Hanuwabbit Commission: QUICK SKETCH OPEN!

Hey guys! I’m a big pinch these past months so I’m opening my commission to help me lessen some bills. I simplified the pricing for quick sketch type commissions.

Original Characters and fanart are accepted. Will refuse mecha and furries. Will refuse any work that’s not capable of.

======  How to: ======
1. Send a message - fanmail or ask with “Commission” as the title.
2. Please include the following:
- Name of the character
- Reference: a clear reference of the char. Do not use other people’s picture without permission!
- A short description of the character or anything important related to it

3. Once we had an agreement on the info, send your payment to riyunah (at) yahoo (dot) com.
4. Don’t forget to mention your username or tumblr url! It’s important for keeping track of commissioners.
5. I’ll start the commission once I receive your payment.

*When sending payment, send it to “friends and family” and “no address required” to avoid trouble.
* More info here [x]

* More questions? Send me an inquiry.
* You can reach me by tumblr, DA notes or email

* * * * * * * * * * Important  * * * * * * * * * *

I’m accepting nsfw this time but I will refuse anything I’m not capable of drawing!

If you’re not able to commission, please help me by reblogging instead! It would be highly appreciated! Thank you!



What even are OCs. 

Randomly browsing my DA gallery from 2004-2013 and I cringed so hard seeing my old OC art. My 2007 self would probably shit bricks on Riyunah’s 2015 version. I always had female OCs with nice racks, I always love it until I got tired and made male OCs instead. They’re more successful than my female ones lol.