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I was tagged by the cutie : swampsupreme

►What was your:

-Last drink: peppermint schnapps 😉

-Last phone call: my sister!

-Last text by message: my boyfriend

-Last time you cried: um I’m Tuesday maybe? I don’t really remember.

►Have you ever:

-Dated someone twice: not a serious relationship, no.

-Been cheated on: I really fucking hope not.

-Kissed someone and regretted it: no, not until awhile afterwards! -Lost someone special: yeah

-Been depressed: well, i have no idea. I hate saying I’m depressed, you know? Because other people have gone through so much worse than me and I just feel selfish saying so if that makes any sense. -Been drunk and thrown up: I’ve been drunk a thousand times, but I’ve never thrown up from it. (Knock on wood.)

►List three favourite colours: YELLOW, purple, and red.

►In the last year have you:

-Made a new friend: yes!

-Fallen out of love: nahhhh.

-Laughed until you cried: yes!

-Met someone who changed you: yes :)

  • Found out someone was talking about you: yeah, maybe? I don’t really remember. (I have a TERRIBLE memory.)

-Kissed someone on your FB list: yes ;)


-How many people of your FB friends do you know in real life: a decent amount I think.

-Do you own any pets: yes, four dogs and a duck. hahahah

-What did you do for your last birthday: went to dinner with my best friend and came back home, opened presents, are cake, and got really drunk.

-What time did you wake up today: like 11ish, because we had to check out of the hotel by noon.

-What were you doing last night at midnight: freaking out because I just came back from a Five Seconds of Summer concert. 😍

-Thing you CANNOT wait for: a couple things. Next summer, the sentencing for my dad’s murderer, my boyfriend’s and my year-iversary :) :)

-Last time you saw your mom: literally less than a second ago.

-What’s one thing you wish you could change about your life: a couple things :/

-What are you listening to right now: “Reelin’ In The Years,” by Steely Dan.

-Have you ever talked to a person called Tom: I don’t think so, but maybe??

-What’s getting on your nerves right now: my period LOL.

-Blood type: i have no idea tbh. My mom doesn’t even know.

-Nickname: Woe. (Pronounced- Whoa.)

-Relationship status: In a relationship.

-Zodiac Sign: Pisces 🐟🐟

-Pronouns: she/her

-Favourite TV show: american horror story lol

  • High school: Sophomore in 16 days FUCK MY LIFE SO HARD.

-College: b ye -Hair colour: brownish blonde

-Long or short: short, I bleached it/dyed it purple and I had to cut it all off a couple months ago.

-Height: 5′5″

-What do you like about yourself: my wrists because they’re realllly skinny.


-First surgery: never had surgery.

-First best friend: ashughlee , since third grade bby.

-First sport you joined: soccer HAHAHA omg that’s funny (keeping this answer from swampsupreme because same.)

-First vacation: my first big vacation was South Carolina, two years ago with my cousin.

►Right now:

-Eating: nothing hahah

-Drinking: peppermint schnapps :::::)

-About to do: drink more peppermint schnapps LOL

  • Listening: the sounds of crickets, my dog barking, and someone yelling our their car window.

► Wanting:

-Kids: m a y b e in the future, but not for a LOOONNNGG time.

-To get married: if I find the right person.

-Career: astronaut, not even fucking with you.

►Which one is better:

-Lips or eyes: EYES

-Hugs or kisses: hugs

-Shorter/taller: taller

-Older or younger: older lol

  • Romantic or spontaneous: both!!!!

-Nose, stomach or nice arms: ARMS

-Hookup or relationship: relationship

-Trouble maker or hesitant: ? idk i guess trouble maker but as long as it’s not too much trouble (same answer again.)

► Have you ever:

-Kissed a stranger: nah hahaha

-Drank a hard liquor: dude i am right now ;)

-Lost glasses/contacts: more than I can count.

-Sex on first date: DEPENDS

  • Broke someone’s heart: I hope not :(

-Been arrested: nooooooooo

-Turned someone on: My boyfriend says so so hopefully.

  • Cried when someone died: yes, of course :( (rip dad love you)

►Do you believe:

-In yourself: i try to

-Miracles: on and off

-Love at first sight: yesss

-Heaven: yes

-Santa Claus: FUCK YES.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. Thanks for putting so much work into finding fics for people. So, there's one called "Tangled Voices" written by becauseihaveyourback. It was AU Jane and Maura with two girls named Bea and Jax. Heartbreakingly beautiful. It's no longer on the main fanfiction site. Do you know if it's posted anywhere else or what the hell happened to it? It was AMAZING. Thank you so much!!!!

I’m sorry but their writings and tumblr have all been deleted. :/

I was tagged by brohemian-raspberry and ive never done this before so im excited, alright here goes:

Rule: tag 10 people you want to get to know better

Name: Rosalind

Nicknames: Roz Rozzie Lulabelle, R-dizzle, Riz Raz Rizzle,, Lil Topheavy, roz_berry
(btw Im basically including things i have been called more than once ever)

Birthday: November 23, 1999

Sign: Sagittarius holla

Gender and/or pronouns: Female- she/her

Height: 5'4

Favorite color: blue i think but green is a very close contender

Average hours of sleep: lately like 8 or 9, but during the school year, like 4 or 5

Lucky number: 2

Last thing I googled: Busby Berkeley Dreams

Happy place: downtown columbia pretty much anywhere

And the tags: aaradia rainbowrobocop johnnythegoat okayeffy brentlemen andreattarius yourcanadianoverlord queerspacelizard pompeiipilots rockstarlette

Have fun guys!! And thanks!

  • r&i fans:hey. where's bass?
  • r&i writers:oh yeah, the turtle--
  • r&i fans:--tortoise.
  • r&i writers:right. um... ZOO!
  • r&i fans:um, ok. what about jo friday?
  • r&i writers:oh shit. uh... we found her original owners!
  • r&i writers:original...? we thought she was a stray? wait... original owners? it's been like 5 years--
  • r&i writers:--UFOS!
  • r&i fans:what?
  • r&i writers:hey, we're going to see jane's apartment this episode!
  • r&i fans:really?! great!
  • r&i writers:just kidding! FIRE!!!!!!
  • r&i fans:....