like in the video of sasha where she says her son says that? Can you help me find it?

I didn’t know anyone wrote a fic based on that.. I couldn’t find it, sorry. Does anyone else know it?


Just like to point out that we all know that Jane was all…

“"I’m fine…whatever”

To her brother and then said

“I’m so glad to see you”

to Maura.

But did you notice Jane’s face before all that 

Got tagged for #mytop15playlist by my buddy @stephaniepriscilla •As Tall as Lions - Ghost of York
•Grizzly Bear - Ready Able
•Years & Years - Real
•Anamanaguchi - Prom Night
•Snake Hips - Forever
•Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
•Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans
•C2C - Delta
•Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes
•Zedd - Lost at Sea
•9th Wonder - Sweetest Language
•Rizzle Kicks - Down with the Trumpets
•Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
•Block B - Zero for Conduct
•G Dragon - Crooked
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Had a dream I was in class and Harley from rizzle kicks was teaching us and he was playing his music in the background and I knew all of the lyrics so I was singing them and he shouted at me for not paying attention oh and marina came in and started singing teen idle 😂

  • r&i fans:hey. where's bass?
  • r&i writers:oh yeah, the turtle--
  • r&i fans:--tortoise.
  • r&i writers:right. um... ZOO!
  • r&i fans:um, ok. what about jo friday?
  • r&i writers:oh shit. uh... we found her original owners!
  • r&i writers:original...? we thought she was a stray? wait... original owners? it's been like 5 years--
  • r&i writers:--UFOS!
  • r&i fans:what?
  • r&i writers:hey, we're going to see jane's apartment this episode!
  • r&i fans:really?! great!
  • r&i writers:just kidding! FIRE!!!!!!
  • r&i fans:....