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Idk if you are feeling it, but ever since the Hawkeye-Havoc undercover date fic you wrote, I've been craving me some Royai undercover investigating a prostitution ring...but this time Roy's taking initiative with who he wants as a "scene partner" if you catch my drift. Of course the gang's all there and shenanigans happen left and right. You better believe Havoc and Rebecca are taking full advantage of the roleplay scenario. I'm garbage throw me away.

I took this mission like it was a calling. Because the moment you sent this, I knew that I had to write it and then I started writing it and it got way out of control. I love writing sleazy assholes, mostly because I just picture guys that I’ve waited on (who have said and done things like this before) and combine them with a few of my past coworkers. Also, I love the idea that Roy has to watch as Riza gets flirted with left and right and can't shit about it. There perhaps aren’t as many shenanigans from the crew because I focused on Riza and the mission, but you better believe I used the word “straddle”.

Last Call

Riza tapped her foot impatiently as she stood at the mouth of an alley outside of a swanky club and thought not for the first time, I’m going to kill that man. Future goals be damned, she was going to murder Roy Mustang.

It wasn’t just the outfit that she’d been forced to wear or the fact that she’d had to wear it a total of six times. It wasn’t the fact that her new “boss” kept making a lot of comments that weren’t the least bit subtle about her “moving up” in the business. It wasn’t the smug grin from Rebecca, who had somehow managed to get the surveillance job that Riza had wanted because “pregnant women aren’t as attractive”, or Havoc’s waggling eyebrows from behind the bar every time she picked up a drink from him. It wasn’t the way Fuery’s face went bright red every time he saw her in her new “uniform” or the exaggerated lewd behavior from Breda as he flashed money in the air.

No, what really got under Riza’s skin was the way Roy’s dark eyes seemed to find her no matter where she was. She couldn’t stand the way he looked at her with such open lust. It was part of the job. He couldn’t look at her like she was his adjutant or a lamp in the corner of the room. He had to play his part of the attracted customer wanting more than just a bourbon on the rocks. But he wasn’t playing at anything. She saw the way he looked at her, like she was the most desirable thing in the world, and he wanted her. Not in that he wanted to flirt or play with her for an hour, but in that he wanted to take her back to his place and explore every inch of her skin with his eyes, hands, and lips.

It was enough to feel so hot under the collar that she could barely breathe whenever she caught his eyes. She felt herself squirming even as she walked, gripping the tray in her hands tighter, and almost blushing as she tried to speak to her customers. To be honest, she couldn’t tell if she wanted him to stop or for him to come up from behind her and take her away from her and do all the things that damn gaze of his promised.

She was going to kill him.

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9/18 royai?

Fluff without plot. Rated T for some sexy bits.

send me a number and a ship  //  18. bite

“I’m cold.” The mattress sank next to Riza. Roy finally decided it was time to sleep, and was snuggling as close to her as possible. “Help me here, Captain.”

With a groan, Riza rolled around and draped herself around him, an arm and a leg falling into place. She adjusted the blanket around them to make sure they were both safely tucked inside, then positioned herself so as much of his chilly skin was in contact with hers, which drained her from that comfortable warmth that was lulling her to sleep.


“Yes.” Roy squeezed her, finding his place between her arms. Her hand flew to the back of his head on instinct. “Thank you, Captain.”

Silence set over the room. She was, once again, at the brink of falling asleep, until she was dazed awake by Roy’s lips pressing soft pecks against her neck, then parting so he could nip gently. Again, and again. He stroked her hair, holding it out of the way so he could continue with his attentions unimpeded. The air he breathed was hot and heavy; the tip of his nose felt like ice. Electricity pulsated through Riza’s body, irradiating from the points of contact and enhancing the mist that enveloped her in her exhaustion.

“Sir.” She threw her head back, exposing as much of her neck as possible. “I’m trying to sleep, here.”

“I can see that.”

“We’re leaving for Ishval early tomorrow.”

Roy’s response was wordless; Riza’s eyes flew open when his teeth dug into the base of her neck, followed by a moist kiss. His hand crawled up and down the leg she’d wrapped around him, leaving a blazing trail at its wake. She clenched a fist around strands of messy dark hair, air forced out of her lungs in her whimpering surrender.

“Sir…” It was a plea, a warning, her mixed feelings condensed into one. Roy ceased his delightful assault, searching for her half-open eyes under the faint moonlight that peeked behind the curtains. His gaze always softened when it fell on her, giving away the boundless affection he was often forced to conceal. It would’ve been as heartwarming as ever, if it weren’t accompanied by a cheeky grin.

“I’ll make it quick.”

It was a request rather than a promise, but nonetheless, Riza frowned. Roy was good enough at reading her so that a negative was never to be spoken aloud. But dark eyes gleamed, intense, impatient. As if time were running out. And it was. These were the last few hours alone together. Then would come days, weeks of keeping appearances in front of a watchful Army, and the people whose trust they desperately needed to gain.

And Riza felt it. She burst at the seams, an insatiable need tinting her vision red. Blood rushed in her veins and willed her arms to envelop him in a tight embrace, breathing his scent, unable to let go. Fixing everything into her memory with bold strokes.

“You’re still cold, sir,” she whispered. It was her turn to smile, even though he couldn’t see her face. “Good thing you asked for my help.”

Roy chuckled quietly. A wandering hand slid under her shirt along her waist, making her skin tingle, alive. Riza melted, her motions erratic, her body acting on its own accord. The fog in her mind heightened every sensation, deliciously unbearable, though in the back of her mind sat the nagging thought that they would regret this in the morning. But it disappeared once his lips found hers, pliant, enticing, and his hand cupped her breast. His playful fingers earned a moan from her lips and a shiver down her spine as her mind went blank.

They would regret this in the morning, but there were worse things to stay awake for.

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What do you mean this isn’t canon? Anti-Fraternization law? What are you talking about? Basically, Al and Mei are back from Xing, and Ed volunteered to take them to Roy’s office for some Xing-related business.

AHH, finally finished this! Wanted to post this last July 7 as a gift for myself but nope. Many thanks to @pahndah who’s been so patient with me on the anatomy ;u; as well as my FMA trash bbs @swordbreaker and @thecoolandspicyotaku for helping me with the ranking of Riza and Roy! (who’s already a Colonel and a General, respectively. I also hope you notice the uniform exchange) I know nothing, as in nothing, about the Military, so v many thanks to you two! (all uniform mistakes are mine!)