Riza Hawkeye had expected the move to Central. She had expected the promotion, the fast paced rush of moving all of her living items into boxes and then onto a train. She had expected that all this would, eventually, happen. (She had not, however, expected that there would be a lack of Maes Hughes in the world when this happened. No, she hadn’t expected that.)

She had also expected that there would be a need for groceries because mess food was only edible for so long.

There was woman hiding looks at her from over the strawberries, long dark hair curling across her shoulder bone, turning her eyes away when Riza’s stare pinned onto her. After a second of stillness, the woman looked down suddenly and blinked towards her feet. Riza’s eye trailed down to near the bottom of the stand where Hayate was cautiously sniffing at the woman’s summer dress.

“Hayate!” Riza reprimanded sharply, the young dog already slinking back to her side with a near bashful expression on his face.

“Please,” the woman said, and looked up fully at Riza for the first time, lips curving into a smile. “Don’t be too hard on him. I’m sure he’s just curious.”

Riza’s breath caught in her throat.

(There was this, as well. This she hadn’t expected.)

alright so how much does this suck