rizza cabrera original


Can’t believe I forgot to post this here!

Basically, this is what I busied myself with to calm down before the… yeah.

Haven’t posted an original in awhile, so I really hope you guys like this.

I noticed I keep falling in love with strangers (usually in coffee shops), so I wrote a song about it.

And not just the “oh my goodness, you’re so attractive I want to touch your face” kind of falling, but the “holy shit you yes you damn we could totally be together I could totally marry you omg will you please marry me right now omg let me marry you we can move to Canada and start a family I will raise our kids the best way I can omg just let me love you LET ME LOVE YOU OR I’LL DIE” kind. Yes, I’m a creep.

And since I can’t think of what title to give this song, I’ve temporarily named it “I saw you in a coffee shop & I wanted to talk to you but I didn’t have the guts to, so…”

This is an old unfinished original I’ve decided to revive. Currently working on the arrangement, so this is all I’m posting until then.

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