Millions of years before the creation of Human beings, and light years away from your solar system, in the 19th Galaxy called Illyuwn, there is a three star solar system, in which the 8th planet of this tri-star system is called Rizq.  The Planet Rizq is inhabited by beings called the Rizqiyians.  The physical appearance of the Rizqiyians is very similar to that of human beings  except their eyes are somewhat slanted and slightly larger than human beings, they have a Dark Reddish-Brown to Olive tone skin complexion, silver, white, to black hair color, wavy to kinky hair texture, and they have the ability to communicate telepathically and in tones.  The word “Rizq” means “to Provide”, much like the Planet Earth provides natural resources to Earthlings for survival.  Beings from the planet Rizq are respectfully called “Rizqiyians” meaning “Providers”.  The Rizqiyians have a kind, yet stern nature.  The society of the planet Rizq is 100,000 years more advanced than the planet Earth.  The Rizqiyians do not die, as they have discovered the cure to death long ago.  There is no divorce on the Planet Rizq because the Rizqiyians do not practice Marriage in the same way Marriage is practiced on Earth.  For fun, The Rizqiyians have Parties, listen to Music, Dance, and watch Holographic T.V. 

The Planet Rizq itself is 10 times larger than the planet Earth, and the Planet Rizq is made from Clear Quartz Crystal which causes the atmosphere to have interwoven Rainbows.  The 3 Suns of the planet Rizq are Red, Yellow, and Blue stars which form a Tetrahedron of energy around Rizq.  An Equinox For Rizq Is When All 3 Of Its Suns Move Completely Around The Universe Once.  Rizq Has a Very Abstract Orbit which looks much like an atom.  The Three Suns Also Rotate and Move.  As Rizq Passes By The 3 Suns, It Goes Through 3 Nights In One Day. There Is A Certain Point That Is Called The “Bright Day” Where The Light From All Three Suns Shine On The Planet From All Sides.  At this point, The Red sun star is 45,000,000 Miles From Rizq, The Yellow sun star is 81,000,000 Miles From Rizq, and The Blue sun star is 27,000,000 Miles From Rizq.  There is also a point where all 3 sun stars are at an equal distance from Rizq at the same time, and it is at this point where all Native Rizqiyians live By The Law Of 1 Meal a Day, Which Means They Eat Once In 3 Years, Which Is Once a Year, Which Is Once a Day.  This Perfect Point Is Also The Hottest And Brightest Point Also Called The “Full Light Or Unilateral Point” Of The Year.  At This Same Point, Native Rizqiyians Transform From Rizqiyan To Etherian, And From Etherian To Rizqiyan.  The Etherians are pure Light Energy Beings, or what you would call Spiritual Or Angelic Beings.  They Do This Just One Time Within Their One Year, Which Is 3 Years Because They Have Three Suns.  The Planet Rizq also has one moon called Sheshqi which is 9,000,000 Miles from Rizq.  The planet Rizq has three continents called Zarantu, Darnurniyya, and Kusmusta.  The name of the continent Kusmusta means “chosen black land”, the name of the continent Darnurniyya means “Dwelling of Light”, and the name of the continent Zarantu means “visitor’s abode”. 

On one fateful day, this planet Rizq was visited by beings from a dying star, and this visitation would lead to a chain of events which would impact the entire Universe.  The visiting alien refugees to the planet Rizq were welcomed into the great empire of the Rizqiyians with open arms.  It was decided by the governors of Rizq that the distressed alien refugees to their world could share one of the three continents on the planet Rizq.  The visiting alien refugees were only allowed to live on the continent called Zarantu. In time, these visiting alien refugees to the planet Rizq decided that they wished to rule the whole planet, and even the whole galaxy.  The leader of the visiting alien refugees was a being who ruled a variety of star systems such as Draco, Alderbaran, Betelgeuse, Pleiades, Andromeda, and others, and now wished to also rule the Planet Rizq and the entire 19th Galaxy Illyuwn.  The visiting alien refugees destroyed the shield which was protecting Rizq which enabled more malevolent beings to come to the planet, making the planet temporarily uninhabitable until Rizq could be restored.  In the Great city of Rizq called Siiqin, which sat on the banks of the Gundan river, the Scientists of Rizq came together to construct a Planet sized star ship which would take the native Rizqiyians to temporary homes throughout the Galaxy until the malevolent force could be driven out of Rizq, and the planet Rizq could be restored to peace.  Many Rizqiyians departed to Other Galaxies and star constellations.  Some Rizqiyians temporarily made their home in Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, and even on your planet Earth, calling it a home away from home.  In time, the malevolent alien refugees were removed from Rizq, and the peace and harmony of the Planet was restored.  However, eons had passed, and generations of Rizqiyians were born in other solar-systems, in other galaxies, and on other planets.  The children of the Rizqiyians scattered throughout the Universe, and across the planet Earth, forgot their celestial origin.  But now they have returned, Just For You!


RIZQ TECH - Rizqiyian Technology