• r&i fans:hey. where's bass?
  • r&i writers:oh yeah, the turtle--
  • r&i fans:--tortoise.
  • r&i writers:right. um... ZOO!
  • r&i fans:um, ok. what about jo friday?
  • r&i writers:oh shit. uh... we found her original owners!
  • r&i writers:original...? we thought she was a stray? wait... original owners? it's been like 5 years--
  • r&i writers:--UFOS!
  • r&i fans:what?
  • r&i writers:hey, we're going to see jane's apartment this episode!
  • r&i fans:really?! great!
  • r&i writers:just kidding! FIRE!!!!!!
  • r&i fans:....
My Favourite Things about Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 7

1. Domesticity - Rizzoli Isles-style

2. Obligatory “Maura-with-guns” shot

3. Make yourself at home, Detective

4. For the love of Pete, just ask her to straddle your lap

5. Detective Jane Rizzoli, Giant Stud, Boston Homicide.

6. MRW I found out that Jo Friday had been gone for over a year

7. Ugh. So darn pretty!

8. Say it with me now…. beautiful, bi-racial babies

9. I love when these two act together

10. Obligatory “Jane-with-guns” shot

11. Zombie dance?

Like, there’s actually an episode of R&I where Jane pretends to be a lesbian???? This show will kill me!!!!

I don’t know if I get mad that they keep pushing on us the idea that they are straight or if I freak out over the fact that Jane went on lesbian dates and meanwhile saw Maura in the best outfit I have ever seen…